Top 10 Best Cities To Visit in Turkey (2021)

Top 10 Best Cities To Visit in Turkey (2023)

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Most Developed Cities in Turkey

I have been traveling to Turkey for a few years now and I just cannot get enough of the country. There are so many places that I want to visit and experience, but not enough time in life. So what am I going to do? Well, one thing is for sure – when it comes to picking out a city or town to visit in Turkey, you need some help. That’s why today we’re talking about some of the best cities in Turkey that you should put on your bucket list!

The country of Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It has a lot to offer, from ancient ruins and historic sites, to beautiful beaches and delicious food. If you’re looking for an affordable vacation spot this summer with lots to do, then check out these five best cities in Turkey!

About Turkey

Turkey is a country in the Middle East and Asia, that’s known for its beautiful cities. Turkey is known to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Turkey has a population of 77,695,643 people according to World Atlas and it is the country with the most number of Muslims making up 99% of its entire population. The Turkish language is spoken by 85% or more than 78 million Turks while only about 15% speak Kurdish which is an Indo-European language that’s part of the Iranian branch like Persian (Farsi) on one side and Germanic languages such as English on other side.

It’s also important to mention how much Turkey values education because they have spent well over $20 billion dollars on their education system since 2009 so all citizens can get access to quality schooling even if you’re living below poverty line.

Mapping out the best cities to visit in Turkey for any traveler is no easy task. With so many amazing destinations, it can be hard to choose where you want to go. Whether you’re looking for an ancient city or a beach town, these are some of the best Turkish cities that should be on your list!

Top 10 Best Cities To Visit in Turkey (2023)

Here are the Best Cities To Visit in Turkey (2023):

  • Istanbul
  •  Antalya
  • Bursa
  • Sanliurfa
  • Izmir
  • Konya
  • Fethiye
  • Gaziantep
  • Ankara
  • Eskisehir

1. IstanbulTop 10 Best Cities To Visit in Turkey (2023)

Istanbul is the most populous city in Turkey and also its cultural heart. The Ottoman-era mosques, architectural treasures of Roman, Byzantine, Seljukid, and Ottoman civilizations are found here.

A vibrant modern metropolis as well as a historic one with an important port on the Bosporus strait that links Black Sea to Marmara sea, Istanbul carries all this history without being weighed down by it. It’s not just me who thinks so: UNESCO has named six different areas of Istanbul World Heritage Sites like Hagia Sophia (a monument from early Christianity), Topkapı Palace (the old seat of power for most Turkish sultans) and Basilica Cisterns which were part of ancient Constantinople, the capital of Rome’s eastern empire.

It is a lively, passionate city with an eclectic population composed from many ethnicities and beliefs – it was also one of the only cities in Turkey where you were allowed to drink alcohol until recently- but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of culture for everyone else too. It is one of the Best Cities To Visit in Turkey 2023.

Istanbul has been called “The City on Seven Hills”, referring to its historic seven hills, which are symbolic mountains: , Taksim Square, Ortaköy Mosque on the Bosphorus shore; Beyoğlu district at which point the Pangaltı neighborhood touches upon İstiklal Avenue; Levent business district in Yeşilköy; Küçükçekmece Lake and the Asian side; The Bosphorus shore in Kadıköy.

Istanbul has a rich history as both Europe’s richest city for many centuries, an Ottoman capital, and then Turkey’s imperial residence on top of that.

It is one of three European Capitals with over 11 million inhabitants (the other two being Moscow and London), populated by some 12 different ethnicities from all around the world speaking more than 80 languages.

2. AntalyaBest Cities To Visit in Turkey

Antalya is Turkey’s premier Mediterranean resort, and also an essential center of commerce with a population over 1 million. The city offers plenty to do for those looking to combine sun-filled beach life with the cosmopolitan buzz you can find in any bustling metropolis. Enjoy everything from laid back beaches at Konyaalti or Lara Beach, but never forget that this vibrant coastal paradise still has all sorts of cafés and restaurants lined up waiting for your palate’s approval!

Antalya is one of the best places to visit if you want both sunning yourself on beautiful shores while enjoying what many consider Turkey’s premiere rooftop café society experience. With its lively nightlife scene as well as more relaxed options like dining and others.

3. BursaBest Cities To Visit in Turkey

Bursa is one of the most populated cities in Turkey and it is also historically rich with a population that has grown to about over two million inhabitants! One of its major attractions is the Ottoman Palace which dates back to the 15th century ın 1425. It was once home to an extravagant sultan who had his own harem there where he lived with 18 wives, or concubines as they were called at this time!.

It’s known for many reasons but like Istanbul ıt too connects into another city by railroads while being connected through other means such as water routes so you can get here from virtually anywhere across Turkey! If you’re looking for more modern day wonders then check out their cable car system, which reaches up into mountain.  It is one of the Best Cities To Visit in Turkey 2023.

