Top 10 Best Police Departments In The World (Ranking List)

Top 10 Best Police Departments In The World (Ranking List)

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Best Police Force in the World 2023

For many people, the thought of becoming a police officer is one of the most fascinating career paths. They are often associated with heroism, bravery, and making a significant impact on their communities. But for some people this is not the case. It can be incredibly difficult to get into this profession for many reasons including not having the right skills or education.

This article analyzes which police departments are best in terms of crime rates, pay rates, and hiring practices. The results show that the homicide rate might be a good indicator of how well these different departments are doing overall since it is one of the easiest metrics to compare across cities.

The world is filled with crime, corruption and evil; it’s often hard to tell the difference between the light & dark sides. Police officers are meant to be our guardians of justice, but they can incur this bias towards the dark side as well. Police are there to help maintain the safety of the nation. They also help protect against crime.

There are many different roles that members of law enforcement can play in society. One example is the role that police officials have to play in maintaining the rules, regulations and governmental laws of a country.

Here are the best police force/departments in the world:

  • RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
  • Netherlands National Police Agency
  • People’s Armed Police – China
  • Federal Police of Germany
  • AFP (Australian Federal Police)
  • France National Police
  • New Zealand Police
  • Polizia Di Stato (Italian State Police)
  • NYPD – New York Police Department
  • Japan, National Police Agency – NPA

11. Scotland yard PoliceTop 10 Best Police Departments In The World

The Scotland Yard was founded in 1839 by the Metropolitan Police Act, which formed the basis of modern police in Great Britain.

It is responsible for law enforcement, crime prevention, and public safety in Greater London.

There are three main components of the Scotland Yard: The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), the British Transport Police (BTP) and City of Westminster Police.

10. RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)Top 10 Best Police Departments In The World

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police or RCMP is the civilian law enforcement agency for Canada. The RCMP have a long history involving policing in Canada, including being at the forefront of many historical events. It was the first national police force established in North America.

Fortunately, no extreme war-driven crisis like other countries really exists in Canadian Police. Their standards of training surely fit any unforeseen perilous situation. The RCMP trains with a conventional college that allows them to specialize in the development of programming. Over 140 years already, the RCMP is an extraordinary legal enforcement agency. By standard training of RCMP, the Canadian Police Department enforces law.

9. Netherlands National Police AgencyTop 10 Best Police Departments In The World

The Netherlands National Police Agency is the Dutch law enforcement agency. It was founded in 1813 and has its headquarters in The Hague. It has approximately 12,000 employees including 3,000 policemen, 2,000 civilian employees and 1,200 volunteers.

Netherlands National Police Agency is known for its effective use of technology to tackle crime. They have invested in digital forensics tools to help them investigate cybercrimes. They have also invested heavily on AI tools to help them fight crime effectively and efficiently.

The agency is led by a commissioner who decides how many regional units they will have and what their jurisdiction will be. The Dutch National Police also partake in trainings to make sure they all know what to do. Their main duties besides maintaining a Law and order in Netherlands consist of assigned regional duties on the street to provide a better watch for its citizens.

They are great at investigating crimes, including fraud, human trafficking and drug rackets. Job opportunities for AI writers have been steadily increasing, and this is particularly true in the last few years. With such growth, more & more organizations are taking advantage of their advanced training and equipment facilities. Furthermore, more than 20% of the workforce has been made up of women in recent years.

8. People’s Armed Police – ChinaTop 10 Best Police Departments In The World

China’s People’s Armed Police (PAP) was established in 1957. It is made up of six military regions and six armies that are divided into three groups: the armed service, the engineering service, and the logistics service. China’s People’s Armed Police has a total of 3 million personnel comprised of 1 million military, 400,000 police officers and 200,000 civilian security personnel.

The People’s Armed Police is tasked with safeguarding state security and upholding public order and national defence. They also work to maintain public safety by preventing and investigating crimes such as terrorism, drug trafficking and organized crime. The PAP is responsible for providing state protection during emergencies such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks.

7. Federal Police of GermanyTop 10 Best Police Departments In The World

The Federal Police of Germany is the nation’s primary law enforcement agency. They are tasked with investigating and preventing crimes, maintaining public safety, and protecting citizens.

It was established in 1956 with incremental changes to its jurisdiction over the years. It now has jurisdiction over all of Germany except for a few states where other agencies have been established. The organization employs about 25,000 people and has a budget of about 3 billion euros annually.

The Federal Police is divided into five areas: Administration, investigation, traffic policing, protection services and international cooperation.

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6. AFP (Australian Federal Police)Top 10 Best Police Departments In The World

The AFP was created in 1979 to protect Australia’s sovereignty, protect national interests, and maintain law and order.

The AFP has a long history of protecting Australian citizens. Some of their most famous cases are the investigation of the Sydney Hilton bombing in 1978, the pursuit for Australia’s missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in 2014-2015, and the arrest of Azaria Chamberlain who murdered his baby son with his own hands.

