Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds in the World 2021

Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds in the World 2024

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Top 20 Biggest and Fattest Dog Breeds in the World 2024

Have you always had something to do with large dog breeds? Here is a summary of the 20 largest breeds of dogs in 2024. You’re going to be amazed at the diversity between them. Some were bred to hunt large animals, others to survive in extreme conditions, and some were bred large in order to intimidate intruders and to be better guard dogs.

In general, larger dog breeds are typically caring, trustworthy, confident, and mild-tempered animals, no matter how daunting some of these large dogs should appear. This makes them outstanding pets! Properly socialized and exercised, big dogs can get along with all your other pets, the kids and all your family members. Just be sure that you also take care of your dogs and feed them with the best quality multivitamin for dogs.

The fact is, these dogs are likely to prefer to take naps all day long we Young give them the daily walks and exercise they need. Make sure you get your dog’s right dog leash.

It makes them perfect for large yards and even smaller homes and apartments.
But if you have little or no experience with dogs at all, their size and their instincts to defend or hunt can be a problem to deal with.

So, even as there is no specific rule about the dog species that are large, webbspy presents the Largest Dog Breeds in the World 2024, They are all seriously big pups.

Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds in the World 2024

These are the Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds in the World 2024:

  • Caucasian Shepherd Dog
  • English Mastiff
  • Newfoundland
  • Komondor
  • Neapolitan Mastiff
  • Scottish Deerhound
  • The Irish Wolfhound
  • Great Dane
  • Leonberger
  • Tosa Inu


1.  Caucasian Shepherd DogTop 10 Largest Dog Breeds in the World 2021

The Caucasian shepherd dog was bred as a guardian dog for the first time in the Northern Caucasian region. It has a shoulder weight of up to 30 inches and a weight of up to 130 lbs. And that’s all but a lap dog. This species of Dog is the Largest Dog Breed in the World 2024.

It’s a tough, brave, and self-confident, strong-boned and sturdy dog whenever there’s a danger. If not, it’s a caring, gentle and kind dog that can get along very well with the whole family and other animals.

For decades, Caucasian Shepherds have been used to defend property, livestock from predators (including bears) and other duties. They are primarily used today as watchdogs or pets.

This breed has many variations. The Mountain type with a long coat and the Steppe type with a smaller body mass and a short coat are two of the most common.Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds in the World 2021
The Caucasian Shepherd dog is certainly not a breed for first-time dog owners because of its essence of always feeling the urge to protect his family. This takes very serious training and socialization to keep the dog from attacking other people because it protects you.

According to Dog Academy, when adequately trained to recognize that all household members are in the pack before it, the Caucasian Ovcharka will become a committed, loving and loyal family member.
Keep in mind that it is exceptionally strong, so you should not allow the dog to be walked by children or the elderly.


2. English MastiffTop 10 Largest Dog Breeds in the World 2021

The English Mastiff is the most strong breed of dogs. A whopping 343 Lbs was weighed by the heaviest dog of this huge breed called Zorba. The average mastiff at the shoulder and a weight of 130-220 lbs will reach a height of 27–30 inches.

So, the English Mastiff is the definite winner if you’re looking for the biggest dog breed in terms of mass.
For this reason, it is important to be trained as a working dog of blood sports like baiting bulls, bears and even lions, the size and weight of this animal.

Back in the Roman Empire, when he conquered Britain, Caesar was so impressed by the Mastiff that he allegedly took back a few puppies, where they were used in lion and gladiator battles. it is no surprise this mastiff is in the Top 10 fattest Dog Breeds in the World 2024.

Yet today, the great, big Mastiff is mainly Preferred as the pet and companion of a loving and gentle family. Also often used as therapy dogs are dogs from this breed, as well as for search and rescue, weight pulling and tracking.

It has a mellow, friendly, even-tempered disposition and is great for families with children who enjoy playing with their gigantic pet.

It must be with its people, as long isolation can lead to destructive Conduct and distress. Mastiffs will need daily walks and a lot of preparation and care if you want to feel happy with the whole family.

