How To Gain Experience In Digital Marketing

How To Gain Experience In Digital Marketing For Beginners (2023)

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Since the invention of the internet and computers, almost everything can be done online, especially in recent times. Due to this, marketers do not only advertise products on physical mediums like billboards, newspapers and magazines anymore. 

The explosion of the internet created a whole new avenue for advertisements and marketing. Now what’s digital marketing you may ask, we’ll get into that next.


Digital marketing is the branch of marketing that uses the internet and online based devices and technologies such as mobile phones, desktop computers, social media and other digital media and platforms to promote services and products. 

As digital platforms became more Incorporated into everyday life and marketing, and people used digital devices more frequently rather than going to a physical store, the demand for digital marketers increased exponentially.

Digital marketing also extends to channels that don’t use the internet but provide digital media such as Televisions, SMS and MMS mobile phones, on-hold ring tones etc. This extension of marketing to non-internet platforms differentiates Digital marketing from Online advertising.


Experience is a very important factor if you want to be a successful digital marketer. Most companies or businesses, no matter how big or small, do marketing and virtually all big corporations have entire departments dedicated to Marketing their products or services. There’s a whole lot of jobs waiting for you but it will be hard getting any without adequate experience. 

In this article you will learn more on gaining digital marketing experience. Also read about the digital marketing tools you need.

What type of marketing role do you want?

Firstly, you will need to figure out what marketing role suits your interest and will be easy for you. Since marketing is so broad, it will be very hard to specialize in anything but no need to worry, there are many  things that fall under marketing such as; Data Analysis, Designing, Web development, Managing social media accounts and writing content.

Once you’ve identified the niche that best suits you, look for marketing jobs that best match your interests and the roles that fits you.

Learn skills related to the roles you have chosen

After you have chosen a role you’re comfortable with, the next step will be learning skills that are relevant to the roles you have chosen. I know you may be wondering about where you can learn these skills, luckily for you there are a lot of free mediums at your disposal. 

For instance YouTube offers a variety of videos that talk about any particular digital marketing skill you may wish to specialize in. Google also offers free online qualifications for beginners which will help you understand and learn the basics better.

Create Relationships via networking online and in person

In order to be successful in digital marketing or any kind of work for that matter, it is important to build relationships. Through networking you can build connections and relationships which could help land you a marketing job. A good way to connect with potential clients and partners is through meetups and conferences. 

You can also create networks with friends and family through more informal meetings. The internet is also a good way to inform people about your skills in digital management, this can be done through social media posts, creating websites which showcase your talents, or specialized apps like upwork which help you connect with potential clients.

Showcase your skills online

Once you’ve acquired the required skills, you’ll need to start working on projects. Best way to do this would be to open a website or a blog. You could also advertise yourself with social media.

Add your experiences to your portfolio

At this point, you’re months into learning and gaining experience. It’s time to fill your CV and resume with your experiences and qualifications and start looking for a job. When applying for jobs, it’s important to tailor your resume specifically to the company you’re applying to rather than giving out the same resume to every company you apply to.


Digital marketing channels are systems that can create and accelerate product value from a producer to the consumer through digital means. There are a number of digital marketing channels, these are illustrated below.

Social media marketing:

When we use social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, discord) to market a service or product, such marketing is termed Social media marketing. It is basically the use of strategies to get the attention of customers or to draw in traffic for a website using various social media platforms across the internet.

Affiliate marketing:

This is an arrangement where retailers pay commission to advertisers or an external website for traffic or sales generated from customers who use their affiliate link. It is also selling a product online for a bit of commission. It is not considered safe or reliable, this is because of a lack of reliability in terms of affiliates that can produce the required number of new customers.

Search Engine Marketing:

In this form of digital marketing, promotion of websites is done by increasing their online visibility in Search Engine result pages (SERPs) through advertising. They usually come in the form of search ads that show up above organic or non-paid results.

Display advertising:

This deals with displaying promotional messages or ideas to potential customers on the internet. It includes a wide range of adverts like interstitial ads, ads on blogs, ads on search engines etc. This method is able to target a particular type of audience from any niche tuning in from different types of locals to view a specific ad.

Video Advertisement:

In this type of digital marketing, advertisements are played on online videos on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc. The main advantage of this kind of advertising over others is the fact that it interrupts the viewing experience, hence making it hard for the viewer to avoid them.


We’ve talked about digital marketing today and have seen ways with which we can learn and gain experience in digital marketing. We hope this gives you the motivation to take that first step and start your digital marketing journey today. Good luck to you!