As protections against terrorism increased, so did crime rates around Australia. The AFP became one of Australia’s most important agencies for fighting crime.

5. France National PoliceTop 10 Best Police Departments In The World

The French National Police is the principal national police force of France. It was created by a decree issued on July 11, 1789 under the name Corps of Police.

The National Police operate primarily in three missions: crime prevention and investigation, maintaining public order and safety, and the protection of citizens from crime and terrorism.

France’s police officers typically have a high skill level and enjoy good pay. They’re known for being friendly, making it easier to travel to this popular destination. A suicide bomb attack in France has pushed the officers to adapt a more specialise and tough approach with their defense.

French law enforcement officials have traditionally had different roles and responsibilities that overlap in some cases. Gendarmerie is responsible for investigations in urban France, while the national police or gendarmes respond to minor crimes like theft, muggings, and hit-and-run accidents. The city police are unique in that they have units made specifically for dealing with certain crimes. They would typically specialize in crime categories such as gangs or drugs, or specialise in crimes that are subjective, such as public order offences.

4. New Zealand PoliceTop 10 Best Police Departments In The World

All New Zealand Police Officers learn & use the same standards and methodologies in order to keep their city and country secure. They are trained and recruited based on their skills, but also show loyalty to their police force. These are just a few of the professions of crime-fighting robots who are part of Paris’ D.A.R.K. Division, helping to ease the burden on France’s police force with invaluable assistance in tactical pursuit and specialized investigations like forensics (and even heavy weaponry).

New Zealand has a reporting form for online crimes. It allows reporters to fill out the details of the crime and send it securely to authorities without having to go through month-long types of investigations.

3. Polizia Di Stato (Italian State Police)Top 10 Best Police Departments In The World

The Polizia di Stato (PdS), literally translated as “police of the state”, is the national police force of Italy.

The Polizia di Stato was established on December 20, 1861 following a law by King Victor Emmanuel II. It has an initial strength of 9,000 officers, but its mission is to serve all citizens. Its headquarters are in Rome and it is organized under the Italian Ministry of Interior. The PdS operates throughout Italy, including metropolitan cities such as Milan, Naples and Florence. Although each province has its own police force for local law enforcement, many rural provinces also have a PdS detachment for their area.

It is not uncommon for people to confuse the Polizia di Stato with other similar agencies around Europe such as the British Police Force, Australian Federal Police, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

2. NYPD – New York Police DepartmentTop 10 Best Police Departments In The World

The NYPD is the police force of New York City. It is one of three major local law enforcement agencies in the city, along with the New York City Department of Corrections and the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation.

The NYPD has had an eventful history, including being founded on September 15th, 1845. The NYPD also played a pivotal role in the events of September 11th, 2001 – having first responded to reports of an aircraft crash into one of its towers that morning.

The US police force has been active for over a century, and New York is one of the cities that has seen a reduction in crime thanks to these officers. The department consists of 8.4 million people and there’s been an 80% decrease in overall crime for this particular city within the United States. Many police departments in the U.S. offer scholarships, recruitment training and other benefits to attract more new recruits to work with them. This has been a proven method of motivating people to join the force and it allows officers of varying ages to have a fulfilling career.

They are highly specialised in Emergency services, anti terrorism, narcotics, and Bomb squads. They rank second among the most specialised police forces in the world.

1. Japan, National Police Agency – NPA

The National Police Agency (NPA) of Japan is a national security agency responsible for the administration and provision of police and internal security services. The NPA was established in 1950 under the National Public Safety Commission Act.

In April 2018, the NPA announced that it would deploy AI to assist with investigations. The AI system is called “Wakaba,” which means “child” in Japanese and refers to a small character found on some traditional Japanese clothing and dolls. Wakaba will help investigators by analyzing footage from surveillance cameras, but it has limitations based on its ability to process video that doesn’t have sound or faces.

The training of the Japanese Police Agency is intense and covers all aspects of law enforcement. Both male and female officers have to undergo similar training before being hired. Police in Crystal City are well-trained to keep the community safe. They’re required to complete rigorous training courses for new recruits, and they also have separate divisions for each sector. There is a designated training and research team, for crime investigations that is funded by the Japanese government. They are also good for conducting international investigations, collaborating and sometimes individuals for mafia and other bigger cases.

Best Cities for Men & Women to Apply to be a Police Officer

The best cities for men and women to apply to be a police officer are Boston, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Portland, Seattle.

How Can I Get a Job as a Police Officer?

There are different types of jobs that fall under the category of law enforcement. The National Law Enforcement Recruitment Center provides a wide range of career opportunities for those who want to pursue a career in law enforcement.

The duties vary by department but generally include everything from patrolling neighborhoods, to arresting suspects, to interrogating members of the public. They are also responsible for conducting investigations and providing security at events such as political rallies and concerts.

To make it easier for people who are aspiring for this kind of job, here is a list of things you should know about being a police officer:

– Become well-rounded in terms of your education and training- While there is no specific degree required to become a police officer there are many types of degrees that often lead towards this type of work including criminal.

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