Free Things to Do In Holland Michigan

Free Things to Do In Holland Michigan in 2022

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Things to Do In Holland Michigan Today or Weekend (For Couples and Family)

The city of Holland, Michigan is noted for its Dutch heritage, which is evident throughout the area. This city has a lot going on, from windmill tulip gardens to Dutch-themed amusement parks, and it is surely a wonderful destination to visit.

The city of Holland is situated on the banks of two lakes: Michigan and Macatawa. The city’s ethnic and cultural identity is shaped in significant part by its Dutch background, which is visible at every turn, from the gorgeous historic center to the vibrant May tulip festival. Climb the ever-changing sand dunes or sail on Lake Michigan while visiting an original 250-year-old Dutch windmill or one of numerous great museums.

The best things to do in Holland, Michigan are listed below. Certain attractions may be closed temporarily or require reservations in advance. Currently, some eateries only provide pickup. It’s possible that the hours and availability have changed.

We’ve put together a list of all the exciting things to do in town, whether you live locally or are planning a trip to the charming city of Holland.

Walking through rows of color-coordinated tulips is one of the greatest activities to do in Holland, MI to give you an idea of what the city has to offer.

Holland Michigan things to do
Free Things to Do In Holland Michigan in 2022

1. Holland State Park Beach, Holland, Michigan

The huge sandy beach on Lake Michigan and Lake Macatawa at Holland State Park is well-known. The beach, which is popular with both locals and tourists, is ideal for any beach activity, from sunbathing and volleyball to sandcastle building, surfing, or simply relaxing. Two large campgrounds, as well as a number of picnic tables, grills, and fire pits, are available at Holland State Park.

There are also beach volleyball courts and a modest beach house on the property. If you enjoy fishing, the harbor channel walkway and pier are the perfect places to do so. You can also take shots of the Big Red lighthouse while watching the passing sailboats or waiting for the sunset. If the youngsters get hungry from all the activities, there is a concession counter.

2215 Ottawa Beach Rd, Holland, MI 49424, 616-399-9390

2. Windmill Island Gardens, Holland, MichiganFree Things to Do In Holland Michigan

You could think you’ve been transported to the Netherlands after visiting the Windmill Island Gardens and seeing the 251-year-old windmill De Zwaan. It is, in fact, the only operational Dutch windmill in the United States, having been moved from the Netherlands to Holland in 1964. It is now the focal point of a spectacular garden on Windmill Island, which transforms into a lovely location in May when more than 100,000 tulips blossom in every rainbow color.

Aside from the windmill, the 36-acre island in the Macatawa River is a popular tourist destination with a colorful old-fashioned carousel that children enjoy. Holland is a perfect place to go if you want to visit a place with plenty of flora, activities and dance performances.

1 Lincoln Ave, Holland, MI 49423, 616-355-1030

3. Nelis’ Dutch Village, Holland, MichiganFree Things to Do In Holland Michigan

It’s a great photo opportunity to watch your kids try on Dutch wooden shoes. In fact, your entire visit to Nelis’ Dutch Village will consist of one enjoyable activity after another, all of which will be worthy of being photographed. This 10-acre “genuine” Dutch village from the 1800s, complete with strange buildings, is a joy for both adults and children.

Visit the wooden shoes factory, take a spin with the dancers clomping around in their wooden shoes, let the kids play with live animals at the petting zoo, or let them fly on the Zweefmolen — a fun Dutch flying machine.

12350 James St, Holland, MI 49424, 616-396-1475

4. Mount Pisgah Dune Boardwalk, Holland, MichiganFree Things to Do In Holland Michigan

Mount Pisgah, located near Holland State Park, is a rising dune. The dune rises 157 feet above Lake Michigan at its tallest point, providing visitors with panoramic views of Lake Macatawa, the marinas, Lake Michigan, and the famed Big Red lighthouse.

The dune is accessible by boardwalk or stairs and is a popular destination for both children and adults; families can be seen climbing, rolling, and falling over its sandy face. Picnic shelters, beach volleyball courts, and restrooms are among the other on-site attractions.

Ottawa Beach Rd and Third Ave, Park Twp, MI 49423, 616-738-4810

5. Holland Museum, Holland, MichiganFree Things to Do In Holland Michigan

The Holland Museum is the best place to learn about and appreciate Holland’s rich history and culture. The museum has hosted a fascinating collection of objects from the early Dutch settlement and its evolution into the bustling, diversified city of Holland since 1915.

