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Tall Girl Movie Netflix 2019

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Everything you need to know about Tall girl Movie 2019

Tall Girl Netflix Movie 2019

Tall girl Movie 2019, is a romantic American high school comedy movie by Nzingha Stewart which starred Ava Michelle.

  • Year: 2019
  • Country: United States
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Director: Singa Stewart
  • Tall Girl movie Cast: Ava Michelle, Sabrina Carpenter, Angela Kinsey, Paris Behrels, Luke Eisner, Steve Saen, Griffin Gluck, Candy Brooks, Amy Le
  • Tall Girl release date (world Premiere): September 13, 2019.

How Jodi grew out of herself is a 2019 comedy by Nzingha Stewart with Ava Michelle, Griffin Gluck and Luke Eisner.

In the Netflix comedy Tall Girl by Nzingha Stewart, a 16-year-old who is nearly two feet tall has to make her way through the problems of her teenage high school life, in which she towers over everyone else.

Summary & background information on Tall Girl Movie 2019

Jodie, the tallest girl in school, always felt uncomfortable in her own skin. But after years of ridicule and avoiding attention at all costs, Jodie finally decides to gain self-confidence. One day in the class Jodie comes a new student. He’s an incredibly handsome man, and he’s very tall! The guy immediately becomes the subject of adoration of all classmates, not surprising that falls in love with him and our heroine. 

Jodi (Ava Michelle) has always been the tallest girl in her high school and has been getting ready for it all her life. Suddenly, a guy shows up at her school who is even taller than her: the seemingly perfect exchange student from Sweden named Stig (Luke Eisner). He quickly turns her world upside down and she doesn’t even know what it’s like for her. Since or though stig doesn’t give her the love she would like, her two best friends and sister (Sabrina Carpenter), who is an absolute beauty.

But does she have a chance, will the new acquaintance pay attention to the girl who, despite the huge growth, always tries to remain unnoticed?

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