Want to Become a Specialist in Amazon AWS Database Services?

Want to Become a Specialist in Amazon AWS Database Services?

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Which Service is an AWS Database Services

Learn How the DBS-C01 Exam Can Boost Your Database Career!

The cloud computing market has been growing fast over the past few years and the future for this industry is looking very lucrative. According to reports from McAfee, AWS is the most popular public cloud service and has acquired over 40% of the application workload on the cloud.In this article, you will find out more about AWS Databases and how the DBS-C01 exam can help you acquire the relevant knowledge and skills to leverage them effectively.

Amazing AWS Database Tools

AWS has been widely adopted by some of the biggest companies in the industry such as Netflix, Comcast, General Electric, and others because of the reliability it offers with its modern solutions. Some of the top-notch database tools AWS offers are:

  • Amazon Cloudwatch: A fully-fledged tool that allows engineers and/or developers to detect anomalies, monitor applications, and automate actions to ensure the smooth running of applications.
  • Amazon DynamoDB: A NoSQL service that offers extreme speeds and a serverless database that can dynamically adjust capacity according to the system needs.
  • AWS CloudHSM:CloudHSM is a module that provides clients with more control over encryption keys and reduces administrative tasks through automation. It also provides companies with compliance with anti-tamper regulations such as FedRAMP, PCI, and HIPAA.
  • Amazon Redshift: Redshift is the world’s most widely used data warehouse. It is an important tool for developers to use for optimizing databases.

Use Cases of the AWS Database Tools

The AWS database solutions are used by a variety of industries to serve a wide range of purposes. Some ways big companies utilize the AWS database tools are:

  • Scaling gaming platforms: The AWS database tools can handle millions of concurrent users which is a big deal in the gaming industry.
  • Retail: Inventory tracking, managing workflows, and handling millions of customer queries reliably are facilitated by the implementation of AWS database solutions. The best example is Amazon.com, which cut down 40% on both operational costs and service latency by switching from Oracle to AWS databases.
  • Real-time media streaming: With the scale throughput and concurrency standards that AWS database services offer, we can expect high performance with large workloads like live streaming.

The DBS-C01 Exam

If you are involved in the database industry, then you can increase your professional demand by acquiring the AWS Certified Database – Specialty certification. To obtain this credential, you are required to ace the DBS-C01 exam designed for professionals who have worked with common database technologies for at least 5 years. If you are looking to verify your AWS-specific skills in workload design, deployment and migration, security, analytics, and troubleshooting, then passing the DBS-C01 test is the best solution you can make. The exam is 180 minutes long and consists of 65 multiple choice or multiple response questions. You have the option of taking it at a test center or as an online proctored exam. The registration for the DBS-C01 exam is priced at $300 and you can sign up for it via Pearson VUE or PSI platforms.

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The AWS database solutions continue to support customers at the lowest cost. Professionals involved in the database industry who are knowledgeable in the AWS services are more equipped with advanced tools to deliver desired results to companies. Invest in your database career by passing the DBS-C01 exam and adding the AWS Certified Database – Specialty to your resume.