25 Best Turkey Startups to Watch in 2024

25 Best Turkey Startups to Watch in 2024

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Best turkey startups to watch online

Welcome to the dynamic world of Turkish innovation! As Turkey continues to assert itself as a burgeoning hub for entrepreneurship, the startup scene is ablaze with creativity and groundbreaking ideas. In this post, we’ll take you on a journey through some of the best Turkish startups that are poised to make waves in their respective industries. From cutting-edge technology to sustainable solutions, these startups exemplify the spirit of innovation that is reshaping Turkey’s economic landscape. Join us as we explore the vibrant ecosystem of Turkish startups and discover the ventures that are captivating attention and transforming the business landscape in this captivating country. Whether you’re an investor seeking the next big opportunity or simply a curious enthusiast, these startups are undoubtedly ones to watch.Best turkey startups to watch online

1. TikTak:

Industry: Mobility
Founder: Engin Beytekin
Total Funding: $3M
Founded Date: 2016
Established in 2016, TikTak is an online application offering rental car services throughout Istanbul. Users can conveniently access TikTak vehicles within specified provincial borders through the mobile application, providing a flexible and modern solution for urban mobility.

2. Edvido:

Industry: Advertising, Internet
Founder: Mustafa Okan Yavuzsen
Total Funding: $596K
Founded Date: 2018
Founded in 2018, Edvido acts as a brand development and digitization platform, connecting companies and enterprises with corporate digital agencies. Specializing in advertising, marketing, and software needs, Edvido facilitates collaborations to elevate brand visibility in the digital realm.

3. Popile:

Industry: Social Media
Founder: Kemal Tepret
Total Funding: $1.5M
Founded Date: 2020
Launched in 2020, Popile provides a platform for celebrities and their fans to interact. Functioning as an online gifting platform, Popile creates meaningful connections by bringing together favorite personalities with special moments, enhancing the social media experience.

4. Norma:

Industry: Accounting, Fin-Tech, Financial Services
Founder: Hakan Ali Gonca
Total Funding: $425K
Founded Date: 2020
Norma, established in 2020, serves as a comprehensive “One-stop shop” banking and financial management platform tailored for freelancers and micro-SMEs. By providing integrated products, Norma aims to streamline daily financial operations for small-business owners.


Industry: Advertising, Digital Marketing
Founder: Ercan Pilcioglu
Total Funding: $675K
Founded Date: 2018
WASK.CO is a digital marketing and advertising SaaS platform offering centralized management for Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Ads. With a single platform, users can efficiently oversee and optimize their advertising accounts, simplifying the complex landscape of digital marketing.

6. Fazla Gida:

Industry: Waste Management, Food Delivery
Founders: Arda Eren, Olcay Silahli
Total Funding: $4.1M
Founded Date: 2016
Fazla Gida, a technology solutions company, addresses food waste through its platform, providing end-to-end waste management solutions. By optimizing the recovery of food surplus, Fazla Gida contributes to sustainable practices within the food industry.

7. Lotus Yoga:

Industry: Fitness, Wellness
Founder: Gokhan Besler
Total Funding: $3.7M
Founded Date: 2018
Lotus Yoga, founded in 2018, offers an online platform for yoga, meditation, fitness, and mindfulness. With both audio and video content available in various languages, Lotus Yoga promotes wellness and flexibility through unlimited access to yoga lessons of different styles and levels.

8. EasyCep:

Industry: E-Commerce, Marketplace
Founders: Ismail Dincer, Mehmet Akif Ozdemir
Total Funding: $1.2M
Founded Date: 2018
As Turkey’s only consumer electronics reCommerce marketplace, EasyCep specializes in providing high-volume value recycling solutions for handheld technologies. It offers consumers a secure and efficient platform to buy certified pre-owned devices or receive cash for used electronics.

9. Denebunu:

Industry: E-Commerce, Advertising
Founder: Duygu Akbudak
Total Funding: $1.5M
Founded Date: 2016
Founded in 2016, Denebunu is a data-driven digital marketing platform with a community of over 1.5 million members. Connecting brands with consumers through technology, sampling, and consumer insights, Denebunu transforms the way consumers discover and engage with FMCG & Cosmetics products.

10. Genz Biotech:

Industry: Healthcare, Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence
Founders: Bora Kutun, Dia Akilli, Umut Agyuz
Total Funding: $684.6K
Founded Date: 2017
Genz Biotech is a biotech company focused on developing innovative solutions from in vitro diagnostics to therapeutics. With a mission to deliver accessible and affordable diagnostic solutions, Genz is dedicated to addressing pressing health challenges sustainably.


Industry: Logistics, Transportation
Founders: Akin Arslan, Burcu Kale, Hakan Ozcubukcu
Total Funding: $4.2M
Founded Date: 2016
TIRPORT, a Turkey-based startup, is on a mission to simplify logistics for shippers of all sizes. By implementing an innovative business model and disruptive technology, TIRPORT aims to increase the productivity of the road logistics sector, reduce idle capacity, boost driver income, and decrease freight costs.

12. UnoMoi:

Industry: E-Commerce
Founders: Ayse Kefli, Gozde Atasoy
Total Funding: $400K
Founded Date: 2020
UnoMoi, founded in 2020, introduces a novel concept in e-commerce, offering a platform for renting designer apparel and accessories through a monthly subscription service. Providing women with the opportunity to rent designer clothes, UnoMoi adds a new dimension to fashion accessibility.

13. Tarabios:

Industry: Healthcare
Founder: Hasan Urey
Total Funding: $3.5M
Founded Date: 2020
Tarabios is at the forefront of healthcare technology, developing a mobile device to monitor blood clot times for patients undergoing Warfarin Therapy. With a patented mechanical measurement system, Tarabios aims to provide affordable and easy-to-use point-of-need tests for various diseases.

