Emel Mathlouthi Biography, Net Worth, Songs, Age, Marriage, Children and Facts

Emel Mathlouthi Biography, Net Worth, Songs, Age, Marriage, Children and Facts

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Emel Mathlouthi Wiki, Biography, net worth, songs, Age, Size, Marriage, Family and Information

Biography and Wiki of Emel Mathlouthi

Emel Mathlouthi was born on January 11, 1982 in Tunisia. She is a Tunisian singer, songwriter, and music producer. She does not come from a disadvantaged family, nor from a middle-class family. She’s part of the middle class. Her parents are both retired, Emel Mathlouthi’s mother was a teacher and her father was a university professor.
Emel Mathlouthi

The talented Emel Mathlouthi entered music at the age of 16 becoming a singer of a rock metal band that played covers of well-known European and American bands.
After a few years, she decided to take a different path and move towards a style that is much more like her. So she launched a solo career focusing on mature music.

Emel Mathlouthi is a promising artist. She spoke out against the old political regime through her voice and music. She rebelled against the system. In her music, the young singer used the Tunisian heritage and the heritage of Tunisia with elements of Mezoued.

Among the idols of the star Emel Mathlouthi, the singer of Tunisian popular music Samir Loussif. Emel Mathlouthi is one of those who strongly believe that the artist to also change and be in action as long as the artist conveys a noble message and sets an example to follow.

Emel Mathlouthi’s Personal life and Career;

Emel Mathlouthi Biography, Net Worth, Songs, Age, Marriage, Children and Facts

Emel Mathlouthi Relationship

The man who shares Emel Mathlouthi’s life is a stranger called Theo. The couple shared beautiful photos of their wedding in New York’s Central Park in 2014 on social media. Both have a little girl child.

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Emel Mathlouthi Career

Emel Mathlouthi has always loved the sounds, the atmospheres, the atmospheres that drive her to create her musical world. Her music is a representation of emotions that runs through his mind. The young artist experiments and mixes the styles of Joan Baez, Marcel Khalife, Cheikh Imam, and even Celine Dion.

In 2011, her song “Kelmti Horra” which means “My word is free” became a symbol of the Tunisian revolution. The most significant and significant moment of the young artist’s professional career when she was invited to sing at the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the Tunisian Quarter.


Emel Mathlouthi Wiki & Information

Real Name Emel Mathlouthi
Nickname Emel Mathlouthi
Nationality Tunisian
Profession Singer , Songwriter and Music Producer
Date of birth January 11, 1982
Birthplace Tunis
Age N/A
Marital status Bride
Family and Children Female child
Mother N/A
Father N/A
Siblings N/A
Husband/spouse Theo
Wedding date 2014
Children A girl
Family and People in Relationships Yasmine Hamdan (Actress)

Emel Aykanat (Singer)

Ziad Rahbani (Composer)


Emel Mathlouthi Fortune, Values and Net Worth in 2021

Emel Mathlouthi Net Worth

Emel Mathlouthi has an estimated net worth of $300k in 2021.

Fortune and current net worth $300,000
previous net worth (2019) $250,000
Business and projects N/A
Salary N/A
Source of fortune N/A
Homes, Property and Cars N/A


Emel Mathlouthi Physical characteristics

Size N/A
Weight N/A
Eye color Black
Hair color Honey
Surgery/Cosmetic Surgery N/A


Emel Mathlouthi Policy

Astrological sign Capricorn
Locality United States
Studies and diplomas N/A
Start of career 2006
Religion Muslim
Leisure Drawing
Political opinion N/A
Favorite Couscous
Favorite Actors N/A
Favorite singer N/A
Favorite movie N/A
Favorite footballer N/A
Favorite song N/A



Emel Mathlouthi  Songs

Bin el wedien (2009)

2009: Helma

2009: Nemmen Bik

El medhbela (2009)

Yezzi (2012)

2012: Ethnia twila

2012: Estranger

2012: Infinity

2012: Malkit

2012: kelmti horra

2012: Dhalm

2012: Dafina

2012: Ya tounes ya meskina

2012: Houdou ‘on

2012: Liberta

2012: Hinama

2017: Insanity

2017: Instant

Princess Melancholy (2017)

2017: Khaief

2017: Fi kolli yawmen

2017: Shkun ena

2017: Insen dhaif

2017: Sallem

2017: Layem

2017: Lost

Thamlaton 2017

2018: Braibtek


Emel Mathlouthi Contact information

Facebook account: @E.Mathlouthi
Twitter: @mathlouthiemel
Instagram: @emelmathlouthi
Youtube: @Emel Mathlouthi
Official website

Emel Mathlouthi Biography, Net Worth, Songs, Age, Marriage, Children and Facts

Emel Mathlouthi facts

  • Emel Mathlouthi is the voice of the Jasmine Revolution.
  • The singer was invited to sing at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony at the Tunisian Quarter in Oslo.
  • Emel Mathlouthi has had great success in Europe and especially in France. A success that is noticeable by the number of concerts she holds there.
  • Her parents have always supported him and especially his father.
  • In 2006, Emel Mathlouthi was a finalist in the first edition of the RMC Middle East Prize.
  • The young celebrity is an astrological Capricorn sign, which makes her a trusted person who has a huge sense of duty.
  • The Tunisian star has 26 thousand followers on her Instagram account.

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