4. SanliurfaBest Cities To Visit in Turkey 2023

Voted the most beautiful city in Turkey by a BBC poll ın 2017

For those who are looking for more of an ‘off the beaten path’ destination then you would want to head on over to Sanliurfa. It might seem like a random choice but this place is one of the largest and oldest cities within all of Anatolia, or Asia Minor as it used to be called! You’ll find that there’s plenty here including ancient citadels with well-preserved walls from back when they were still fighting off invaders. They also have their own modern day museum which features artifacts such as pottery dating back thousands of years ago!.

The other major reason why this Turkish city stands out? That would be because they’re home to the tomb of șeyh Bedrettîn, a Sufi sheik who once said: ‘A day in Sanliurfa is worth a year anywhere else’.

5. IzmirBest Cities To Visit in Turkey 2023

Izmir is a city in Turkey that is well-known for its major contributions to trade and industry. It’s often called the ‘city of roses’ due to all of the flowers you’ll find scattered about every corner!  It is one of the Best Cities To Visit in Turkey 2023.

There are plenty of things for travelers to see throughout this bustling metropolis, including their own great performance arts center where people from all around come together to watch live music or variety shows on stage. șe also have one of the biggest shopping areas thanks to being home base for some popular brands like Adidas and Nike. You can even take advantage of a nearby waterpark with slides, pools, restaurants and more!’

6. KonyaBest Cities To Visit in Turkey 2023

Konya is the capital of Konya Province in Turkey. It’s also a popular tourist destination for people from all over who want to enjoy what this city has to offer, including one of the most famous mosques in all of Asia! The world-renowned Mevlânâ Museum provides visitors with an up close and personal look at Muslim culture – it even includes some manuscripts written by Rumi himself back when he was alive!

If you’re looking for something much more modern than that though, then make sure you head on out into their Plaza district where there are plenty of shops and eateries waiting to be explored!

7. FethiyeBest Cities To Visit in Turkey 2023

Fethiye is one of the most renowned cities in all of Turkey. This is partially because it’s located on one of the country’s largest and most popular tourist destinations, Fethiye Bay!

In fact, there are a number of seaside villages around this area that visitors can explore during their stay here – but make sure you don’t forget to stop by some traditional restaurants as well before making your way back home at night!

Fethiye is a place where the comforts of a resort go hand in hand with authentic ancient heritage creating the perfect holiday destination. It’s one of the best spots to get better acquainted with Lycian culture and its rich history, as well as visit picturesque beaches or UNESCO-listed sights. One such spot should be seen on your Fethiye itinerary: The unparalleled Lycian Rock Tombs carved into rock formations overlooking beautiful marinas – truly spectacular!

8. GaziantepBest Cities To Visit in Turkey 2023

Gaziantep is a city in the southeast of Turkey which has something for everyone. A variety of museums, mosques and churches line its streets as well as bustling markets where you can buy produce or anything else your heart desires from textiles to carpets!

Gaziantep is also home to one of the oldest observatories in history – Ömerli Observatory- that was built by order of Sultan Mahmud II back in 1835. It’s open on certain days so be sure not to miss this opportunity if you happen to be nearby when it does have public hours!

The most popular dish here is çökelek – made with bulgur wheat, tomato sauce, dried mint and parsley among other things – often served alongside meat.  It is one of the Best Cities To Visit in Turkey 2023.

The Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaic Museum is a destination that should not be missed. Highly contemporary and beautifully conceived, the museum holds one of the world’s most important collections of Roman period mosaic floor art, all rescued from nearby Belkis-Zeugma archaeological site before it was submerged under waters due to Birecik Dam construction. One can also spend time in old town area where there are many baklava shops as well as compact alleys filled with historic coffee houses waiting for you to explore!

9. AnkaraBest Cities To Visit in Turkey 2023

Ankara is the capital of Turkey and is one of it’s most prestigious cities. Home to a number of universities, museums and parks, this city has something for everyone.

Famous as well for its delicious cuisine – kebabs are often found on menus here- Ankara also has plenty in store when it comes to shopping with high street stores like Mango or Boutique Labelle alongside more unique local shops selling everything from artwork to fresh produce!

Ankara might just be what you’re looking for if shopping doesn’t take up all your time since there’s so much else going on too!

It attracts visitors with its long-lasting history and an abundance of architectural monuments as well as bountiful cultural heritage. A unique blend between ruins and ancient landmarks coexist along modern day wonders that can be seen nearby such as government buildings or a major industrial hub for products ranging from foods to construction materials which are all produced there by locals who also make up over half the population! In another aspect, it’s important because they’re home to one third (33%) percent)of national GDP while being richly industrialized too due to their role within infrastructure like railroads in various parts around them including themselves making up 36% ıf total employment nationwide!.

10. EskisehirBest Cities To Visit in Turkey 2023

Eskisehir is located just west of Ankara and, like many other Turkish cities, was founded by the Romans. The city’s name comes from eski sehır which translates to “old town” in English while this ancient settlement has been continuously inhabited for over 2000 years at least!.  It is one of the Best Cities To Visit in Turkey 2023.

