Richest Royal families of the world (2020) - Arab, African, Asian and European

Richest Royal families of the world (2023) – Arab, African, Asian and European

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Richest royal families of the world in 2023.

In addition to the official royal expenses that are paid by taxes like Queen Elizabeth, there are some of the richest royal families who manage their personal assets and maintain their property, and the Arab royal family has a vast estate in addition to oil money and has raised land income. Some royals make huge financial income by investing in businessmen.
Many royals are reluctant to disclose their assets, and the actual figures are often unclear, but based on the latest data currently published, 18 wealthy royals with many personal assets from around the world have been released.


  1. King Bhumibol (King of Thailand) (King of Rama/ King bhumibola)

Assets $30 billion (3.6 trillion yen)

King Rama (also known as King Bhumibol) is one of the richest royal families in the world as king of Thailand, and the longest reigning king in Thailand’s history, now in his 69th year on the throne. I studied in Switzerland and studied at the University of Lausanne.

The king’s personal assets are estimated at $30 billion and are said to be the richest of the world’s royalty. According to Forbes, the u.S. economic magazine has made a huge fortune by investing in real estate and Thailand’s largest cement manufacturing company, Siam Cement and Siam Commercial Bank. In fact, the use of this huge amount of assets is considered a secret. However, according to one theory, the annual expenditure of the Thai royal family is said to be about $500 million, which is about ten times the annual expenditure of the British royal family. The royal family has vast real estate in central Bangkok and throughout the country, and is actively investing in large conglomerates and making a profit.

Moreover, the voice which worries ahead has risen because it is hospitalized well by the condition collapsed at the age of 12 years old now.


2. Prince Alwaleed Bintalal (Saudi Arabia)

$23.1 billion ($2.7 trillion)

Prince Waleed Bintalal, an entrepreneur and investor in the Saudi royal Saud family, is known as one of the richest men in the Arab World and a regular with the world’s most senior serif. He is known to people all over the world as an investor, often compared to warren buffett, an American investor.

Much of his wealth was made from investment. He is a world-renowned investor, but he is the nephew of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, so he has little political power in Saudi Arabia.

Through Kingdom Holding Company, Saudi Arabia’s largest investment company, which is run by Prince himself, he invests in all the leading companies around the world, including Twitter, Citigroup, the Four Seasons Hotel, He is also a shareholder of the Savoy Hotel.

A millionaire and royal man, he owns a number of castles and bought the Airbus A380 as a private plane for $300 million. The $100 million renovation was spent and two dining rooms, a game room and a master bedroom were installed on board. It is also equipped with a missile defense system, which Airbus calls the Flying Palace.

3 Sultan Hassanar Bolkiah (King of Brunei)

$20 billion ($2.4 trillion)

He is known as one of the most wealthy of all the royal families around the world, serving as prime minister, defence minister and minister of finance, and has the powerful authority to be a de facto absolute monarch under brunei’s national body.

Against the backdrop of abundant oil resources, the Brunei royal family is enriched with ample oil money.

His hobby is cars, and his hobby is collecting luxury cars.

By the way, he is said to own between 3,000 and 6,000 cars, of which more than 600 are Rolls-Royce.

In April 2015, The King’s son, Prince Abdul, held an 11-day grand wedding ceremony in a luxury palace with 1,788 rooms in Brunei’s capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, with his bride, Miss Rabiat Adavya. It was the most luxurious wedding ever, and it attracted a lot of attention all over the world.

[Brunei Darussalam] King Borkia May 2013 To Japan →●


4 Khalifa bin Zayid Al Nahyan (Head of Abu Dhabi, UAE)

$18 billion ($2 trillion)

The head of Abu Dhabi and the president of the United Arab Emirates (2004), Khalifa is one of the world’s most famous billionaires. Personal assets are expected to be $18 billion, and family assets are more than $150 billion.