The museum is brimming with items that tell a tale well beyond what the eye sees in the thriving town, from the entrance of the Dutch through the tragic fire of 1871 and the growth that continues today. The museum preserves and displays history by allowing visitors to view and appreciate shipwrecks, art, toys, and other treasures from all over the world that depict Dutch culture.

31 West 10th Street, Holland, MI 49423, 616-796-3329

6. Veldheer Tulip Garden, Holland, Michigan

Vern Veldheer started a hobby farm in 1950 with 100 red tulips and 300 white tulips. The Veldheer Tulip Garden, which has over five million tulips planted, is Holland’s only tulip farm and perennial garden. Guests can stroll through the lovely garden and soak in its floral beauty, as well as purchase bulbs and bouquets to take home and transform their own homes and gardens.

Perennials and flowers are imported from all over the world, and it’s not only tulips! Though the name suggests otherwise, the Veldheer Tulip Garden also contains approximately 50,000 daffodils, 20,000 crocus, and 10,000 hyacinths, resulting in a spectacular display of flower splendor.

12755 Quincy St, Holland, MI 49424, 616-399-1900

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7. Kollen Park & Heinz Waterfront Walkway, Holland, Michigan

Kollen Area, located less than a mile from downtown Holland, is a lovely recreational park on the shores of Lake Macatawa. A boat launch ramp, a roofed picnic shelter with tables, and a children’s playground are all available in the park. On a sunny day, numerous visitors may be seen fishing and enjoying themselves from the boardwalk.

The Quertaro Fountain and the Immigrants Statue are two notable landmarks; the Quertaro Fountain was a present from Quertaro, Mexico, Holland’s sister city, and the Immigrants Statue was a gift from the people of Drenthe, the Netherlands. Paved park walkways lead to the Heinz Waterfront Boardwalk, which runs along the edge of Lake Macatawa.

240 Kollen Park Drive, Holland 49423, 616-928-2450

8. Tunnel Park, Holland, Michigan

Tunnel Park is just what it says on the tin: a park with a tunnel that runs through a dune! Children and adults alike will enjoy the unusual tunnel as a great area to play and enjoy the day.

A children’s playground, sand volleyball courts, picnic spots, a dune climb, and a dune ladder that goes to the summit provide tourists with a spectacular view of Lake Michigan. It’s a terrific spot for sunbathing, swimming, or simply having a good time in the sun, water, and sand.

66 Lakeshore Drive, Holland, MI 49424, 616-738-4810

9. Hope College Department of Art & Art History, Holland, Michigan

The De Pree Gallery in the Hope College Department of Art and Art History is a must-see for art aficionados visiting Holland. Exhibitions by internationally renowned artists, as well as current student work, are featured in the gallery. Workshops, critiques, and talks are offered on a regular basis, and visiting artists are frequently exhibited at the gallery.

The Department of Art and Art History has several courses and programs in studio, art education, and art history for individuals staying in Holland for an extended period of time, and they guide their students utilizing everything from antique tools and materials to 21st-century technologies. The Hope College Department of Art and Art History welcomes visitors of all ages to enjoy the arts.

275 Columbia Avenue, Holland, MI 49423-3654, 616-395-7500

10. Holland Princess, Holland, Michigan

Take a cruise on the Holland Princess, a relatively new holiday attraction in Holland! The 65′ Victorian paddle-wheel riverboat will take you on a thrilling adventure on Lake Macatawa and Lake Michigan.

The boat trip travels by the Holland Harbor Light, also known as the Big Red Lighthouse, as well as other historic sites and gorgeous lake residences, giving guests a unique perspective of Holland.

While taking in the surroundings, conversing with other visitors, or singing a song on the karaoke system, visitors can have a delicious lunch or dinner. The captain’s treasure chest is open to the kids, who can blow the boat whistle and retrieve treasure from it. The Holland Princess cruise is a fun way to see and learn about Holland.

290 Howard Ave. (Dunton Park) Holland, MI 49424, 616-393-7799

11. Holland Farmers Market, Holland, Michigan

The Holland Farmers Market, also known as the Eighth Street Farmers Market, is a one-of-a-kind place where visitors can buy freshly picked fruits and vegetables, fresh homemade baked goods, beautiful flower bouquets, and a variety of treats like honey, herbs, spices, meats, eggs, cheeses, and so much more.

Various sellers provide sweet and savory snacks as well as fresh meals, making the market a fantastic place to spend the day, have lunch, and take home a small treat.

150 W 8h St. Holland, MI 49423

12. Laketown Beach, Holland, Michigan

Are you looking for a beautiful, uncrowded beach? Laketown Beach is a private beach perched on top of a sand dune. Visitors will have an incredible view of Lake Michigan from the top, and on the beach, they will find an almost private retreat to spend a day in the sun.

