20 Small hidden tattoos for Men and Women 2022

20 Small hidden tattoos for Men and Women 2024

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Best Small hidden tattoo Ideas

Tattoo designs can be a personal statement, but some professions may not welcome it. It’s important to know where you stand with your employer and what tattoos are acceptable in the workplace before getting one that is highly visible or inappropriate.

Tattoos are pieces of art that many people get because they want to show them off. However, there is the option for tattoos to be a secret too! Plenty of hidden tattoo spots await you all over your body just waiting for some ink. While lots of clever designs exist which even mothers will love, not everyone wants their design shared with others and it’s important to find creative solutions when recreating favorite childhood memories or political statements on other parts of your body so nobody else sees what you have inked onto yourself if you don’t want them knowing about it at all times.

A tattoo should never limit someone from reaching their goals as long they keep them hidden while at work. Some of our world’s most successful people have impressive ink artfully concealed out of sight!

There’s a reason why tattoos are often so small and tucked away: they’re meant to be secrets for yourself. Tattoos with meaning that only you know, or those that you want to keep hidden from the world. These tiny tattoos are often hard to find, but worth it in the end when people ask what your “special” tattoo is on your wrist or behind your ear and you can tell them all about how it has been there since childhood when someone once told me I was beautiful.

Have you ever wanted to get a tattoo but didn’t want it to be too obvious? Well, this article is for you. There are many small tattoos that can be hidden on your body and still look great!

The following is a list of the best small hidden tattoos.

Here are 20 Small hidden tattoos for Men and Women 2024:

  • Butt tattoos
  • Inner Arm Tattooing
  • Bicep and Upper Arm Body Art
  • Back Tattooing
  • Spine Tattoo Art
  • Hip and Top of Thigh Tattoo
  • Leg tattoo
  • Ankle Tattoo
  • Foot Tattoo
  • Chest Tattoo


1. Butt tattoos

The butt is pretty meaty, and you will not experience a lot of pain. You might even enjoy the burning sensation! Pain tolerance varies for everyone though, so it may be just walk in the park for some people while others are more sensitive to discomfort. The tattoo can easily be hidden by clothing if someone disapproves; this includes women with bikinis on their bodies because clothes always hide tattoos unless they’re right at eye level when standing up straight (welcome to society). It’ll take longer than expected but that’s okay- as long as optimal care is taken during recovery your skin should heal nicely over time.

2. Inner Arm Tattooing20 Small hidden tattoos for Men and Women 2021

An inner arm tattoo is one of the most popular hidden tattoos because it’s quick and easy to hide. If you have an office job, this could be a great choice for your first ink! They are also usually small enough that they can fit on a bicep or forearm without much trouble. Just make sure you find someone who does.

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3. Bicep and Upper Arm Body Art20 Small hidden tattoos for Men and Women 2021

Similar to inner arm tattoos, bicep and upper arm body art is an easy way to get a hidden tattoo that’s visible but can still be easily hidden. If you’re at work or in public this might not be the best choice for your first ink, but it can make a really great second one!

4. Back Tattooing 20 Small hidden tattoos for Men and Women 2021

If you’re looking for a large tattoo, but are worried about being able to hide it easily then back tattoos might be the hidden tattoos for you. They’re usually small enough that they can stay out of view and easy to cover up with your shirt, so coming in at number four on our list is.

The back is often one of the most painful and sensitive parts of our body, but it also provides a great place to hide your tattoo. Unless you’ve been to see someone who specializes in spinal issues, no one will ever know about that hidden tatty on your lower back! The upper part can be more painful than other areas because there are many nerves concentrated here; however, this varies from person to person, and for some people with very specific medical conditions those particular spots could even be numb or completely painless.

5. Spine Tattoo ArtSpine Tattoo Art

The spine is an overlooked area that can be used for a hidden tattoo. This design connects to the head and down towards the toes, making it look like one continuous line. It looks best when placed on someone’s neck or lower back. The hand is tattoos done with just simple lines inked into the skin.

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6. Hip and Top of Thigh Tattoo20 Small hidden tattoos for Men and Women 2021

This is a traditional hand tattoo that’s done in ink and then drawn on the skin. The artist draws an outline of a person with their palm facing up, fingers spread apart, and thumb tucked under as though holding something. There are many variations to this design but it mainly symbolizes two things:

  • a person’s hand holding something precious or important, usual totems like animals and other symbols of one’s family.
  • the life that flows from their feet to head as they stand tall on the earth for all to see.

