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How to Know if Someone is Online on Instagram (Activity Status)

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How to see if someone is online on Instagram without following them

As of today, the latest online statuses of your friends on Instagram are now available. The feature is similar to that found on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and will show the latest activity in the app and its overall usage.  Online Instagram profiles are easy to spot just by looking at someone’s bio. If you’re wondering if someone is active on Instagram or not, here are a few tips that might help you get the answer!

At least 100 times in this life, most people have been online or offline. Instagram, oh how hazardous it can be.

This app now has the ability to recognize Instagram online status. This function eliminates the need to deceive your viewers about how much time you spend online. Because they can simply see when you last used Instagram. Of course, if your Instagram settings haven’t been updated. In this essay, we’ll show you how to discover and, more importantly, hide your Instagram online presence.

How to understand who is online on Instagram?

This feature only works with the latest version of Instagram. Make sure that you have installed Instagram latest version before trying to use this feature. After that, simply go to the Directories tab in the app. You can see whether the other people you have messaged are online or not on Instagram. Sometimes, you will also see a green light next to their names.

You can view your friends’ online status by sending them a direct message. This is typically turned on for all accounts and is easy to use. However, you could uncheck the option if someone isn’t supposed to know you’re watching their location.

If you want to know if someone is online on Instagram, there are a couple of ways. The first way is to search for their username.

The second way is to add them as a friend and view their profile. If their profile has a status that says “online” then they are most likely active on Instagram.How to see if someone is online on Instagram

But what do these activity numbers mean?

“Active 25m ago” = the last online status was 25 minutes ago

“Active 3h ago” = the last online status was 3 hour ago

“Active now” = means the user is online now

The major point of this issue is to differentiate the last online status and the time of the last message. As shown in the image below, if a user’s photo is present but “Active” doesn’t display under it, then there has been no activity for 5 hours. This statement shows that their last message was made 5 hours ago. But it means that the last message was exchanged 5 hours ago. This indicates that this particular Instagram user does not have an active account and that their last message was sent 5 hours ago. In the next section, we will tell you why some people’s information in your direct message is hidden from other users.How to see if someone is online on Instagram without following them

How to know if someone is online on Instagram?

Previously, you would be able to view someone’s last activity at the app on his/her liked and commented posts. However, this information might not necessarily be correct for their last time playing the game due to one or more reasons like delistings or account deletions.

This latest update shows you the last-seen and any online accounts of people with whom you’ve previously engaged in a direct message conversation.

Follow the steps;

  • Go to the direct message tab in your Instagram application. Next, drop down the screen to the left or click on the paper plane icon at the top right.

  • You can go back and see the last time someone was online on their username.

In some versions of Instagram, you may see a green dot next to the names of people who have been inactive on the service for a certain amount of time.

So, how to check who is online on Instagram?

  • Check their online status. If someone has their private status private, you should be able to see if they are available for a chat or not.

  • To check someone’s Story, click on their profile.

  • Looking at posts by someone on Instagram can tell you when it’s been about a year or a month since they last posted.

  • Find out if your friends have liked any posts by checking whether they have liked, commented on, or favorited them. If they have done so, chances are likely that they will be more interested in the post if you mention them in the message.

  • Type the username you’re trying to find on Instagram onto your web browser. This will take you to a page where all the photos, comments, etc. for that username are listed.

That said, make sure active status on Instagram remains active on your business page on social networks to ensure the visibility of important info.

There are different ways to know if someone is online on Instagram. If you don’t want your activity status to be visible, there’s an option for turning it off.

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How to hide online status on Instagram

Maybe you’re one of those people who have no desire to get around others! Such people are not interested in the fact that somebody is interfering in them too. Of course, recognizing the online status on Instagram should not be important for everyone. There are many who do not like to show their online and offline hours to Instagram for others. For this reason, Instagram has prepared a simple solution for you: hide Instagram online status.

If the last Instagram visit status of the user is not displayed to you, that user has disabled the option to show the online presence on Instagram. If you want to do so follow the steps below:

1- Go to Instagram settings

To begin, go to Instagram settings by clicking on the three dots icon. You can hide your last online presence status in this section. Keep in mind that you can control every aspect of Instagram from the settings menu, and you may modify any setting based on your preferences. At first sight, Instagram settings may appear confusing.

However, knowing what each option accomplishes once and for all will ensure that your Instagram is at its finest. After two years on Instagram, I had a friendship with someone who had only recently discovered that he could filter out vulgar terms from comments using the Instagram settings area. I recommend reading our Instagram settings article to learn everything there is to know about Instagram settings.

2- Select Activity Status

How to hide online status on Instagram

3- Turn off Show Activity Status

When you disable this option, your Instagram followers will no longer be able to see your current online presence status. You should be aware that if you hide your online presence, Instagram will also hide the online status of others from you. If you disable this feature, you will no longer be able to see who is online on Instagram.How to hide online status on Instagram

The author suggests that instead of following up the online presence or offline status of others, let’s do a useful job on Instagram. Let’s focus on your own page and try to increase your followers with the specific content you post. Many people on Instagram may seem like they want to be millionaires and on the surface, it looks like some good ideas. But on deeper reflection, there are many who post pictures of their life and others who post pictures of their luxe lifestyle. It is hard to believe that these people do this for fame or a sense of belonging.

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