The beach is a little off the beaten path, but getting there is half the fun: tourists must climb the sand dune stairs at the end of a dead-end road. Laketown Beach is a hidden gem that is ideal for a day of uninterrupted sunbathing and swimming.

6710 142nd Ave, Holland, MI 49423, 616-335-3050

13. Outdoor Discovery Center, Holland, Michigan

For nearly fifteen years, the Outdoor Discovery Center (ODCMG) has been bringing people closer to nature. With a range of entertaining and instructive activities, workshops, and recreational events, the center educates people of all ages about the outdoors, wildlife, and conservation. Visitors can wander the paths, see the wildlife, or join a naturalist on an excursion.

With hands-on activities, their programs teach youngsters about wildlife management, conservation, and preservation. They allow young people to develop their own understanding and memories, making a trip to the center an educational experience for the whole family.

ODCMG consists of a Nature Preserve, Wildlife Center, Birds of Prey Facility, Neshnabe Summer Village, DeWitt Wildlife Enclosure, Imagination Forest, Filmore Discovery Park, and the Kuipers Archery Education Facility.

4214 56th Street, Holland, MI 49423, 616-393-9453

14. Bowerman Blueberries Farm Market, Holland, Michigan

Visitors to Holland need look no further than Bowerman Blueberries for farm-fresh fruits and veggies. Bowerman’s 90-acre farm has been producing luscious blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, as well as a wide range of locally grown sugar peas, peaches, plums, tomatoes, green beans, yellow beans, squash, zucchini, potatoes, onions, sweet corn, and much more, since 1954.

The farm market is open during the summer months and sells delicious produce, but the best time to visit is during the u-pick season. Families come from all over to enjoy a day in the sun choosing their own fruit and then stopping by the on-farm bakery for freshly baked sweet delicacies like muffins and pies, or a cool smoothie.

15793 James Street., Holland, Michigan, 49424, 616-738-3099

15. Knickerbocker Theater, Holland, Michigan

Since the early 1900s, the Knickerbocker Theater has been a fixture in the Holland community. Singers, actresses, dancers, orchestras, and magicians have all performed on the Knickerbocker stage, including elephants! From vaudeville events in the 1920s to rock concerts in the 1980s, this regal theater has seen its fair share of history.

Attend a show at the Knickerbocker Theater if you’re looking for a romantic date idea. The Knickerbocker, which is now a part of Hope College, continues to present a variety of musical and stage performances, lectures, assemblies, poetry readings, concerts, films, and other works of art.

86 E 8th Street, Holland, MI 49423, 616-395-7890

16. De Graaf Nature Center, Holland, Michigan

Explore the 18-acre nature preserve of the De Graaf Nature Center’s marsh, shrub, woodland, and pond pathways to reconnect with nature. The Helen O’ Brower Visitor Center, which is open to the public and is free of charge, is loaded with hands-on exhibits and live animal exhibits, and the trails are always open for visitors to explore on their own or with the help of a naturalist from the center.

Children can learn about nature, wildlife, plants, and much more while participating in an exciting activity that they will remember for years.

600 Graafschap Rd, Holland, MI 49423, Phone: 616-355-1057

17. New Holland Brewing Company

New Holland Brewing Company produces some unique Western Michigan beers and outstanding spirits using their passion and local Michigan resources. In their Northside rustic but exquisite restaurant or their popular downtown pub, you may sample their skillfully made microbrews and a variety of spirits.

Both provide food that pairs well with the beers and is prepared with fresh ingredients and in collaboration with a variety of local vendors, including bakers, butchers, farmers, and tortilla makers. Live music nights featuring well-known or up-and-coming Michigan bands are particularly popular at the pub. New Holland beers can also be found all throughout the United States.

66 E 8th St, Holland, MI 49423, 616-355-6422

18. The Felt Estate, Holland, MI

The Felt Mansion has served as a Catholic Seminary preparatory school, a chapel, a state police post, and a correctional facility since it was first built as a summer residence by Dorr Felt, an American scientist and manufacturer.

The opulent estate’s history is as lovely as its architecture, and the historic Felt Estate is now a historical landmark, chapel, and wedding and reception venue. The 12,000-square-foot home has 25 rooms, all of which are being restored by the Friends of the Felt Estate Society, together with the grounds.

6597 138th Ave, Holland, MI 49423, 616-335-8982

19. Coppercraft Distillery

The Coppercraft’s distillery room looks like a space ship’s engine room, complete with glistening metal and pipes, which would appeal to science fiction fans. Michigan grains are transformed into award-winning spirits such as vodka, whisky, rum, and gin after being distilled in their beautiful classic 350 gallon genuine Vendome® copper still.

