Nigerian Bar Association: Members list, Conferences, Current and past Presidents

Nigerian Bar Association: Members list, Conferences, Current and past Presidents

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Everything you need to know about Nigerian Bar Association

Here’s what you need to know about the Nigerian Bar Association popularly known as NBA. It is known to be a non for profit professional association that unites all lawyers that are already called to bar here in Nigeria.Nigerian Bar Association
what did Nigerian Bar Association does is that it protect and promote the human rights of Nigerians, the rule of law that governs the country, and the good governance in Nigeria.
in the African commission on human and peoples rights the Nigerian bar association is known to have an observer status. The Nigerian bar association is also in partnership with several national and international no non-governmental organisation which share common goals in Nigeria and rest of the world.
The Nigerian Bar Association consists of three professional sections, 125 branches, six practice cadre forums, two specialized institutes with a good reputation in Nigeria’s political society.

Nigerian Bar Association has its national Secretariat in Abuja. The organizational structure Nigerian Bar Association consists of National Executive Committee, sections, working groups, committee, a National officers/Management board with a national secretariat.


The current president of the Nigerian Bar Association is Olumide Akpata.

Nigerian Bar Association president – Olumide AkpataNigerian Bar Association president - Olumide Akpata

Olumide Akpata is a Nigerian legal practitioner who was born on 7th October 1972. Olumide is the head of corporate and commercial practice group senior partner with Templars law firm in Nigeria. In July 2021 he made history out there first Nigerian president of MBA who was non-senior advocate.

Olumide Akpata was born in Edo state, Nigeria. He got a bachelor degree from the University of Benin edo state where he studied law in 1992. Later in 1983 was called to bar. He also did his National youth service corps in Kano State Nigeria.

Olumide Akpata moved to Lagos in 1996 when he teamed up with Oghogho Akpata his cousin to set up his own law firm known as Templars. He founded his law firm at the age of 23 and has grown the firm to an amazing standard. currently his law firm is known to be one of the largest in Nigeria with about 100 lawyers which includes two senior advocates of Nigeria.

In July 30, 2021 BB10 the president of Nigerian Bar Association after winning the election with a total of 9891 votes part of the overall 18256 total votes. He defeated his rival Babatunde Ajibade (SAN) who got 4,328 votes.Past presidents and Chairmen of Nigerian Bar Association

Past presidents and Chairmen of Nigerian Bar Association

S/N Name of President From To
1. Christopher Sapara Williams 1900 1915
2.  Sir Kitoyi Ajasa 1915 1937
3. Eric Olawale Moore 1937 1944
4. E.J. Alex Taylor 1944 1950
5. Sir Adeyemo Alakija 1950 1952
6. Jubril Martin 1952 1959
7. Frederick Rotimi Williams 1960 1968
8. Peter Thomas 1968 1969
9. Chief B.M. Boyo 1969 1970
10. Chief Richard Akinjide 1970 1973
11. Chief Adebayo Ogunsanya 1973 1974
12. Dr. Mudiaga Odge 1974 1975
13. Dr. Nwakanma Okoro 1976 1978
14. Chief B.O. Benson 1978 1980
15. Chief Adetunji Fadairo 1980 1982
16. A.N. Anyamene 1982 1984
17. Prince Bola Ajibola 1984 1985
18. Ebele Nwokoye 1985 1987
19. Alao Aka-Bashorun 1987 1989
20. Charles Idehen 1989 1991
21. Chief Clement Akpamgbo 1991 1992
22. Priscilla Kuye 1991 1992
23. Chief T.J.O. Okpoko, SAN 1998 2000
24. O.C.J. Okocha, SAN 2000 2002
25. Chief Wole Olanipekun, SAN 2002 2004
26. Chief Bayo Ojo, SAN 2004 2005
27. Prince Lanke Odoginyo 2005 2006
28. Olisa Agbakoba SAN 2006 2008
29. Chief Olurotimi Akeredolu, SAN 2008 2010
30. Joseph Bodurin Daudu, SAN 2010 2012
31. Okey Wali, SAN 2012 2014
32. Augustine Alegeh, SAN 2014 2016
33. Mahmoud Abubakar Balarabe, SAN 2016 2018
34. Paul Usoro, SAN 2018 2021
35. Olumide Akpata 2021 Till Date


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