Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Cribs in the World 2021

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Cribs in the World 2024

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Expensive Luxury Baby Cribs

A crib is a small bed for babies or children under twelve months that is made of wood, metal, plastic, or other materials and typically has a mattress on top. Cribs are often used as part of a larger group of furniture in the child’s room such as beds and dressers.

Baby cribs are an important safety item for babies: they help prevent suffocation by preventing the baby from rolling out of the bed. In addition, they provide more than enough support to prevent any injuries if there was an accident in the middle of the night when you’re not there to monitor them.

Expensive Baby Cribs are a product of the changing parenting trends of today. As people have become more and more affluent, they have started to have fewer children. This means that the demand for high-quality baby cribs has soared.
In the past, parents only had to worry about having enough money for a high-quality mattress and sheets. Today, however, parents need to save up for expensive cribs as well as extra furniture, toys and clothes.

There are numerous styles and models of cribs available in the market. Some are more luxurious than others. Gold-plated cribs can be expensive but you can still find some options that aren’t so pricey. Baby cribs are made using very high-quality materials to make them more comfortable. One can choose between many varieties depending on your budget.

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Cribs in the World 2024

Here are the Most Expensive Luxury Baby Cribs in the World 2024:

  • Cot Intellicast – $1576
  • Wrought Iron cot with Canopy – $3357
  • Cots Mexican style and form the carriage for Cinderella – $3749
  • Forged Cot Versailles – $4000
  • Cots Good Night with Cherubs – $4664
  • Cot Camelot – $7200
  • Rollaway cot Emily 4in1 – $10000
  • Cot Coach his Majesty – $19995
  • Crib Whimsical Coach – $65000
  • Baby Cot of Pure Gold – $16.4 Million

10. Cot Intellicast – $1576Most Expensive Baby Cribs in the World

Intellicast is made by the famous company Cencio which was available at the price of $1576. It’s rock-solid, which is very appropriate for your baby to relax when they’re tired. It was made by the creativity of students from Covent University in London, UK.

Some baby cribs try to be fancy & trendy with lots of features. But they trade off the safety and health that all babies deserve. The Safalu Baby Crib is great for active babies, with features like a soft nightlight, control system, and CCTV cameras. It not only keep your baby safe, but also healthy & growing!

9. Wrought Iron cot with Canopy – $3357Most Expensive Baby Cribs in the World

The iron cot with canopy is a durable and safe bed that can be used on any terrace, rooftop, or balcony.

The most popular of the canopy designs for this product is the canopy in a star shape. This style provides ample shade and protection from harsh winds as well as rain. It also provides an ideal refuge from bugs and pests.

The name of this crib suggests that it is made up of wrought iron. This crib was handmade by the talented blacksmiths from Corsican Furniture, a company with long history in their field. The Cot is made of steel rods and iron pieces cement together with epoxy to provide a strong layer. Together, these create a beautiful crib that is less than $3,000. It comes in different colors like black, silver, marble etc. and has a stylish design.

8. Cots Mexican style and form the carriage for Cinderella – $3749Most Expensive Baby Cribs in the World

Cinderella is a story about a young woman who lives in abject poverty with her stepmother and two stepsisters. While the evil stepsisters are busy envying Cinderella, they are too busy to notice that they have left a shoe out for Cinderella. The shoe has a magical property that will make its owner’s heart’s desire come true.

This crib is designed to be like Cinderella’s cabin. In fact, the name of this crib is “Cinderella.” Cinderella was a fairy tale where a poor girl meets a magical being, so this crib has some fairy tale elements as well. The price of this crib is $3,749.

This large crib is all a baby’ll need to sleep soundly in. It has large wheels for easy transportation and can be decorated with safe, non-toxic paints or natural fabrics to make it even better. With 6 different color options, you can find the perfect color for your nursery.

7. Forged Cot Versailles – $4000Most Expensive Baby Cribs in the World

Forged Cot Versailles is a luxury furniture company that specializes in providing the best furniture for your home. They are able to do this because they have access to the most advanced 3D printing technology.