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3. NewfoundlandTop 10 Largest Dog Breeds in the World 2021

Unlike many of the other major canine breeds, the Newfoundland was raised as a fisherman working dog, not a guard dog. Such huge cute dogs were used to support fishermen on vessels and could carry lines and networks as well as leap into the water to save people or retrieve things that had fallen off the vessel.

Newfoundland is an impressive, active water dog with a capacity of up to 200 lbs. The Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds in the World 2024 list would have been incomplete without it.

There is no doubt that the Newfies are among the best canine swimmers. In fact, they are still being used in water search and rescue operations. These are highly intelligent and calm-natured dogs, which are usually black in colour but could also be gray or brown. Due to their thick double fur, which is meant to keep them safe and warm even in cold waters, they look even bigger than they are.

Newfoundlands have a great love for their families and are extremely gentle and compassionate of children, which is why some people call them Gentle Giants or Dog Nannies.

They require daily walks, exercise, and practice, and to keep them safe and healthy, it is best to ensure a place where they can enjoy an occasional swim.

4. KomondorTop 10 Largest Dog Breeds in the World 2021

This eye-catching mop-like big dog you might have seen before. Originally born in Hungary, the Komondor was used to protect property and domestic animals. Today the breed in its native country has been proclaimed a national treasure. Due to the distinctive long and mop-like corded fur, you can never mistake this breed for any other.Dogs can reach up to 31.5 inches from this fascinating large breed and weigh up to 130 lbs.

Even though they are pleasant and peaceful inside, they are not too suitable for apartment life. But it’s in their nature to guard and roam outdoors, especially at night, so you can get one of these dogs if you have a large backyard with a fence. Keep in mind that they bark quite a lot and, if not properly socialized and conditioned, can be quite uncomfortable with strangers.
Otherwise, Komondors are very friendly dogs, devoted to all members of the family, and particularly careful with children and family pets.

Generally, like many other big guide dogs, the Komondor is not appropriate for dog-experienced people. If you want it to remain healthy, it requires a lot of intensive training and socializing as well as regular daily exercise and keep out of trouble with human neighbors and animals.

5. Neapolitan MastiffTop 10 fattest Dog Breeds in the World 2021

The Neapolitan mastiff is not as gigantic as the English mastiff but is still an enormous and famous breed of dogs. It has a ratio of 130 to 155 lbs. For men and a maximum of 140 lbs. For the girls. A Neapolitan male mastiff’s average height is between 26-31 inches.

These are easily recognizable by their characteristic facial wrinkles, as well as their body folds. Neapolitan mastiffs are incredibly intelligent dogs who are highly protective of their family and home, making them superb guard dogs, but they can pose problems if they are not socialized and trained. These are not as effective as alarms, because these appear to be quiet, and prefer to spy on possible intruders instead of barking.

Surely these dogs are not suitable for inexperienced dog owners as they really need extensive socialization and training. You’d have noticed if Neapolitan Mastiff is missing in the Top 10 biggest Dog Breeds in the World 2024.

The Neapolitan Mastiff’s ancestor was the Roman molossus dog. Today, this breed’s dogs require personal love and attention, and should not be left outdoors in isolation as this can lead to destructive behavior. With just one long walk a day, they can go well and still feel happy.

Overall, they are animals that are loving and calm, making great pets for families with adult children.

6. Scottish DeerhoundTop 10 biggest Dog Breeds in the World 2021

The Scottish deerhound is one of the world’s oldest hunting breeds. It came from Scotland where it was used to chase and hunt red deer. Due to its amazing speed, this strong and large dog can easily reach its prey with its long, big-boned legs and hound-like structure.

With a height of up to 32 inches and a weight of up to 110 lbs, these dogs are quite tall. For the guys.

Scottish deerhounds look like Greyhounds, but they look like coats. Their long tails are hanging down to the ground, and they may have black or blue noses. The coat coloring can be in different color combinations, and on the legs and body it is harsher and wiry, and on the head, belly and chest it is softer.

An interesting fact is that at one point in history the breed almost became instinct when only aristocrats with high titles were allowed to own one. Luckily, in the 18th and 19th centuries, the breed was successfully revived.

Dogs of this great breed are very loyal, gentle, loving and affectionate, and are also very close to their families and friendly to strangers.

