How To Launch A Mobile App: 5 Advice to Follow

How To Launch A Mobile App: 5 Advice to Follow

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Developing an app is a very fulfilling process. You will have the opportunity to satisfy your developer’s hunger and on top of that, make some serious profit. However, the road toward launch day will test your skills, patience, and ability to work as a team. Of course, the hurdles will only be greater if you are a solo developer.

With more than 85% of the global population owning a smartphone, it should not come as a surprise that apps are extremely popular. They can make everyday life easier and provide users with some entertainment.

If you feel that you have what it takes to develop an app that will have all users in awe, let’s explore below how you can make that dream come true.

Start with a concept

If you feel that the idea in your head can become the next big hit that breaks the download record, it’s time to start thinking about the mechanics and the overall design of your app. There are a dime and a dozen apps out there and each of them serves some kind of purpose. Think about what purpose will your app serve, and whether it will be to entertain or to add more value to the lives of users.

If you are planning to provide the app’s user with a visual experience and your app gravitates towards a mobile game, you will have to unleash your creativity and write a compelling story.

On the other hand, if you are trying to bring forth an app that will forever change the user’s life, you should conduct thorough research on the industry. Various apps even help users mix and match their clothes, so competing with the creative minds of today can be very difficult.

Write the plan and stick to it

Entering the world of business will require meticulous planning. Even if you have the budget to self-fund the whole project, your best course of action is to seek funding. This process might be much more difficult than you think as investors will want to ensure that you are well worth their money.

However, if you prepare a solid mobile app business plan, you can pitch your ideas perfectly. You can also give them an idea of when the project will be ready and provide them with a concrete launch date. For the days before the big launch, you can also devise a marketing plan that will ensure your app gets the attention it deserves.

Make it functional

Not every smartphone is packed with the power to run an app. For this reason, make sure that you fully optimize your app and target a 60FPS optimization. If that’s not possible, try to go for at least 30FPS so that all users can enjoy your app. 

In addition to that, make sure that the design of your app is stylish yet practical. If you go overboard on one of those two aspects, the other might suffer.

Try to focus both on aesthetics and usability to provide the app’s users with the perfect balanced experience.How To Launch A Mobile App: 5  Advice to Follow

Find the right people for the job

When talented minds work together, they can combine all of their ideas and create a product that is polished and valuable. You can try your chances at developing everything yourself. However, it’s always a good idea to have a team backing you during this long and difficult process.

You can find the right talent to work with on online platforms such as LinkedIn, or you can work with freelancers if you only need a small task done. It’s important to mention that, if you are the leader of the project, you should constantly remind your team to adhere to your initial vision for the app.

Set yourself up for success

Marketing is what makes the stars align when it comes to business success. No success has come accidentally in the business industry. If your budget allows you to do so, go for paid ads on Google and Youtube.

However, if you want to market effectively without breaking the bank, social media is the place you should turn to. Set up a profile on Twitter and Instagram to keep all of your audience posted regarding updates and future plans for the app and the team developing it.

Final thoughts

Launching a mobile app of your own is never an easy process. For that reason, it’s important to surround yourself with the right people and stay true to your vision. Create a business plan and make sure you promote your app the right way by using social media platforms. Having the right concept and skills will help you launch your mobile app in no time.