How to Learn Kung Fu Easily (For Beginners)

How to Learn Kung Fu Easily (For Beginners)

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How to learn kung fu at home step by step

Kung fu also popularly known as Gong fu is a form of Chinese martial art. If you have been inspired to learn Chinese martial arts then kung fu might be the best for you it is very advisable that you register for a Kung-Fu lesson or go to a martial arts school but if you don’t have enough time to start going for classes but you are ambitious and committed towards this resolution then you can do it it might be difficult but it will be worth it at the end.
Kung fu has become popular it practices in foreign and western movies and TV shows that are being viewed by thousands and millions of people around the world. It is very popular in China but it is being made known to the rest of the world through Media exposure now it is not only limited or restricted to Chinese to practice this form of martial art but anyone with zeal can easily master the skills all you need to do is to go through the process of learning it.

on this page, you usually go through the step-by-step process on how to begin mastery of Kung Fu but the one I’m giving is that learning kung fu would not be easy at all.

Chinese martial arts is most likely to look like being mysterious or even magic to both foreigners and nonforeigners in China there are different questions that may arise if you have an interest in learning kung fu. You might be facing a lot of troubles because of the numerous results you are getting online matching the search query kung fu schools, classes, forms, courses, styles, exercises, tips, training methods, and performance videos. But you have nothing to worry about because on this page you will get the full guide on how to learn kung fu easily as a beginner.

The terms martial arts, kung fu, wu gong, and wushu all mean Chinese martial arts. however, there are several styles and sects of kung fu that is used in China but they all originated from Shaolin Kung Fu which are all embedded in the Chinese culture. The Chinese kung fu depicts training for defense, health, peace, paying attention to the mind and spirit, and seeking the natural path. It is through the practice methods which are forms, skills, and techniques that one can reach the true meaning.

Beginner’s kung fu form and lesson

When you start learning kung fu do not get worried about the kind of style you want to choose or you should start from instead is the basic training that will put your body in perfect condition afterward you learn the Chinese kung fu culture, the feature of each kung fu forms, and the history of kung fu. When you’re done with that you then choose the best funds to get specialized in.

Kung fu Beginners lesson

When you want to study the modern wushu what it does is it helps improve your physical capabilities like agility, flexibility, and speed. it strengthens and builds one’s internal spirit and it is very helpful for our body exploration, self-expression, discipline, and improving energy.

Different Types of Kung Fu for Beginners

There are different forms of kung fu that exist like Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Ba Gua, Mantis, Wing To, etc and they’re just like Shaolin Kung Fu.

For beginners, the kind of Shaolin Kung Fu forms they will practice includes the fist kung fu and several weapon forms.

Yi Jim Jing, Ba duan Jon, and Chigong are part of the basic training form.

what time is planing here is basically for beginners pottery you are already advanced in martial art and established as a curfew expert you can only upgrade your skills by mastering more complex moves in martial arts and improving your skills in combating sanda and also know the best sparring techniques in Qin Na, also master internal ones with higher mortality.

The target for the basic computer training forms given to beginners is to train the body’s physical stamina and let them know the moving principle and how to perform it perfectly. so it is very important that you know that practice makes perfect in this field.

Beginner’s Kung Fu

if you are a beginner or advanced student of martial art and they would love to go for real wushu training in China then you should know that classes are available in intensive or standard forms depending on the kind of training you would like to take on.

Shaolin kung fu training for beginners

If you would like to increase your endurance or flexibility what you should do is to stretch your legs in different directions because this enables your legs to become soft. You’ll be required to do several jumping that will give you force and strength.

This group of jumping includes cossack jumps, frog jumps, step-ups, duck walks, squat jumps, squats, toe jumps, sprints, one-legged jumps.

The monks while stretching their legs open up their hips and this is very important for bag work or warm-up for fighting kicks. It is also very important that you have enough running on a daily basis to increase your stamina.