They are very good with children, but due to their strong hunting drives, they should be kept away from other animals. One of the Scottish deerhound’s best features is that it barks very little, making it a beautiful quiet big dog suitable for a family pet. They need long walks, but not exercising too much.

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7. The Irish WolfhoundTop 10 Largest Dog Breeds in the World 2021

One of the highest dog breeds is the Irish wolfhound. This breed’s average height for dogs is at least 34 inches, but its weight would rarely exceed 120 lbs for males and 105 lbs For females.

The breed was bred for the hunting and protection of wolves. This breed’s first records are as early as 7000 B.C.

Irish wolfhounds may have different personalities, but they are often very individualistic and have their own unique quirks. At the same time, for being aggressive or acting impulsively, they are not known.

Today, Irish wolfhounds are popular family dogs, known to be quite calm, simple, smart, and quiet.

They have no territorial aggression problems with other dogs, Yet they prefer to target other dogs because of their hunting experience. Irish Wolfhounds are usually very friendly and easy to train with boys, but they are individualists who have been trained to hunt alone and far from their owners.

8. Great Dane

The Great Dane is widely regarded as the most giant breed of dogs, and while it is not the largest of dogs (100-120 lbs.), it is undoubtedly among the largest.

The average Great Dane’s height is about 28 to 30 inches, but it may be higher. In reality, a dog named Zeus from this breed still holds a record with a height of 44 inches as the tallest living dog.

Unfortunately, like other giant dogs, the Great Danes ‘ lifespan is only about 6 to 8 years, although some dogs may live up to 10 years of age or older. The above-mentioned Zeus died in 2014 at the age of 5.

From a hybrid between Irish wolfhounds and English mastiffs, they were born in Germany. These giant dogs are gentle to familiar people and other dogs and animals and are particularly good with children. After all, they are pets of the guardians, so they should not be taken lightly.

Great Danes come in different colors, with the black and white harlequin forms being the most impressive.

These gentle giants are elegant and noble-like creatures that require a great deal of attention, training, and love. But they are pleasant people and in return, they will return all their affection and loyalty.

9. LeonbergerTop 10 biggest Dog Breeds in the World 2021

The Leonberger is a St. Bernards, Newfoundlands, and Pyrenean Mountain Dog crossbreed. The size of these canines, as you can imagine, is quite remarkable. They are great dogs for rescue work, herding, and swimming, even though they were bred as companion dogs.

The males’ average height is about 29.5 inches, while females tend to be about 27.5 inches. The weight of these dogs is 140-150 lbs.

The Leonberger’s coat is distinctive, sleek, water-resistant, and a pretty robust dog. It’s smart, trustworthy, kind and playful, making dogs great family pets from this breed. If you add a Leonberger to your family, you’ll be prepared to deal with all that grooming and cleaning.

Unfortunately, they have only 7 years of relatively low life expectancy. But a dog from such a breed will add pure joy and love to your entire family for its relatively short life. When you go for a stroll, it will also attract a lot of attention, so be prepared to be approached by complete strangers who want to pet it and take pictures with it.

10. Tosa InuTop 10 fattest Dog Breeds in the World 2021

The Tosa Inu is a giant Japanese military dog originating from cross-breeding with Japanese and European breeds such as Mastiffs, Bull terriers, St. Bernards and Great Danes. Tosa Inu is among the Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds in the World 2024.

Occasionally Tosa Inus are referred to as Japanese mastiffs and as Canine sumo wrestlers. The height of this rare dog at the willow can reach 32 inches and its weight among non-Japanese breeders is between 130 and 200 lbs. In Japan, dogs of this breed are usually smaller and weigh less.

Thanks to the crinkled foreheads and the brown sad eyes, Tosa Inus have quite cute faces, but bear in mind that they have been specifically bred for fighting. They are incredibly robust and muscular, and luckily they are not violent to the men.

Tosa Inus are very affectionate and gentle with kids but will have a tendency to protect them at all costs. If you choose to take a dog from this breed, make sure that you are ready to spend much time and effort teaching it, socializing it, but without being too strict because it can have the reverse effect and make the dog unpredictable and dangerous for family life.

Compared to some other giant breeds, they are easy to groom and have a rather long life expectancy of 10 to 12 years.