Mobile Marketing Trends that Will Define 2023

Mobile Marketing Trends that Will Define 2023

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It is now common knowledge that more customers and target audiences are interacting with brands on their mobile devices than they are on their desktops. Therefore, any brand that is serious about reaching and targeting the right audience needs to think about mobile technology. Fortunately, there are several cheap technologies out there that big brands are using to reach out to mobile users.

2023 will be an eventful year for marketers as they try different methods to reach their mobile audience. Let’s look at some of the mobile marketing trends that will define 2023.

Mcommerce Will Be the New Normal

Commerce has traditionally been reserved for desktop-based websites. However, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, most brands have shifted to mobile marketing. It is now easier than ever to do your shopping, pay for it and get your items through your device. In 2023, we shall experience an increased effort to have mobile users do shopping with their devices.

Retail campaigns will be more mobile-oriented and the buying experience for mobile users will be seamless. As a result, mobile shopping will account for over 75% of all online purchases, an increase of over 20% from 2020. Going forward, most brands will have gone mobile and new ones will come with a ‘mobile-first’ mentality.

Everyone will be Going Mobile

It will be possible for mobile users to complete just any tasks that they require their desktop for. Everyone is turning their focus towards mobile devices. On the other hand, mobile technology has become sophisticated and now accepts various new technologies.

Gaming platforms and casinos were the very first to go mobile, allowing users to enjoy their games on the go. Platforms like Nomini have led in this sector with amazing user experience and intuitive websites. Nomini Casino reviewed by Anil Panesar expounds more on this and other features.

All platforms in India and beyond will follow a similar course of action. As a result, there will be an explosion of mobile apps for different brands and dedicated teams to support the mobile initiative. Even traditional brick-and-mortar businesses such as local stores, farm produce and retailers will be looking to get a piece of the mobile audience.

There will be an Increase in Mobile Video Content Usage

It is common knowledge that video content is more engaging than just plain text. Many beans include video marketing in terms of ads, infomercials, product demonstrations and influencer content to pull the target audience in or create awareness. For a long period, the main target for video content has been desktops, with horizontal videos being the most preferred.

However, there has been a recent shift in how videos are created and consumed. Brands have joined the mobile video craze and are aggressively pushing their products on popular platforms. In 2023 and beyond, we will experience an explosion of video marketing on our devices, band mentions by influencers and lots of infomercial content for soft-selling products.

Besides, videos will shift from high-pressure sales tactics to more fun and increased engagement. The average video size will also be small, with most content being less than three minutes long. This is because most social media outlets are embracing short videos because they are more engaging.

Increased Use of Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms have been around for some time. The giants like Facebook and Twitter have been a core part of any social marketing program. Their use is going to increase in 2023 as brands look for ways to connect with their target audience. We expect high social media ad spending, more user-generated content and more content posting by brands.

In addition, the brands will continue to capitalise on the new social media platforms that have emerged in the recent past. Platforms such as TikTok will be a major part of the social media marketing strategy. Its short video format, along with it being a popular platform for the younger generation, makes it a lucrative area to invest in brands. It is estimated that the platform has been downloaded a whopping 4 billion times and has earned over $4.5 billion in revenue as of October 2022.

Voice Search will Grow

Voice search has been around for some time, with Google Assistant leading the adoption of the technology. However, the deep Indian accent has made most people unable to use this feature while using their devices. Fortunately, voice search algorithms have improved over the years and most applications can now learn or understand the pronunciation of different words, even with a deep accent.

As a result, many brands will optimise their websites for voice search to stay ahead of the game. We shall also find others, including voice assistants on their mobile platforms, to enable their users to interact with the website more conveniently. One of the key industries that will benefit from this development will be the medical sector. The majority of people around the world use voice search to learn about diseases, treatments and talk to doctors remotely.

The Entry of Virtual and Augmented Reality Shopping

There has been a push for a more personalised and engaging shopping experience for internet users. Customers may want to see the goods they are buying from all angles and investigate the texture, packaging and colour. This has not been possible as most brands just post images of the products. However, this may change as augmented reality technology becomes available to mobile users.

Virtual reality involves creating a 3D digital environment where the user can interact with brands as if they were physically present, while augmented reality involves integrating the digital world into the natural one to enhance engagement. New technologies like the Metaverse will make it easy for brands to set up virtual stores and give 360-degree views of selected products such as furniture and equipment.

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