Top 15 Richest Gangsters in The World 2022

Top 15 Richest Gangsters in The World 2024

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Top 10 Richest Criminals in the World

“Crime never pays,” they say, yet when you look at the net worth of the gangsters on this list, you might question who on Earth said that. Every country has its share of gangsters and drug dealers. South America, maybe, should take the lead in this category. In 2024, we’ll look at the top 13 wealthiest gangsters.

We could have included 20 gangsters on this list, but seven of the top 20 gangsters have already met the Messenger of Death. However, for the sake of completeness, we’ll add their names, as well as the position they would have occupied if they were still alive today.

In the instance of Dawood Ibrahim, we chose the term ‘richest gangster alive’ on purpose because there are two more criminals on the richest gangster list who have met their maker. These are the names of seven criminals who are no longer alive but would have made the Top 20 if they were still alive today.

07: Joseph P Kennedy Sr.(Father of former US President John F Kennedy ): $400 million (No. 14) 06: Al Capone: $ 1.3billion (No. 10)

05: Griselda Blanco (The Black Widow): $2 billion (No. 09)

04: Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha: $5 billion (No. 06) 03: Khun Sa: $5 billion (No. 05)

02: Amado Carillo Guentes: $25 billion (No. 2)

01: Pablo Escobar: $30 billion (No.1)

No one can deny that these gangsters have amassed a massive amount of wealth, whether legitimate or illegal. Many of them, of course, had to pay a high price. Simultaneously, we have folks like Paul Lir Alexander insulting the world via his Facebook posts. In Pakistan, we also have criminals with governmental support, such as Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar. However, there will come a moment when these crooks will have to pay the price. “Truth Alone Triumphs,” we’ll be able to say with pride on that day.

Top 15 Richest Gangsters in The World

Here are the Richest Gangsters in The World 2024;

  • Nicky Barnes: $105 million
  • Paul Lir Alexander: $170 million
  • Zhenli Ye Gon: $300 million
  • Freeway Ricky Ross: $600 million
  • Rafael Caro Quintero: $650 million
  • Joaquin Guzman Loera: $1 billion
  • Carlos Lehder: $2.7 billion
  • The Rodriguez Orejuela Brothers: $3 billion
  • The Ochoa Brothers: $6 billion
  • Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar: $6.7 billion

13. Frank Lucas: $52 million (Otherwise No 20)Richest Gangsters in The World 2022

The number 13 is said to be unlucky. However, it does not appear that this is the case for a specific Frank Lucas, a well-known American drug dealer. On his résumé, he lists himself as a “Retired Drug Dealer.” One could question who bestowed such a title on him. Frank Lucas, on the other hand, was one of the most violent drug dealers of his era. He had a one-of-a-kind method of importing drugs into the United States. He hid them in the coffins of US soldiers who had died. He spent only 12 years in prison after making a fortune of $52 million in narcotics trafficking after which he died at 88.

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12. Jose Figueroa Agosto: $100 million (Otherwise No 19)Richest Gangsters in The World 2022

Jose Figueroa Agosto, the man who perfectly personifies the GTA computer game thug, is ranked No. 12 on this list. He is a cunning mobster who has escaped from prison on multiple occasions. He was born in Puerto Rico and is presently being held in an unidentified US prison. He was sentenced to a whopping 209 years in prison by the courts, making him one of the most powerful drug dealers of all time. He managed to flee to the Dominican Republic, however. Before the feds caught up with him in 2010, he resumed his activities under a different alias. Are you aware that Jose Agosto has hidden his $ 100 million wealth in an undisclosed location? He hasn’t told anyone about the information. You are free to keep it if you can locate it.

11. George Jung: $100 million (Otherwise No 18)Richest Gangsters in The World

At No. 11, we have George Jung, also known as Boston George in the criminal world because he was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the one who is in charge of all the cocaine in the United States. He was arrested in 1984 and spent over 30 years in prison until being released in 2014 before he died at 78. Johnny Depp, a well-known maverick actor, portrayed his character in the 2001 film Blow. There are plans in the works to make a sequel to this film.