It first became a major industrial hub during the Ottoman Era where it thrived on agriculture as well as trade due to its location along the Silk Road before becoming an important railway junction too with communication links connecting all directions around Turkey that would cross through here. Eskisehir also had a booming textile industry until recently when they were forced to shut down or relocate their factories outwards into another region because new industries are now being developed elsewhere.

11. Antakya

Antakya is an ancient city where many of Christianity’s first followers lived. St Paul, who was the author of a number of letters in the Bible as well as being one if its most important and influential figures preached to them here while Peter himself frequented this place too. The old town area with cobblestone alleys, Ottoman houses, markets and few churches are perfect for aimless strolling through history but Antakyas other major attractions lie outside these walls.

Hatay Archaeology Museum has been considered by some authorities on Roman art (such as Cecil Roth) to be second only in importance among Turkish museums because it holds so much early Christian mosaics from Antioch that were discovered during excavations conducted at nearby Amik Mountains between.  It is one of the Best Cities To Visit in Turkey 2023.

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12. Trabzon

Trabzon is a city in eastern Turkey that offers many spectacular sites for travelers. For just one day, visitors can visit the famous Sumela Monastery which was closed to restoration during my stay there. Aya Sofia (a church-turned mosque turned museum) with its 13th century frescoes are also worth visiting and viewing while you’re here!

Most visitors usually spend just one night before launching themselves out on trips into Turkey’s lush tea-growing hills or to visit Sumela Monastery—one of the Black Sea’s most well known sights despite being closed from recent refurbishing efforts. Though this monastery has been unavailable for exploration due to unfortunate circumstances, even seeing it at all makes it an important attraction.

13. Urfa

Urfa is a city of religious and cultural significance, with numerous mosques as well as the ancient citadel.  It is one of the Best Cities To Visit in Turkey 2023.

Urfa is worth exploring for its great ethnic diversity, authentic architecture, and lively bazaar. The city houses medieval ruins of a citadel as well as the Halilurrahman Mosque which dates back to 12th century. You can also find local goods at Urfa’s vibrant market that includes livestock from the region like sheep or cows – all sorts of produce are offered including major export items such as figs and pistachios!

14. Bodrum

Poised on the Bodrum Peninsula, this Turkish city is home to a plethora of amazing sights. You can explore the impressive Castle and take in scenic views from its waterfront location or admire ancient art at The Mausoleum of Mausolis–one-time sight for 7 out of 8 Wonders Of The Ancient World. If you’re feeling up for an adventure, set off into Pedasa’s rich history with your hiking boots firmly strapped in place! Windmills may not be built nowadays but they still exist as captivating reminders that time has definitely passed by here.

15. Alanya

Visiting Alanya while touring Turkey is a must. It’s fitted with beautiful beaches, natural wonders, authentic monuments and plenty of shopping and dining opportunities for local delicacies; the perfect getaway! Visitors should consider taking one or more excursions to take in some other sights outside the city limits like medieval castles, caves on pirate ships (amazing!), hiking trails through tea plantations past waterfalls…the list goes on-and enjoy all that this wonderful town has to offer.

Visitors looking for beach time will be happy at Alanya as it offers many miles of sandy shoreline along its coastline which also provides great fishing spots if you’re into such things.  It is one of the Best Cities To Visit in Turkey 2023.

16. Side

Side is one of the must-visit Turkey towns. Fitted with charming restaurants, hotels and cafes alongside archaeological sites and authentic architectural heritage, it provides all your needs while in town as well as a rich culture to get acquainted with when exploring this gem on the Mediterranean coast. The Temples of Apollo and Athena are an absolute essential stop for anyone visiting Side from afar; so too should Selge’s ruins be prioritized – they’re awe inspiring!

17. Ephesus

Set off to discover the exceptional sites in Ephesus and delve deeper into its authentic ancient past. The town is scattered with ancient ruins, such as temples of Artemis (Temple), Hadrian (Temple) and a well-preserved theater that allows you travel back in time. In addition to these places worth seeing are the library ruins which once housed countless scrolls from around Greece; Gymnasium of Vedius where citizens would exercise before bathing at one of Palazzo Celsi’s two baths – this bath features six marble pools heated by water coming through pipes under unheated ground on either end making it so unique for their day!

Visitors can also wander around an amphitheater near the stadium boasting wrestling hall nearby.  It is one of the Best Cities To Visit in Turkey 2023.

18. Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a destination in Turkey that no longer needs an introduction. The rock formations scattered all over the area add up to a truly unforgettable view, attracting thousands of visitors each year who want to revel at it with their own eyes. One unique way you can enjoy this site from above are taking hot air balloon rides and seeing everything like never before: valleys, caves, ruins – even traces of Byzantine and Islamic periods dating back thousand years!

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As you can see, Turkey is a country with a lot to offer. From incredible food to beautiful sites and rich history, there’s something for everyone in this diverse nation! In our opinion the best cities are Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Izmir. Of course we want to hear what your favorite city is so let us know which one of these four you would visit first if given the chance!