There is a great Genever in this town because it is a Dutch town. Visiting their gorgeous tasting room in downtown Holland, with its big tasting table made of glistening wood and an entire wall of seasoned barrels, is the ideal way to sample their entirely local products. They offer distillery tours a few times a week, which include the opportunity to sample their numerous products, which is always the highlight of any visit. This attraction is for those over 21.

184 120th Ave, Holland, MI 49424, 616-796-8274

20. Our Brewing Company

Our Brewing Company, a relative newcomer to the Michigan craft brewery market, is gaining recognition for its huge assortment and diversity of brews. They’re modest and only make one barrel at a time, but their high-quality tap room in downtown Holland has earned them a place in Holland’s social life among locals and tourists, notably students.

With a big number of taps offering a rotating range of beers, the taproom is vast and entertaining. The pub food is delicious, and their live music and quiz nights draw large crowds. This attraction is only for individuals over the age of 21.

76 E 8th St, Holland, MI 49423, 616-994-8417

21.Saugatuck Dunes State Park

The Saugatuck Dunes State Park, located along an isolated part of the Lake Michigan shore, spans approximately 1000 acres and 2.5 miles of shoreline. Visitors will be able to see some spectacular coastal dunes, some of which are over 200 feet tall. A 0.6 mile stroll from the parking and picnic area leads to the lengthy expanse of beach. The park is only open for day use, yet it attracts a lot of hikers who come to explore the 13 miles of sandy pathways. As you travel through the dunes’ rolling hills and inclines, the routes can be quite steep. The South Trail varies in length from less than a mile (to the beach) to 5.5 miles. Bird watchers flock to this park in droves.

Saugatuck Dunes State Park, 6575 138th Avenue, Holland, MI 49423, 269-637-2788

22.Holland Community Aquatic Center, Holland, Michigan

The Holland Community Aquatic Center is ideal for those who like a day at the pool. There’s something for everyone in the family, including an indoor 50-meter pool, a treatment pool, a splash zone with slides and water toys, a fitness center, and a spa. The center offers a diverse range of activities, including Aqua Zumba and Aqua Aerobics, as well as children’s lessons and competitive swimming competitions.

The Holland Community Aquatic Center also offers a unique game of underwater hockey — all you need is a swimsuit to have a fun time.

550 Maple Avenue, Holland, MI 49423, 616-393-7595

23.S. Kamphuis Blueberries

Since 1941, the Kamphuis family has been growing excellent blueberries in Holland, Michigan, for 5 generations. The blueberry farm has a total of 102 acres of blueberries, 12 of which are offered to the public for U-Pick pleasure during the harvest season in July and August. The farm grows three blueberry cultivars that were chosen for their consistency in flavor and texture.

When the berries are collected for the commercial market or the farm shop, they are at their peak of perfection. Despite the short harvest season, great frozen berries and premium blueberry products are accessible all year.

S. Kamphuis Blueberries, 4140 148th Avenue, Holland, MI 49424, 616-399-9545

24.Van Raalte Farm

The ancient Van Raalte Farm, once one of Holland’s oldest farms, has been transformed into a park and recreation space. The original 1872 farmhouse, as well as two historic barns, have been maintained, and a portion of the home is currently used as a Nature Center. The colourful grove of maple trees planted by the original farm owners is one of the park’s most notable attractions.

Today, a Sugar Shack has been erected, where visitors may learn everything there is to know about maple syrup harvesting. The vast hiking routes, picnic shelter, and children’s playground are all open to visitors at any time. In the winter, cross-country skiing and sledding are popular activities at the park.

Van Raalte Farm, 1076 E. 16th Street, Holland, MI 49423, 616-928-2450

25.Big Lake Brewing

If you appreciate craft brews, the Big Lake Brewery, which is named after picturesque Lake Michigan, should be on your list of Holland attractions. The brewery/restaurant/beer bar features a wide range of small-batch artisanal brews made with largely quality local ingredients. The taproom has 14 beers on tap, ranging from IPAs to light ales, ambers, and stouts, as well as a low-calorie, low-alcohol ale for individuals trying to lose weight.

To go with your favorite brews, you may order tasty bar snacks, build-your-own pizzas, salads, sandwiches, and steaks. Big Lake Brewing is open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., and you may join an online queue to avoid having to wait in line for a table.

Big Lake Brewing, 13 West 7th Street, Holland, MI 49423, 616-796-8888