In addition to retaining and managing 97.8 billion barrels (about 15.6 trillion liters) of oil, he also holds the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund of about $627 billion, a government-funded investment fund.

How will he spend this huge amount of money? He owns 30 acres (12.5 hectares) of land in the Sesholl Islands and has invested about $130 billion in local social welfare and military industries.

In addition to these activities, he is well-known for his large investment in education-related businesses.
When Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest skyscraper, opened in 2010, his name was changed to “Burj Khalifa” in his name.

Not open to the public, 2014

4. King Abdullah/King Abdullah (King of Saudi Arabia)

Approximately 1,955 billion yen

We have one of the largest oil fields in the world. It has been highly acclaimed by the public for its track record of saving Saudi Arabia from the wave of the Great Depression and the Arab Spring, which lasted for about a year.

It also pays emphasis on supporting people’s lives, including providing about 1.5 trillion yen in unemployment and housing benefits to support the unemployed.

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5. Prince Azim (Brunei)

$5 billion (600 billion yen)

Prince Azim was born as the second son of King Sultan of Brunei. He is not keen on philanthropy, but he is a party-loving, flashy lifestyle and has been buzzing with tabloids. She is also famous for hosting parties with exceptional rewards and lavish souvenirs, and has been invited to the prince’s birthday party by Mariah Carey, Sophia Loren and Janet Jackson. He is also interested in the world of show business, including producing a drama for Hollywood actress Hilary Swank in 2014.


6. Hans Adam II (Liechtenstein)

$3.5 billion (420 billion yen)

Hans Adam II, head of Liechtenstein, is known for being one of the greatest assets of european royalty. The Lord Liechtenstein has a steady profit from the foundation that operates securities, real estate and cultural arts activities, and has made huge financial income through the vast estate of the property he owns and the investment company he runs. It is also famous for having an expensive art collection.


7. Muhammad 6 (King of Morocco)

$2.1 billion (250 billion yen)

Muhammad 6, who has been king of the Kingdom of Morocco since 1999 due to the fall of his father. Since his time as a prince, he has been revered for his good personality, inviting the poor to the palace every month and eating. He is also known as a fan of Japanese food and has hired a dedicated Japanese chef. Morocco’s former state-owned company now owns a 40 percent stake in Societe National Investments, the country’s main investment company. My wife is Princess Lara Salma, who is familiar with this blog.


8. Shaif Tamim bin Hamad Al-Saani (Qatari)

$ 2 billion (240 billion yen)

Shaikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Saani, who was handed over by his father and became the youngest head of Qatar’s history in 2013. He is chairman of the Board of Directors of the Qatar Investment Agency, chairman of the Qatar Olympic Committee, and a member of the International Olympic Committee. It has also invested in luxury department stores Harrods, Berkeley Bank and sainsbury’s, a major supermarket, with an estimated personal net worth of $2 billion.


9. Albert II (Duke of Monaco)

$1 billion (120 billion yen)

Albert II was born to The Duke of Monaco in 2005 following the fall of his father, Grace Kelly, a Hollywood actress and princess of The Rainier 3. It has a large number of real estate assets in Monaco and France, and maintains a profitable property in the casino industry and other operations. The estimated personal net worth is $1 billion.


10. Agar Khan 4 (Imam of the Islamist Nizar)

$800 million (96 billion yen)

Karim Agar Khan 4, a politician and businessman who became the “49th Imam” of the Islamist Islamist Islamist Islamist sect Nizar in 1957 following the death of his grandfather, Agar Khan 3. His vast wealth, which has become the spiritual leader of the Ismail sect in 25 countries around the world, is due to donations by like-minded believers, who say they donate nearly one percent of their annual income. He has sponsored a number of charitable projects and has made a name for himself as one of the most famous celebrities in European society.


11. Sultan Carbooth bin Said (King of Oman)

$700 million (84 billion yen)

King Sultan Carbooth bin Saeed has been king of Oman since he was ousted in 1970 for a coup in the court.