7. Leg: Caves, Shin, and Thigh Tattoos20 Small hidden tattoos for Men and Women 2021

This is a tattoo design that denotes where you’ve been, and what your journey has meant. If the tattoos are large enough, they may cover an entire leg.

  • Caves: these represent protection and safety from harm; however, they can also symbolize overcoming hardship or adversity in life by finding one’s own. Tramp Stamp
  • A tramp stamp is a tattoo name for the lower back. It may be done in one color or more colors and range from small designs to large ones that cover most of the
  • Shin: these tattoos are usually smaller, but they can also be quite expansive as well. These tattoos often symbolize bravery, protection. Tattooed Hands
  • This is a popular tattoo design for women.
  • Thigh: tattoos on the thigh are usually small designs placed in order to cover up scars or stretch marks (especially after pregnancy). They can also be large and expansive, but they often symbolize family connections.

8. Ankle Tattoo20 Small hidden tattoos for Men and Women 2021

It is important to know that tattoos on the ankle are not always easy for others to see. There will be socks and shoes blocking out your tattoo, so it could be tough if you have a visible one in this location! The fatness of your skin might also play into how much pain you experience when getting an ankle tattoo – more fatty tissue equals less pain than bony areas like bones or joints.

9. Foot Tattoo (top and bottom of the foot)20 Small hidden tattoos for Men and Women 2021

Foot tattoos are perfect for hiding, but the bottom of your foot is an even better spot. You put them on top or inside a shoe and never have to worry about someone seeing it! However, if you want people to see your tattoo at any time then these places don’t offer as much coverage.

10. Chest Tattoo20 Small hidden tattoos for Men and Women 2021

Chest tattoos are perfect for small hidden tattoos. They can be inked right below your neckline, so if there is a tank top on that day you’ll never have to worry about someone seeing it! This location may not offer the best pain though because of all the bony areas and joints found around this area.

11. Stomach Tattoohidden tattoos for Men and Women 2021

The stomach is a great spot for your tattoo because it’s always covered up and full. You can avoid the pain of getting inked if you get one after eating, thanks to how much tissue there are available on this part of your body. Experts say that having tattoos done while hungry will lead to more discomfort during the process – but they may not be as visible once healed!

12. Knee Tattoo Designhidden tattoos for Men and Women 2021

Tattooing your knees and other parts of the body can be a great way to express yourself or get down with emo culture. For example, when you want something on your legs that is not typically found in an area so close to your feet like around the ankles for instance. But it’s important to remember: some tattoos may cause problems later in life if they are overused by young people now who will need knee replacements as adults because their joints have been damaged from gravity pulling them down all day long while sitting at work.

13. Inner Lip Tattoohidden tattoos for Men and Women 2021

The inner lip tattoo offers space to draw a small, minimalist design. They may fade quickly as they are constantly wet and the cells in your lips replace themselves rapidly due to friction from being inside of the mouth- however, it is always painless for them to be redone! You can also get another style on top if you want to.

14. Armpit Inkhidden tattoos for Men and Women 2021

An armpit is pretty, a nice place for hidden tattoos. Unless you are going with a strapless ensemble, it’s easy to conceal your tat from the world. Nikki Reed has one tattoo on her side only seen when she takes off her clothes that will make people do double-takes and ask questions about what they’re seeing! Honestly though – an armpit can be pretty sensitive at times; some have reported experiencing pain in this area after getting their ink done there. But don’t worry: the experience isn’t as bad as many might think at first glance or apprehension of needles piercing flesh (or lack thereof)!

15. Rib Cage Tattooshidden tattoos for Men and Women 2021

Ribs are bony structures, and the deeper the tattoo goes, the higher it is on your body. It’s nice to keep reminding you that an experience can be painful but only for a short amount of time.

The needle will jab at your skin and soon enough you’ll have great tattoos! You can show them off whenever you want- Miss Millay has some ribcage tattoos which were done years ago; they’re deep down near her bone so she usually tucks them away under most clothes or wears clothing with cut-outs in those areas – still though this pain was worth it because now she shows everyone how cool these designs are every day.

16. Triceps and Upper Armhidden tattoos for Men and Women 2021

Your triceps are a perfect place to hide tattoos that you want to be hidden from the public. They can be adorable and cute. Your triceps show your masculinity, and pain is relative depending on how much it hurts for you personally.

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