10. Nicky Barnes: $105 million (Otherwise No 17)Richest Gangsters in The World

It is highly usual for prominent drug lords to begin their careers as small criminals. Instead of changing, a term in prison enhances their resolve to become a significant participant. Nicky Barnes is another example of a mobster. Nicky Barnes, who was ranked No. 10 on this infamous list, rose to prominence as a purported drug baron. He was a cunning consumer who knew where the cops’ flaws were. Mr. Untouchable was his nickname as he continued to avoid capture. He had become such a threat that US President Jimmy Carter had to personally intervene and direct the DEA to arrest him. He generated money recounting his story rather than selling narcotics before his demise.

9. Paul Lir Alexander: $170 million (Otherwise No 16)Richest Gangsters in The World

To be a gangster, you must have an extremely smart and ruthless mind. Paul Lir Alexander alias El Parito Loco, the ninth gangster on this list, is a mastermind. He made his fortune by deceiving the cops and enlisting the help of the feds to eliminate fellow gangsters. Finally, the law caught up with him, and he was sentenced to 12 years in prison, followed by deportation to his native Brazil. He was condemned to 42 years in prison by the Brazilian police, but he managed to elude them. He’s still on the loose, but he’s rumored to be highly active on Facebook.

8. Zhenli Ye Gon: $300 million (Otherwise No 15)Richest Gangsters in The World

Zhenli Ye Gon, at No. 8, is in some ways the polar opposite of Nick Barnes. Instead of distributing narcotics on the streets, he went to work for a pharmaceutical business in Mexico as a senior executive. He used to smuggle pseudoephedrine out of China using his Chinese contacts. It is difficult to get wealthy in only one country. This guy has millions stored in four countries: the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Hong Kong. He was a member of the Sinaloa Cartel and had a net worth of $300 million.

7. Freeway Ricky Ross: $600 million (Otherwise No 13)Top 10 Richest Criminals in the World

The notorious Freeway is located at number 7. Ricky Ross was the undisputed king of cocaine smuggling in the United States during the 1980s. After being arrested by the feds in 1996 as part of a sting operation, he was released prematurely in 2009. He was a key figure in the Iran-Contra proceedings, and he recently published a book on his life. Meanwhile, he launched a lawsuit against Rick Ross, a rapper, for appropriating his name. In reality, the gangster and the rapper share similar looks, which has led to many people mistaking the gangster for the rapper.

6. Rafael Caro Quintero: $650 million (Otherwise No 12)Top 10 Richest Criminals in the World

You’ve probably heard of Mexico’s notorious Guadalajara Cartel. Rafael Caro Quintero, the gangster at No. 6 on this list, founded the cartel with his brother. Drug selling was his family’s business, which may surprise you. In 1985, the courts sentenced him to 40 years in jail after he was arrested by the feds for several drug-related offences and murder. He was prematurely released in 2013, and he has not changed his ways. However, he is still at large today, with Interpol issuing a global red notice for him. He is still on the most wanted list in the United States and Mexico, with a net value of $ 650 million.

5. Joaquin Guzman Loera: $1 billion (Otherwise No 11)Top 10 Richest Criminals in the World

Joaquin Guzman Loera, a former head of the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico, is ranked No. 5 on the list. He was awarded the World’s Most Powerful Man by Forbes magazine in 2009. He was arrested in 1993 and bribed the guards in order to flee in 2001. It’s a marvel why a man with such a long criminal history didn’t thought of this simple solution sooner. In 2014, the Mexican government apprehended him after he had been on the run for 13 years. He is currently imprisoned.

4. Carlos Lehder: $2.7 billion (Otherwise No 8)Top 10 Richest Criminals in the World

You can count on South American countries like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Columbia to be the drug cartels’ fulcrum. It’s no surprise that President Donald Trump wants to build a wall along the US-Mexico border. At No. 4, we have Carlos Lehder, a Colombian who was a founding member of the Medellin Cartel. He had a great partnership with George Jung at one point. This couple sold enough cocaine to buy a stolen airplane after he was released from jail for a minor car crime. He was soon apprehended by the feds, so he was out of luck. He is still imprisoned in the United States.

