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Useful Tips on How to Start a Fashion Business in Nigeria in 2023

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Are you thinking of starting up a fashion business in Nigeria?

Do you want to know..

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If yes, then you’ll get all the answers you seek here.

The fashion and clothing industry has always attracted young people from all over the world eager to become famous designers such as, just to name a few names, the legendary Armani, Coveri and Valentino. Beauty, luxury and ease are the absolute masters of this professional field so much in sight and, in some respects, even a little envied.

But it’s not all gold that glitters, as with everything else. The fashion and clothing industry is one of the most difficult in which to break through and for someone who manages to reach the top many others, most, do not make it and are forced to divert their interests and efforts to other destinations. But if you carefully follow my steps on how to start a fashion business in Nigeria and be successful, then you’ll come out at the top.

What does a young designer have to do to start a start-up in the clothing industry, so what does he/she really do?

Is it better having a company of your own, with all the positives and negatives that it entails, or is it preferable to go to work for a fashion house instead?

Giving a tout court answer to this question is obviously impossible, since every person and every case is self-desist and much depends on the abilities and expectations of the individual, but you can try to formulate various hypotheses by carefully evaluating the pros and cons as well as , of course, to give correct information about it.

In fact, before embarking on any kind of experience it would be appropriate to inquire in the most comprehensive way possible about what to do and only then to decide one way or the other. This is of course also true of the fashion start-up,assuming that it is, already a priority, a branch that is far from easy and affordable for everyone.

Given this dutiful premise, let’s get to the point where we can learn more about the subject and what are the most important things to know and rely on.

First, ask yourself,

“Do I really want to start a start-up and run a business?”

That’s right, this is the first question that you have to ask and to answer sincerely, weighing every aspect of the story well. Opening any business,taking passion for granted, requires tenacity, desire to do, resourcefulness and organizational skills not common, but this is perhaps even more true for as far as fashion is concerned.

Always, and you know it well, it is an extremely competitive industry in which the insiders who want to get to the top are numerous and fierce (the world is full of aspiring designers!) and, moreover, the management seems decidedly complicated. The owner of a clothing company must deal daily with suppliers scattered throughout the planet, which means having to sort and send the product wherever it is required, in absolute compliance with the rules that vary from one country to another.

Besides all this, do not think that you can spend who knows how much time to design clothes and accessories, because this will be only a small part of the tasks you will have to cope with.

Want to know what you’re going to have to commit most of your days to?

To deal with suppliers (and related payments!), to iron the garments, maybe at 2 o’clock at night, before packaging them, to send models to the various specialized magazines, to manage the employees, to ask and to try to enforce the appointments. In the midst of all this shambles, you get to understand it in a moment, carving out some space to devote to family and/or social life becomes objectively difficult and, at certain times, even impossible.

In conclusion, you will live by work, if not just 24/7 almost 24/7, hoping to be able to put together a decent income. And yes, because the stratospheric figures of the designers you will not see them even from afar! In short, you will be a CEO before you are a designer (although your real passion is the latter).

How to start a fashion business

Don’t know what a CEO is?

He/She is a manager with the (difficult!) task of managing people, resources and production processes. He immediately abandons the romantic idea of the designer always bending down on the sheet to draw sketches and sketches and immediately enters into the shoes of a businessman (or woman).

However, the good news is there: you do not have to do everything yourself, on the contrary, the best idea (if not mandatory in case you want to be sure to do things in the most correct way) is to turn to and be flanked by experienced and qualified external consultants.

Their task is to assist the customer in all the fundamental steps that are needed to open a start-up, from the financial scares to the bureaucratic process, from the business plan to the choice of the room etc. A choice and an expense that, undoubtedly, bear great fruit.

Capacity, contacts, and budget

You went to school profitably and graduated with flying colors?

Great start, but to open a start-up is not enough. The preparation that the school gives is fundamental to taking this path (and any other), but as long as you are above the desks you don’t have to worry about anything other than your own training.

A company is something else, even more so in the field of clothing and fashion. In this case, creativity is not enough, since it must necessarily be combined with management and production skills.

On this point one fact is certain: designers who have had the opportunity to work as employees in a fashion house, are advantaged when they open their own business, as they have had the opportunity, coming into contact with this world, to learn many secrets about the organizational part of the profession.

And then there’s another question: you can’t do it all on your own. If you are really willing to open this start-up, you need to find people who believe in you and your abilities and, clearly, create a close-knit team armed with goodwill ready to “get started” to achieve the best possible results.

How to open a fashion clothing start-up in 2023

Are you convinced that you have the qualities to open a clothing start-up?

So here’s what you need to do in practice. Assuming that you have acquired all the essentials of a good designer, first you need to find a business partner who is very trustworthy.

The ideal would be a familiar, but also a dear and capable friend is fine. This will allow you to split roles (you’ll take more care of the creative aspect) and you’ll always have someone by your side to support you and turn to if you’re having trouble.

Secondly, you have to form a team with other people who want to work with you.

Mostly, you can’t do by hand:

  • PR, or a public relations officer;
  • a factory that creates garments for you in a small amount;
  • a consulting firm that advises you on the various steps to take, that helps you to find funds and funding, that engages with the public administration and that will develop a business plan that can start the company on the right foot .
  • accountants, lawyers, stylists, graphic designers, managers, photographers and trainees.

Possibly, at the beginning, make sure that they are willing to work in exchange for a modest salary (which will increase for everyone as the revenue increases). If you already have such contacts all the better, but if you don’t, external consultants will direct you in the right way.

And then there is the budget to be allocated: without you go far (indeed, you do not even begin).If you are rich enough to be able to leave without good help for you, but if not you have several opportunities to sift through. You can borrow from friends and family, but you also need to start turning to the banks. Evaluate the facilities offered by the state, scholarships, sponsors and organizations that want to invest in your talent.

Business concept

The CEO creates the company concept very carefully.

  • In practice, do you have to set the goals of your work?
  • What kind of audience are you targeting?
  • What distinguishes your brand from others?
  • Why would they buy your clothes?
  • What is the strong point of your brand?
  • The price, the style, the materials or what?

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and try to understand what attracts them the most.

Also, having a knowledge about branding will help you a lot, read it here.


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