how to gain experience in software development

How To Gain Experience In Software Development (2024 Guide)

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In any profession or skill, to gain experience, an individual should be able to find out almost to every information about the particular venture they are diving into. As a software develop, this applies to you too. A software developer simply uses programming and design knowledge to build software that meets the needs of users.

Typically, these developers meet with a client who has a need for software to be developed. So they will build, test and use that software based on the specifications they have received. In today’s world, software developers are some of the most vital people in the many aspects of the economy. Software isn’t just codes, video games and maybe apps, it’s more of the driving force of every computerized device.

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Software developers design, program, build and develop as well as maintain software using many different skills and tools. They also help create power network and ensure the proper functioning of these networks.

Basically, the job of a software developer depends on the wants and needs of a company, workplace or organization that they work in. Some software developers build networks and systems and also ensure the maintenance. Others develop applications that makes it easier for people to carry out various task on any of their devices.

Software developers just like any other work out there. They have responsibilities and these responsibilities include:

  • Adapt software to fix mistakes.
  • Amend it to new hardware.
  • Improve it’s performance or increase interface.
  • Direct the systems validation procedures.
  • Interact with departments or customers on project status and proposals.
  • Work with customers or various departments on the technicalities surrounding software and it’s maintenance.
  • Recommend and modify new and existing system.


Anyone interested in a career or gaining experience as a software developer should know how to operate multiple software programs and have good knowledge of codes. Let’s take a look at the skills you need as a software developer before you head on to gaining experience:

  1. Coding languages:

They are different types of codes a person can write for a software program. It’s important software developers to specialize or get skilled in atleast one type of coding language. This way, they can increase their opportunities. Companies or organizations expect candidates to have expertise in some common coding languages. Some common coding languages to learn include:

  • JavaScript: This language helps developers design more of an interactive website. It’s more of functionality and is currently one of the most used programming languages by developers worldwide. JavaScript is a language used to write code that runs in web browsers and as such has a wide range of applications.
  • Python: It is easy to learn python because it is one of the generally used programming languages. It simply means it could be used for anything, it is seen as the largest technology. Developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1991, it is basically a free programming language that features intuitive syntax.
  • Php: Hypertext Processor is a high level, programming language. It has some similarities with JavaScript,it is part of LAMP platform used by Facebook and yahoo. Platforms like WordPress, Joomla also uses Pho. It also features flexible and stattic websites.
  • Java:Mostly confused with JavaScript,but not JavaScript. It is a general coding language that has remained relevant for over twenty years. It is a programming language for broad purposes. Released by James gosling and Sun Microsystems in 1995. For java to be portable,the programs are changed by a java virtual machine specific to each computer.
  1. Database Knowledge:

Database are electronic systems that allow individuals to organize and structure information, parti Successfully particularly records for a company.

  1. Problem Solving:

Successfully carrying out software development projects needs good problem solving skills. Like the saying goes “At the heart of every project a software engineer works on,is a problem that they are trying to solve.

  1. Communication:

Aside very essential skills, communication is one of the most important skill a developer needs in order to work with other people,it allows you understand your workers, and also pass messages easily to them.

  1. Attention to details:

Just like every other skill, software developers are expected to be meticulous and have a high level of attention,so as to apply this to every coding detail. Attention is very necessary, otherwise it could lead to a work filled with bugs.


  1. Learn coding languages and trying to figure out your goals:

While learning coding languages, you should consider paying for courses, pursuing a degree, watch YouTube videos and the rest of it. Your goal also should be figured out. Goals like: what kind of people, companies, organizations you would love to work with when your skill is perfected. What big dreams do you have for your about to be launched career.

  1. Practicing your specific niche:

Whether you are able to achieve a formal education or of you’re a self-taught type. A lot of time and consistency needs to be put into building your career. And key to gaining extreme knowledge is by working on a specific niche, any niche that you pick, work on it, be productive, and accurate in your profession. Stay consistent and build on this niche.

  1. Build your technical and non-technical skills:

Software developer needs to have experience with other tools which other developers usually use. Example include; SQL, Integrated development environments, github etc. Also as a developer, the need for you to explain how things work and answer basic questions that clients and supervisors would ask is key to getting a good experience. So, communication comes in as a very necessary tool.


In summary, gaining experience in software development is more of a step by step method and should be carried out meticulously, the above mentioned are the main things anyone who wants an experience should go through. In addition to it, certifying your skills and taking the next step in general is literally the next thing to do. Certification helps you validate your skills and helps put you out which paves a way for you to get in contact with potential clients.