3. The Rodriguez Orejuela Brothers: $3 billion (Otherwise No 7)

In addition to being brothers in real life, they are also criminal partners. The Cali Cartel’s proprietors, Gilberto and Miguel Rodriguez, are ranked third. They began by smuggling marijuana, then progressed to cocaine and were responsible for its distribution throughout Europe and the United States. They were arrested by Columbian police in 1995 and were released for a period of time in 2002. They were apprehended by the authorities again, and they have been serving time in a US prison since since.

2. The Ochoa Brothers: $6 billion (Otherwise No 4)Richest Gangsters in The World

Columbia is still known as the world’s drug capital. The Medellin Cartel’s presence plays a significant part in this. Jorge Luis, Juan David, and Fabio Ochoa, members of this cartel, compose the lethal triad known as the Ochoa Brothers. They began as tiny restaurant owners and rose up the ranks of crime by illegally transporting drugs. They were released from prison after serving their terms and are now living a new life in the United States. It’s possible that this is the only time we’ll see criminals making amends.

1. Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar: $6.7 billion (Otherwise No 3)Richest Gangsters in The World

Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, India’s No. 1 Enemy, is ranked first. Dawood, the son of a Mumbai police constable, used to be involved in small crime. In Mumbai, India, he was involved in a series of gang conflicts that resulted in the deaths of several of his opponents as well as his own men. He ascended to the unchallenged throne of Mumbai’s underworld. He escaped India to seek shelter in Pakistan after being wanted by the police for a number of offenses.

They, of course, complied. From Pakistan and the Middle East, he began to command the crime scene. During the India-Pakistan cricket series in Sharjah, he could be seen in the VIP stands. His weaknesses were cricket and Bollywood female film stars. From his hiding in Karachi, Pakistan, he orchestrated the Mumbai bombings. Interpol has issued a red warning for him today, citing his alleged ties to Al-Qaeda. He is safe and sound as long as he is in Pakistan. This son of a poor police officer is the richest gangster alive, with a net worth of $6.7 billion.

The 10 Most Influential Gangsters in History

10. Al Capone

9. John Gotti

8. Lucky Luciano

7. Meyer Lansky

6. Bugsy Siegel

5. Whitey Bulger

4. Pablo Escobar

3. Vito Corleone

2. Tony Soprano

1. John Dillinger

A Brief History of Crime All Over the World

The history of crime is a long and complicated one. There is no single point in time when crime first emerged, but it has been recorded throughout the centuries. It seems to be a constant presence in human society.

Crime has existed since the beginning of mankind, but it wasn’t until the industrial revolution that it became an issue on a global scale. This was due to the fact that people were now living in densely populated urban areas with little opportunity for jobs or education. As a result, people turned to theft and other crimes as means of survival and income.

How do the Richest Gangsters in the World make money?

The Richest Gangsters in the World are not just known for their crimes and violence. They are also known for their business acumen and the money they make.

The world’s richest gangsters make money by smuggling drugs, weapons, people and other illegal goods across borders. They launder money through legitimate businesses like casinos, restaurants or construction companies.

How the Richest Gangsters in the World Spend Their Money?

The wealthy gangsters in the world are often depicted as people who use their money for illegal purposes and to buy illegal goods. But this is not always the case. They are also known for buying luxury items and spending their money on luxurious lifestyles.

Some of the world’s wealthiest gangsters have become famous for what they spend their money on, some of them even go so far as to purchase things that are completely useless such as a $6 million painting that was later found to be a fake.

Do We Really Want to Be Like These Wealthy Gangsters?

Wealthy gangsters are people who have a lot of money and use it to live the life they want. They are not afraid to show off their wealth and buy anything they want. They don’t care about what others think of them, as long as they are happy.

What do you think?

Final Word: What are Your Thoughts on These Richest Gangsters?

The richest gangsters in the world are not just people who have a lot of money. They are also the people who have power, influence, and control over the lives of others. They might be criminals, but they are still getting richer and richer.

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