The pro-American king, also known as a fan of classical music, was awarded the International Peace Prize in 1998 for helping to improve relations between the United States and the Arab states. While maintaining the Islamic tradition, it is pursuing modernization policies and holds a large asset of $700 million, benefiting from ample oil money from the country’s oil resources.


12. Queen Elizabeth II (Queen of England)

$520.5 million (60 billion yen)

The personal assets of Queen Elizabeth II, who is also queen of all 16 countries joining the Kingdom of England, are expected to exceed $500 million. Because the British royal family is a “landowner”, it has a lot of islands as a british royal family territory, and the first place of the shopping area of London is on the private land of the royal family, and the royal family manages finances with a huge land income. The budget is recorded in the name of royal expenses, and is covered by the tax such as the palace maintenance fee and the expense expense in public.

13. Former Queen Beatrix (former Queen of the Netherlands)

$220 million ($26 billion) in assets

She made the list of the richest royal families. In 1980, she was crowned Queen of the Netherlands and was crowned queen for 33 years. In 2013, he was transferred to his son, and the dutch royal family was the first male king in 120 years. It owns a number of personal assets, including real estate, mansions and stocks, with personal net assets of more than $200 million.


14. Princess Charlene (Duchess of Monaco)

Assets $185 million (22 billion yen)

Princess Charlene (formerly Charlene Whitstock), a former South African swimmer who is the mother of Princess Grace Keri and the duke of Monaco, is a former swimmer from South Africa who competed in the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and won the prize. They started dating Albert II in 2006 and married in 2011 and have twin babies. The queen, who is popular around the world for her good looks, is actively involved in public service, including participating in the Royal Monaco Grand Prix and launching a charity foundation.

15. Prince Caroline (Principality of Monaco)

$100 million (12 billion yen)

He made the list of the richest royal families. The Duke of Caroline was born as the eldest daughter of The Duke of Monaco, Princess Rainier, and her first child, Grace Kelly. His younger brother is The Duke of Monaco, Albert II, and his younger sister, Stephanie. He was the first to succeed to the throne until his younger brother Albert II gave birth in 2014 with a child who had the right to succeed to the throne. After two marriages and divorces, she remarried her husband Ernst Augusto, the head of the Hanover family, and is now known as Princess Hanover. Her ex-husband and children are also in the spotlight as a sorcery light. Estimated personal assets are $100 million.


15. Stephanie (Principality of Monaco)

$100 million (12 billion yen)

She made the list of the richest royal families. Princess Stephanie, the third daughter of The Duke of Monaco,Lenier 3 and the late Princess Grace Kelly, whose older brother Albert II and her sister, The Duchess of Caroline, are believed to have been in the same car when their mother Grace died in a car accident in 1982. A few years after the accident death of her unhappy mother, she made her debut as a singer, and she made her debut in France, with one million hits and two albums. Estimated personal assets are $100 million.


15. Fara Purlevi (former Queen of Iran)

$100 million (12 billion yen)

Queen Farah made the list of the richest royal families. Queen Farah was the third queen of Mohammad Leather Shah, who became the second king and last emperor of Iran’s former regime, Pahravie. The queen, who also benefited from high oil prices and had enormous assets from Iran’s oil revenues, did her best to make her own luxury and collect surprisingly expensive jewelry. The king and queen were ousted by the Iranian Revolution in 1979 and moved out of the country at the end of the revolution, but they are still living comfortably with the vast assets they have moved abroad.


15. Muswati 3 (King Swaziland)

$100 million (12 billion yen)

Muswathi 3, the eighth king of Swaziland, reigns as Africa’s last tyrant. It has a vast estate in the country, and about half of the entire country is owned by the king. The scattered habit sparked criticism in Swaziland, where many of the nation’s population is poor, including owning more than 10 luxury palaces and owning not only a collection of luxury cars but also expensive private jets. Personal assets are estimated at $100 million.