Top 10 Best Paid Tech Internships in 2023 (No Experience)

Top 10 Best Paid Tech Internships in 2023 (No Experience)

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Internships are a crucial aspect of any student’s life. For hands-on experience and practical learning, students with a tech background must complete an internship, making student tech internships crucial. What better way to gain this amazing technical exposure than to complete a tech internship at a top-tier, well-known company?

Let’s look at some of the top tech companies that offer internships to students to see what they have in store for all tech enthusiasts. But which one should you pick? We compiled the top 10 tech interns to assist you in determining which tech internships are best for you.

Top 10 Best Summer Tech Internships

Here are the top 10 paid tech internships

  • Facebook
  • Adobe
  • Workiva
  • Apple
  • Spaces
  • Go Daddy
  • Upgrade
  • Axon
  • Google
  • Microsoft

1. Meta

Another significant tech company with a robust internship program for recent graduates is Meta – Facebook. Most internship positions last 12 to 16 weeks.

Why Facebook?

Every intern at Facebook has a mentor who works with them. Your manager(s) and mentor(s) will provide you with ongoing support throughout your program.

Additionally, after your first internship with the organization, you will automatically be considered for future internship opportunities (should it apply). If not, you will have a good possibility of being hired by the organization full-time.

2. Adobe

Another significant IT business that provides students with internship opportunities is Adobe. Students can network productively while honing talents that are in high demand.

Why Adobe?

Adobe presents internships to students from various backgrounds. Regardless of whether they have a degree in engineering, marketing, sales, operations, or something else.

The company’s three main programs include:

  • Internships at Adobe Research
  • MBAs at Adobe
  • Adobe Sales Academy

3. Workiva

 Workiva is frequently ranked as one of the “best places to work” due to flexible scheduling and a corporate culture that values employees for more than just the number of hours they put in. Our mission is to “ensure trust in the economic world by reporting transparent data”.

Why workiva?

Workiva offers an annual internship program, it’s well known for giving employees freedom and enabling them to find a solution to different issues and at the same time have access to top leadership. Workers and students have access to free lunch.

4. Apple

Apple treats its student interns the same as any other employee. The internship programs offered here are special, though. The company and its employees both have learning expectations.

Thus, the company naturally anticipates that its interns will gain much from their experiences. However, they also want their full-time staff to advance their knowledge.

Why Apple?

Because Apple is so distinctive, the internship programs there are among the most noteworthy on our list. The company’s culture is a fusion of technology and the arts.

In this sense, Apple gives liberal arts students options that other tech businesses might not. At Apple, interns have various options for where they can work, including from one of the numerous offices, an Apple retail location, or even from home.

5. SpaceX

SpaceX provides a 12-month internship for recent tech graduates interested in space exploration. Students selected for this internship program will probably have the most unusual experience of any on our list. Not to mention the numerous mentions of SpaceX in the top tech news.

Why SpaceX?

The company offers a wide range of internship opportunities. Both technical and business internships are available at SpaceX. You must have a 3.5 GPA or above and be enrolled in a recognized four-year university to be eligible. 

6. GoDaddy

 It offers one of the greatest internship programs in the industry, which underlines its flexible and friendly company culture that promotes work-life balance. Their mission is to “stand by new business owners around the globe and ensure there is a space for them.

Why GoDaddy?

Despite thousands of employees, interns feel appreciated by their managers and receive helpful advice on thriving in the tech sector. GoDaddy is one of the top tech businesses to intern for because of this. Benefits include free time off and financial aid for tuition.

7. Upgrade

One of the greatest techs to intern for if you’re interested in the financial sector is Phoenix’s Upgrade.

Why Upgrade?

This isn’t a stodgy Wall Street corporation; instead, it has a casual work environment where employees’ needs come before business interests. Free meals, snacks, and the company’s health insurance program are all provided to interns.

8. Axon

Axon creates tangible products that you can see the benefits of, unlike many tech companies whose products only exist on servers and hard drives.

Why Axon?

 Supervisors prefer to see what’s possible when employees take the initiative and feel invested in their work, which gives interns a high level of independence.

Employee discounts and limitless vacation time are some benefits.

9. Google

Google interns are active in problem-solving from the beginning. Google offers a variety of internship opportunities, from Software Engineering to User Experience, all across the world. The technical internships listed here are not all-inclusive but give you an idea of what’s out there.

Why Google?

Google is well-known to all. Every tech student’s dream company! Google frequently seeks new talent and colleagues to join their team for upcoming projects and employment possibilities. Thus, working as a Google intern is one of the greatest methods to become a Googler.

10. Microsoft

 You can join the Commercial or Engineering team to begin working on actual projects. Microsoft will provide you with experience that will alter how you view everything while also assisting you in honing your innate talents.

Why Microsoft?

You will receive excellent benefits, extras, a relocation allowance, and highly competitive compensation as an engineering intern.

You’ll have a mentor allocated to you and the opportunity to work on actual projects. Thanks to our vibrant intern community, you will have the opportunity to participate in events planned throughout the summer.


Professionals’ early career experiences are only complete with internships because they enable them to develop crucial skills, interact with genuine office settings, and get a foot in the door.

Even while these organizations provide many internships in finance or software engineering, many other highly paid positions are still available.