Top 10 most popular simple English words in the world and meanings

Top 10 most popular simple English words in the world and meanings

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Want to know most popular simple English words and definitions which are by far the most popular around the world? Here are the top 10 most common words that are plucked from the languages of millions of people around the planet every day.


With the increasing popularity of social networks, in particular Instagram, the icon “Z” has become used more often than the usual punctuation. The hashtag helps to make references to words and sentences, thereby increasing the popularity of groups and public pages. Beginning in 2015, the word became the basis of the modern lexicon and became an important part of communication of young people, constantly posting pictures on social networks.


The acronym for Islamic State has been widely adopted by the media. Endless news feeds in newspapers, TV reports and viral publications in the networks have aroused everyone’s interest, and many have even developed panic. Perhaps only the lazy do not know the terrible events taking place in ISIS.


Although the hype associated with the outbreak of the terrible virus among Africans has subsided, the burning word continues to be popular. Thanks to the general panic that was instilled not so long ago- About Ebola was talked about at every turn. Now the name of the virus is as widely known as the flu. However, Ebola defeats the classic seasonal disease by the breadth of the debate.


Ironically, we return to the topic of social networks. Today’s youth is tied to gadgets and computers, so the Internet lexicon is spreading more and more around the world every day. The next brainchild of network users is called “meme.” Any word or image that can convey up-to-date information in a humorous or sarcastic way can be considered under this definition.


In the dictionary such a word is unlikely to be found. Why? The answer is simple: it does not exist in literary speech. “Converses” appeared as the colloquial name of shoes produced by Converse. At first, the word was used solely to describe sneakers produced by an American firm. Now the situation has become more free. Now “conversions” are called any shoes that look like “Converse” sneakers.


A decade ago, the word “mistral” meant a strong wind blowing one of the coasts of France. News, as always, did its job, and a new definition came into use. For some time, the Mistral has been perceived as the name of a warship. If the delivery of ships from France to Russia took place, there would be no hype. But the situation was not too rosy, and the whole world learned about the conflict. The issue of ship deliveries is discussed not only in the countries of the post-Soviet space Europe, but also in the United States.


In popular English words and definitions list, I do not want to delve into politics and jurisprudence, because the definition of “sanctions” can be understood completely different actions. Nevertheless, even not too legally savvy people are familiar with the popular word.


It is easy to guess why the whole world is talking about annexation today. In connection with the annexation of Crimea to Russia, the headlines turned into scandalous inscriptions, and people got an extra reason for outrage or violent whoops. There are many opinions on what happened, and the annexation version is one of them. Now the loud term sounds in the lexicon of society more often than “hello.”


Politics does not cease to interest the inhabitants of the planet, even if they do not understand it at all. The world has been talking about the situation in Ukraine especially loudly lately. Lustration can be described as the reduction and optimization of the political apparatus, which, in fact, is happening in recent years in the country. The world is wary of what is happening and enthusiastically discusses every news alert.


The final position in our popular English words and definitions is occupied by a passionate and very frank dance. Twerking is the name of this style of execution. Hot dance came into modern life from the traditions of African tribes and gained huge popularity among young women. Many recent scandals are connected with twerking, so the world cannot forget about the word. For example, the frank dance is noticeably loved by the singer Miley Cyrus, known for shocking performances on stage. Is it worth mentioning the “Orenburg bees”, the video with the dance of which wandered all over the network.