14. Ango AI:

Industry: Artificial Intelligence
Founders: Gokalp Urul, Gokhan Urul
Total Funding: $820K
Founded Date: 2020
Ango AI stands out as a high-quality data labeling platform, offering fully managed, end-to-end data labeling services for AI teams. With scalable solutions, innovative human-computer interfaces, and AI assistance, Ango ensures efficient and high-quality annotations for diverse AI applications.

15. Papara:

Industry: Financial Services, Fin-Tech
Founders: Ahmed Faruk Karsli, Ilker Diker
Total Funding: $2M
Founded Date: 2016
Since 2016, Papara has been a leading fin-tech company in Turkey, providing simple and fair banking services without boundaries. With over 9 million users, Papara has become a trusted finance app, offering a future-oriented banking experience with a remarkable rating on both AppStore and Google Play Store.

16. Volt Lines:

Industry: Automotive, Transportation
Founder: Ali Halabi
Total Funding: $7.7M
Founded Date: 2017
Revolutionizing corporate transportation, Volt Lines, founded by Ali Halabi, operates on a subscription-based model in Istanbul and Ankara. Similar to popular streaming services, a Volt Lines account grants users unlimited rides on their buses, providing a convenient and cost-effective transportation solution.

17. Scotty:

Industry: Delivery, E-Commerce
Founder: Tarkan Anlar
Total Funding: $5.5M
Founded Date: 2017
Scotty has carved its niche as Turkey’s premier motorcycle ride-sharing and e-commerce delivery company. Offering users the ability to locate and book motorcycle taxis, Scotty extends its services to partner with restaurants and stores, presenting a comprehensive solution for food delivery through its aggregated fleet.

18. Colendi:

Industry: Fin-Tech, Artificial Intelligence
Founders: Bulent Tekmen, Eray Eren, Mihriban Ersin Tekmen
Total Funding: $2.5M
Founded Date: 2016
Colendi pioneers bank-independent credit scoring and micro-credit solutions, assisting consumers, merchants, and financial institutions. With a decentralized protocol and an innovative credit scoring evaluation method, Colendi provides users with a global financial passport, promoting financial inclusion.

19. Tarentum:

Industry: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
Founders: Oguz Silahtar, Utku Azman
Total Funding: $2.1M
Founded Date: 2017
Tarentum focuses on developing AI solutions for critical business needs, specializing in machine learning technologies. Their expertise spans time series forecasting, predictive analytics, NLP, demand prediction, and behavior analysis, offering businesses valuable data insights to implement end-to-end strategies.

20. ForFarming:

Industry: Agriculture
Founder: Levent Atlas
Total Funding: $422K
Founded Date: 2018
ForFarming is at the forefront of smart agriculture, combining IoT, Cloud, Machine Learning, and Blockchain technologies to make farming more efficient, sustainable, and safe. By enhancing food safety and quality, ForFarming contributes to the evolution of modern farming practices.

21. Marti:

Industry: Transportation, Electric Vehicle
Founders: Alper Oktem
Total Funding: $2M
Founded Date: 2018
Meet Marti, the trailblazing technology company spearheading Turkey’s micro-mobility sector. With a commitment to redefining transportation, Marti stands out as a pioneer, boasting locally developed software, a stellar team, and a customer base in the millions. Not only does Marti prioritize low carbon emissions for environmental conservation, but it also provides a practical solution to the challenges of urban traffic.

22. Tarfin:

Industry: Agriculture, Fin-Tech
Founders: Mehmet Memecan
Total Funding: $6.3M
Founded Date: 2017
Tarfin, an agricultural platform, empowers farmers by offering real-time comparisons of fertilizer and feed prices. Their Android-compatible application, backed by cloud-based platforms and smart algorithms, provides underbanked farmers with top-notch farm inputs and competitive point-of-sale financing solutions.

23. Yolda:

Industry: Logistics, Transportation, Analytics
Founders: C. Murad Ozsert, Volkan Ozkan
Total Funding: $2.7M
Founded Date: 2020
Yolda, a logistics powerhouse, seamlessly blends advanced tech, data analytics, and supply chain expertise. By marrying the quality of cargo transportation with a diverse haulier network and the integrated services of 3PL companies, Yolda delivers a high-quality logistics experience, putting customer satisfaction at the forefront.

24. Marketyo:

Industry: E-Commerce, Logistics
Founders: Niklas Ostberg, Ozer Firat
Total Funding: $1.4M
Founded Date: 2015
Marketyo emerges as a retail e-commerce solution partner, providing a comprehensive approach to digitizing services. Implementing an omnichannel strategy, Marketyo enhances user experience and supports brand quality, positioning itself as a key player in the competitive online grocery provider landscape.

25. OMMA:

Industry: Advertising, Software
Founders: Emre Corbaci, Mehmet Ozergil, Tolga Sen
Total Funding: $1.7M
Founded Date: 2015
OMMA stands out as a digital signage platform that is OS independent, cloud-based, real-time, and fully programmable. Leveraging personalized video marketing and digital signage screens, OMMA facilitates brands in communicating with their audience through relevant, personal, and interactive visual messages across both digital and physical touchpoints.

As we wrap up our exploration of Turkey’s thriving startup scene, one can’t help but marvel at the diverse and dynamic landscape that is reshaping the nation’s economic future. The journey through these innovative ventures has been nothing short of enlightening, unveiling a tapestry woven with threads of creativity, sustainability, and technological prowess.