How to start a cake baking business in Nigeria and Easy Steps to bake a cake

How to start a cake baking business in Nigeria and Easy Steps to bake a cake

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Here on this post, you will learn every bit of information needed for you to start up your cake baking/ cake production business in Nigeria. This post provides you with a guide on how to bake a cake the necessary tools equipment and requirements needed to help start up the business especially in the African setting like Nigeria. there are several businesses that are being set up in Nigeria that did not last for more than a year reason being that the project lacked proper planning. for you to survive as an entrepreneur in Nigeria you have to be well equipped to venture into the field you are about to as he was not only facing competition but also encounter some difficulties that are associated with businesses in Nigeria.

There are many cake lovers in Nigeria and in the world. Cakes are nutritious and sweet and is sought by many. This is more reason you shouldn’t worry about how to market your cake brand because when you do a good job it markets itself.

Cake products are one of the most consumed snacks in Nigeria because of the varieties of sizes and flavors.cake baking business in Nigeria

Why start a cake baking business in Nigeria

There are several reasons why you should begin your cake-baking business in Nigeria and they include:

1. Cakes are in high demand

Many people love cake and it is being consumed in different quantities due to the flavors and sizes it comes in. Take for instance there are flavors like cream, strawberry, fruits, chocolate, and others which makes it more attractive and appetizing to different people.

2. Cake is good for health

The body needs some quantity of sugar and cake provides that in addition to several other nutrients that it gives you. If you feel you don’t like way too tasty cakes then you can easily order for a customized one. Bakers prepare cake according to the taste of the consumer.

3. Cakes are needed for ceremonies

I already did tell you that this business is very profitable and a very lucrative venture to jump on because there are several occasions and ceremonies that take place in Nigeria on a daily basis. According to the belief this event is not yet complete without a cake, it can be events like anniversaries, weddings, parties, birthdays, naming ceremonies, and others.

4. Cakes are for all seasons

This nutritious cakes and its products can be sold at any time of the year because it is being consumed by lots of people without minding the time or season. It is true that it has it’s peak during festive periods like Valentine’s celebrations, New year, Easter, Christmas, and others what cakes can also be ordered on a very cool day.

5. Cakes are affordable to purchase

Cakes are not expensive and in Nigeria, they are quite affordable for the average Nigerian to purchase. While cakes differ from sizes and this house determines the prices there are also very cheap cake products like cupcakes which is as cheap as N300.
Also, slices are cheap cake products that can be easily afforded by several Nigerians.
So you don’t have to worry if your kids are expensive because it is according to taste and funds.

Things to know before starting a cake baking business in Nigeria

One thing you should know about cake production business in Nigeria is that you can easily start up this business from home with little or no cost at all and the only thing you need to know is how to bake a cake and the necessary skills and knowledge required for the work.
if you don’t have this knowledge you would have to go for training for it.

You can begin baking in your home with your oven or stove. For sales of your cake products, you can always raise awareness by telling your friends, church members, family, colleagues at work, about your craft.
Lots of people that have regular 9-5 jobs also get involved in this business and spread the word by telling their work colleagues about their business. The amazing thing about this business is that it sells out majorly using referrals and this is to say that when you inform people that you bake cakes for wedding, birthdays, parties, and other ceremonies and you get booked for it, if you do the job excellently they would easily refer you to several other clients on their contact list that will require your service.

there’s also one thing you should know that this cake production business is not meant for only ladies. I have several female friends that are into baking but that doesn’t mean there are no men who love making cakes, as a matter of fact in France most of the best chefs there are men who are well-grounded with the knowledge of baking and making cuisines.

Cakes are mostly used as a dessert choice for events in Nigeria and it is also presented as gifts in some of these ceremonies most especially birthdays.

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How to bake a cake in Nigeria

How to bake a cake in Nigeria full steps

Here follow these steps and you will learn how to bake a cake easily but firstly let’s look at

Recipes needed to bake a cake

  • Flour- 500g
  • Sugar – 400g
  • Butter -500g
  • Eggs- 8
  • Baking Powder- 3 teaspoons
  • Vanilla Flavor – 2 teaspoons
  • Strawberry Cheese- 2 cover
  • A pack of cake mix ( Optional)

Steps on how to bake a cake

  1. Get a large bowl, put sugar and butter inside and use a hand mixer or whisk to blend it till it becomes very smooth.
  2. Get your eggs and beat them with a hand mixer or whisk for like 10 minutes.
  3. Bring your big bone and put the ingredients needed like sugar, mixed butter, and egg then you can also add flavors like strawberry cheese and mix them for more 10 minutes.
  4. Make sure your oven is heated to 350 degrees.
  5. Use vegetable oil and flour that are mixed together to grease your pan.
  6. Put baking powder, flour, preservatives in the bowl where you put your mixed ingredients and stir them in an anti-clockwise direction using your hand mixer or whisk for extra 10 minutes.
  7. Add your mixed cake in the mixture.
  8. Then pour the batter into the pans that you have prepared.
  9. Place it into the oven and close the oven door. Set a timer to regulate the baking time and bake it for like 35 minutes or using a 53 minutes timer.
    This median we’ll make sure your cake doesn’t under or over Cook. trust me you might encounter the urge of trying to open the open door to check on the cake while it is baking and you should avoid this because it will result in heat loss which might make the cake not to cook evenly. if you have a very good oven what you should do is to turn on the oven light and view your cake through the oven window till it’s to start a baking business in Nigeria
  10. For you to check if your cake is ready, use a toothpick or wooden spoon and inserted gently in the center of the cake. After the dipping it, if it comes out clean or will little crumbs attached to the spoon then the cake is done. If not you would have to place it back in the oven for like 4 minutes more. You can also use the same procedure to test until you get the correct result.
  11. when you bring it out keep the pan on a wire rack and allow it to cool off for like 30 minutes then use a butter knife to run around the edges of the pan in order to lose the sides. Place the wire rack on top of the pan, turn it, and tap the container to release the cake.
  12. allow the cake to cool off for some hours before you start decorating because the heat will easily melt your icing and frosting.
  13. When it’s cool you can decorate and frost as you like.

Requirements to start a cake baking business in Nigeria

1. Practical training

As an upcoming Baker, you should go through a training that will expose you to the skill and knowledge required on how to make a cake and handle the business of cake production. This cake business is not complicated at all and you can easily go through the training without much stress. for it to be easier for you you can enroll in a catering school or find a friend who knows how to bake a cake and learn from him or her personally. with the training required you should be able to know how to bake and decorate cakes like wedding cakes, fondant cakes, Queens cakes, and fruit cakes.

2. Get capital

You can easily start of this business with a little amount of money which is required as capital and every business and you can find it with your personal money like savings or you get a loan from banks, friends, and families. With any amount that you have, you can easily start up your cake-baking business.

3. Get Ingredients needed to bake a cake

there are ingredients that you will require in order to make a cake in Nigeria. There vegetable oil, flour, baking powder, butter, salt, baking boards, baking pans, electric ovens.

4. Get a business name

You can get a business name for yourself which tallies with food lines like Derma delicacies, Fab limited, Creamy foods, and others. When they’re fully set up and have enough money you can also register your business with the corporate affairs commission in Nigeria.

5. Advertise your business

you should also make use of social media to advertise your cake-baking business in Nigeria because I have lots of cake bakers on my contact list that most amazing pictures of their latest baking and it is so enticing. So if you have a good quality camera it will attract lots of people to you and you will make money.