Maryam Booth Biography, Age, Nude, Movies, Net worth, Boyfriend and Marriage

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Maryam Booth Biography

Maryam Ado Muhammed also popularly known as Maryam Booth is a Nigerian Kannywood actress, a model, and an exquisite fashion designer.

Maryam Booth Age

Maryam Booth was born in Kano state, Nigeria on October 28, 1993. She is currently 29 years old.

Maryam Booth Parents and Family 

Maryam is originally from Kano state, which is located in the northern part of Nigeria. Her mother’s name is Zainab Booth. Zainab is a veteran Kannywood actress while her brother named  Ahmed Booth is also a Kannywood actor.

Note: Kannywood is the movie industry of northern Nigeria.

Maryam is of mixed heritage, her grandfather is Scottish while her grandmother is Fulani.

Maryam Booth attended Ebony Nursery and Primary school for her primary education after which she proceeded to Ahmadiyya secondary school where she acquired secondary education.

Maryam Booth Career

Maryam started acting so young at the age of 8 as she was already surrounded by the Kannywood stars, her aunt named – Bello Mohammed introduced her into the industry. She stepped into the limelight after she performed well with her role in the film titled ‘Dijangala’.Maryam Booth Biography, Age, Nude, Movies, Net worth, Boyfriend and Marriage

Besides acting, Maryam Booth is a makeup artist, a fashion designer and accessories dealer. She is also the CEO of Mbooths Beauty Parlour.

Maryam Booth Movies

Maryam Booth has also starred in several Kannywood movies like listed below;

  • ‘Yan Mata – 2010
  • ‘Yar Aljanna Ce – 2010
  • Akwatin Kudi – ND
  • Alawiyya – 2010
  • Ankwa – 2011
  • Bani Adam – 2012
  • Bani Bake – 2015
  • Bayan Rai – 2014
  • Burina (My Dream) – 2010
  • Dare – 2015
  • Dattijo – 2016
  • Dijangala – 2008
  • Duniyar Mu – ND
  • Fatima Da Siyama – ND
  • Gani Gaka – 2012
  • Garin Dadi – ND
  • Halisa – 2013
  • Ibro Dan Almajiri – ND
  • Ijaabaah – ND
  • Mai Jita – ND
  • Nadawo Gareki – 2013
  • Rariya – 2017
  • Sani Nake So – 2013
  • Son Mai So – 2012
  • Sons of the Caliphate – 2016
  • Tuwon Tulu

Maryam Booth Relationship and Boyfriend

Maryam had once been in a serious relationship. Webbspy gathered that she had dated a guy for up to five years but his family objected to their marriage with the excuse that they are not comfortable having their son marry an actress. Maryam then was only 18 years old. She’s currently single and had revealed her kind of perfect man as handsome, honest and romantic.

Maryam Booth Leaked Nude VideoMaryam Booth Leaked Nude Video

The Kannywood superstar, Maryam Booth trended on Twitter on Feb 07, 2021.

The 27-year Old award-winning actress trended after a Twitter user posted the video of the actress naked in what seemed like she was about dressing up. The leaker and the motive for such leakage are not yet known.

See Video Here.

Maryam Booth Net worth

Maryam Booth has an estimated net worth of about $750,000. it is safe to say she is a comfortable millionaire.

Net Worth $750K / 300 Million Naira
Gender: Female
Profession Kannywood Actress
Date of Birth October 1993
Nationality: Nigerian

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Maryam Booth Instagram

Her instagram page is @officialmaryambooth where she has over 2million followers.

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