Forged Cot Versailles is based out of San Francisco, California. It started in 2011 when two entrepreneurs decided to invest their money into a project that would revolutionize the design industry and provide affordable luxury products for everyone. They began by using technology and creativity to create unique designs unlike anything else on the market.

This crib has a design inspired by the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. The name of this crib is because of that, with its beautiful floral fence to complete the look and because it’s made in the US. This bed has an imposing design that includes carved wood. It also costs more than $4,000 to purchase, making this a luxury item.

6. Cots Good Night with Cherubs – $4664Most Expensive Baby Cribs in the World

This is a good example to show how much you can get for your money. With this amount of cash, you can buy a pretty nice car, vacation at some of the best resorts in the world – or even donate to charity.

The name of this coat helps to give away the fact that it’s a high-quality product. From a price point of view, these cribs can be quite pricey. And from an aesthetic point of view, they’re absolutely gorgeous!

This crib is very old and traditional, but it has these special metals to make it look more modern. It has flowers on the walls that make it look very glamorous. It’s a reflection of your social status & allows you to show off in a way only the nobility can do.

5. Cot Camelot – $7200Most Expensive Baby Cribs in the World

Baby has created this beautiful cot for your little one. It is made from wood and has a pastel paint that is most suitable for fantasy princesses who want to imitate the colors of the flowers in their own imaginary world.

This cot looks like a floating huts and is truly luxurious. It has many blessings befitting the price tag of $7,200.

4. Rollaway cot Emily 4in1 – $10000Most Expensive Baby Cribs in the World

This is a traditional design cot that has a high price tag. There are also some colors offered with the same price. This is a safety sleeper for babies and it looks like it will be comfortable for your baby to sleep on.

The mattress on this cot is soft but not thin. There’s nothing too fancy about its design, but it has all the features needed for a good sleep environment for infants.

3. Cot Coach his Majesty – $19995Most Expensive Baby Cribs in the World

This crib looks like a carriage in royal colors and is well decorated. It has a pure white leather seat that weighs 12 kg. It also provides the luggage place for keeping the things of babies like diapers, etc. It is very luxurious and royal cot with a price of $19,995.

2. Crib Whimsical Coach – $65000Most Expensive Baby Cribs in the World

It’s the most popular crib in the world because it is being used by many celebrities for their babies. It’s from the company Cribs of America, which is based in USA and provides a mixture of wood & fiberglass to create a quality, safe baby crib. It is available in two different sizes among that one is for a single baby and the other is for twins. It is both beautiful & luxurious crib which retails at $65,000.

1. Baby Cot of Pure Gold – $16.4 MillionMost Expensive Baby Cribs in the World

Parents love to provide the best for their babies and these are luxury features. One such feature is designed by famous designer Ximo Talamantes that was made with the effort of 6 months. The mattress, side pads, and shiny finish to it weighs 188 kgs of gold. This crib is insured when it’s purchased, so you don’t have to worry about financial losses. It also has a cheaper plastic version that costs $15.8 million, which can be more affordable than the materials used in the sturdy and luxurious crib.

Most of the things that babies need are best in cribs that are well-designed, safe and comfortable. Baby cribs are large and expensive but they’ll provide safety & comfort for your baby. Cribs are configured with the best materials, like comfortable mattresses and well decorated to ensure that they’re a safe environment for babies. Parents should keep the crib in their room for security and comfort.

Here are the Most Expensive Luxury Baby Cribs in the World 2024:

No. Baby Crib Names Costs
1 Baby Cot of Pure Gold $ 16.4 Million
2 Crib Whimsical Coach $ 65000
3 Cot Coach his Majesty $ 19995
4 Rollaway cot Emily 4in1 $ 10000
5 Cot Camelot $ 7200
6 Cots Good Night with Cherubs $ 4664
7 Forged Cot Versailles $ 4000
8 Cots Mexican style and form the carriage for Cinderella $ 3749
9 Wrought Iron cot with Canopy $ 3357
10 Cot Intellicast $ 1576