There are several types of stances that are commonly used in every kung fu style. One of the most common stances in Kung Fu is the horse stance and this is being used to develop patience and endurance and thigh strength. It is popularly known as stance training or Zhan Zhuang and it is the position that gives you a very good foundation in order to be able to learn basic intermediate and advanced kung fu moves.

if you would like to learn kung fu you should make sure that you master distance and how you do it is that you stand on your feet farther apart and then bend your elbows close by your side with twisted hands facing them up in front of you. After you’ve done that you should then go into a squatting position which would make your thighs to be parallel to the floor.

maintain that position for as long as you are able to between 2 to 5 minutes.

Kung Fu techniques for beginners

The training of a beginner focuses basically on movements are like punches kicks stance and several stretching methods you can also learn basic styles and forms of kung fu.

The major aim of this course is to make you master simple techniques movement and different forms.

What advanced training does is that it concentrate only on improving the student’s basic movement and he makes them learn the key techniques like stances, spinning, kicks, learning, and jumping movement.

Learning kung fu gives the students the opportunity to learn new compulsory forms under the guidance of teachers and he gives the opportunity to recompose freestyle forms.

Training in Kung Fu schools definitely includes several fighting techniques and I keep on forms and their applications and fist styles. if you’re going for physical classes in order to learn on full and you should know that the several styles and their different classes and you are allowed to learn more than one style or technique.
To qualify for acceptance and come to training school you should be at least 16 years and older and the application is open to both male and female students.

if you’re still a kid younger than 16 years of age then you can only be accepted if you are being and complained to the school by an older relative or parents.

In order to learn kung fu, you might need the guidance of a Sifu or an experienced instructor who would easily demonstrate this technique and practical form for you and help you learn at a comfortable pace.

How to Learn Kung Fu as a beginner:

1. Choose style

Before you decide to find a kung fu School it is very crucial you choose the kind of kung fu style that is suitable for you so just scroll up and read about the different kung fu styles I like Tai chi, Wing Chun or praying mantis.

The next thing you should do is to search the internet for a school near you. Reach out to the instructor and ask some questions and they make a comparison of the school to different other schools before taking a decision.

2. Practice consistently

after you found a training centre for yourself now the bulk of the work begins because you have to make out time to practice consistently. This is the part where you learn basic movements and it can be very tedious when you are starting but this will help your muscles.

3. Devote time

Just like every other school practicing it makes you perfect and so does kung fu learning. After learning the skills in class when you get home you have to put it into practice the mastery of kung fu is based on endless repetition of these techniques to perfection.

4. Teach your skills

What makes you perfect your skills the more it is when you exhibit what you already have and try to imbibe your skills in other new learners and this is when you have become advanced and have reached a certain level of accomplishment.
The instructor would ask you to volunteer and show the new student some specific techniques or drills.

Learning kung fu at home as a beginner

It is true that learning kung fu in a martial arts school is the most efficient way of becoming a professional and martial artist but for some people who don’t have this training schools near them you can easily learn kung fu yourself or teach yourself how to practice it.

1. research

Look up the materials that are available in your area in order to learn a particular style of Kung-Fu. All the information you need I also in several martial art books or even YouTube videos that are accessible to everyone around the world in this videos you can demonstrate the several techniques of kung fu.

2. Get a training room

you have to make a space in your home where you can easily practice kung fu. you dedicate this place for your practices of stances, punches, kicks, and other combination moves. Ensure that the space is spacious enough so as to avoid any sort of injury.

3. Dedication

Just like learning a new kung fu training center dedication is also needed for you to practice these martial arts on your own and that is why you would need routine time and also work with your discipline in order to stick to it. Without putting in time and dedication you might not master the necessary techniques.

4. Connect with other martial artists

Search for individuals near you that is also interested in practicing kung fu and if you find they can easily become your training partner because you can easily become a professional by sparring with an opponent and master some movements.