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Why Should Businesses Upgrade to Oracle EBS

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Why Should Businesses Upgrade to Oracle EBS

Oracle just released an updated version of the Professional Enterprise Application, EBS. Significant improvements in security, reliability, and efficiency are included in this new edition, along with new functionality, and legislative, and regulatory revisions. Through numerous components for money planning, management of human resources, customer relationship management, purchasing, and supply chain abilities, Oracle e-business suite upgrade enables CRM, ERP, including SCM processes. Users of this software package can perform superior big data analysis.

Why upgrade to Oracle EBS 12.2 with Opkey?

  • Superior Long-Term Service for Reduced TCO – To offer breakthroughs and technical stack improvements focused on software applications, durability, accessibility, and a dedication to lowering the total expense of ownership, Oracle has implemented a Constant Innovation process. Oracle EBS 12.2 offers brand-new features built on the newest technologies and top support through the year 2031.
  • Online updating and little interruption – Online Patch management, a ground-breaking Oracle capability, enables businesses to update their EBS systems whilst applications are active, and customers are logged in. This guarantees little downtime, particularly for manufacturing and international businesses. A suite-wide patch package is released each year along with application upgrades that are continuous and combine fix bugs and additional features. However, the source of the Oracle EBS applications cannot be updated, but updated models of the Oracle Database Middleware technology advancement can be accessible. On the contrary, technological stack updates are implemented separately.
  • Both HTML-based programs and the more conventional Forms-based programs can be used for user engagement with Oracle EBS content. However, there also exist monitoring and information updating programs that must be run regularly or as needed. These applications utilize the parallel computing architecture and may be required to do numerous data-intensive calculations in the meantime while individuals interact with other activities. An Oracle EBS Software feature called associated enables such non-interactive, possibly time-consuming tasks to be completed simultaneously with interactive activities. It makes use of computer system features to allow the planning of data or asset operations in the background using a variety of applications and formats.
  • Cost reduction – Unlike what many people think, test automation is more economical than manual testing. This is because manual testing procedures do not automate repetitive tests; instead, as time passes, the expense of evaluating your application increases along with the effort required to keep up with all those tests. As an alternative, test automation is more affordable over time because, once test scripts have been generated, they may be used indefinitely without incurring additional costs. Additionally, test automation using systems with no code, including Opkey, requires little technical expertise.


Teams can quickly construct robust tests with little upkeep using automated testing systems. They can be built once and used over and over again. Additionally, no human intervention is needed for these tests to execute. Software engineers, QAs, and enterprise customers can spend fewer hours analyzing and more effort on important activities since these checks can execute frequently by themselves. A powerful automated test system shows the precise updates made to your operations, setups, and custom displays. Additionally, it quickly pinpoints the effects those adjustments will have on assessment. Hence, shifting the focus to e-business suite upgrade is surely a good idea.