Varli Singh Biography, Age, Net worth, Daughter, Facts and Husband

Varli Singh Biography, Age, Net worth 2022, Daughter, Facts and Husband

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Want to know about Varli Singh biography, age, net worth, salary, height, weight, movie career, Instagram, and husband? read here.

Varli Singh Biography

She is a Successful businesswoman that became editor-in-chief and founder of Varli Magazine which enlightens the rest of the world on Indian cuisine. She has other ventures which includes the kickoff of VarliWare kitchen equipment and the Varli Food Festival.

She noticed that there was need for a stronger outlet for Indian chefs after she reviewed food Zagat and Michelin guides.

Varli Singh Biography, Age, Net worth, Daughter, Facts and Husband
Varli Singh Biography, Age, Net worth, Daughter, Facts and Husband

Varli Singh Age

She was born on November 15, 1977 in Cairo, Egypt. Varli Singh is 41 years old. Her birthsign is Scorpio.


Varli Singh Education

There is no information on her high school and college life for now.


Varli Singh Husband

Diya and Samaira are her daughters with her husband.


Varli Singh Net worth 2022

She has an estimated net worth of $10million.


Varli Singh Height

She is 5 feet 3 inches tall.


Varli Singh Weight

She weighs 55 kg.

Varli Singh Biography, Age, Net worth, Daughter, Facts and Husband
Varli Singh Biography

Varli Singh Relationship

There is no known information about her parents but she has siblings. She had a boyfriend named Ricky Singh. She is married with kids but doesn’t want to share the information with the public.


Varli Singh Interesting Facts

  • She resides currently in New York City, she has lived in various cities in the Middle East and Asia.
  • She has Indian nationality.
  • She released a single known as “Phir Bhi Hun Main Zinda.”
  • SHe has over 8,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel known as
  • she had different jobs back in 1997 before she switched.
  • Popular Bollywood singer named Shraddha Pandit did the vocals in her song.
  • She’s a huge fan of American action movies and music videos.
  • Her vision was fused with commitment to developing the cuisine she enjoyed while she grew up and she also ensured that everyone has enough opportunity to appreciate all the foods and delicacies have to offer.

Varli Singh Movies

She’s working on an action thriller at the moment.


Varli Singh Awards and Achievements

  • On November 2012, She launched the inaugural Varli Culinary Awards.
  • She is verified on TikTok app, with her username known as varlicious which has over 950,000 followers.
  • She became famous being a well-respected entrepreneur with Indian Nationality just like Ramesh Kumar Nibhoria and Sunil Mittal.

Varli Singh Instagram

Her IG account is @varlisingh


Is Lilly Singh related to varli Singh?

Malwinder Kaur and Sukhwinder Singh are her parents who were natives of Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India, and she grew up as a nonobservant Sikh. Tina Singh (born 1982) is her older sister, and she is also a popular YouTuber.


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