10 Most Expensive Medieval Weapons in the World 2021

10 Most Expensive Medieval Weapons in the World 2022

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Most Expensive Medieval Weapons Ever Sold

The most expensive medieval weapons are pieces of art, and they have an important place in history.
The medieval period was a time of brutal warfare. Swords, spears, crossbows and various other weapons were used to kill one another in battle. The most expensive medieval weapons are those with the highest gold value.

Man’s never-ending fascination for the myths and legends of the past, such as those in today’s history books that depict events long gone, has given way to a love for recreating these archetypes from times long ago. One example is our idolization of the Middle Ages with its glorious battles, medieval tavern atmosphere, and audacious knights jumping to rescue damsels in distress. What makes this time period even more interesting are alluring armor collections left behind by warriors who held onto them because they were sure their lives would be saved if they wore it during the battle; what we have here on display then is an artifact both charmingly historic but also meaningful at once – proof through single pieces how deep-rooted man can get when he wants something badly enough.

Medieval weapons are often the stars of exhibitions all over Europe, and for good reason. They represent a time when knights battled in full armor with swords, spears, crossbows, and their valiant steeds to protect what was rightfully theirs – usually land or money. Such artifacts are considered extremely valuable nowadays with collectors ready to pay huge amounts of money just for them!

So let’s take a look at The Top 10 Most Expensive Medieval Weapons Ever Sold in history.

Most Expensive Medieval Weapons in the World 2021

Here are 10 Most Expensive Medieval Weapons in the World 2021:

  • Kamakura Katana from the 13th Century – $418,000
  • Admiral Lord Nelson’s French Officer Sword – $541,720
  • 17th Century Indian Talwar Blade – $717,800
  • Qianlong Imperial Hunting Knife – $1.24 million
  • The Civil War Presentation Sword of Ulysses S. Grant – $1.6 million
  • The Gem of the Orient Knife – $2.1 million
  • The Dagger of Shah Jahan – $3.3 million
  • 15th Century Ear-Dagger from the Nasrid Period – $6 million
  • The Gold-Encrusted Saber of Napoleon Bonaparte – $6.5 million
  • 18th Century Bao Teng Saber – $7.7 million

10. A Kamakura Katana from the 13th CenturyMost Expensive Medieval Weapons in the World 2021

Estimated Price: $425,000.

A Kamakura Katana from the 13th Century is an unusual find for a medieval weapon. The katana was found in Okayama, Japan while it was being excavated by construction workers. It has been estimated that this particular blade sold at auction for $425,000 USD and now resides in a private collection of arms located near Boston Massachusettes USA. This type of sword typically referred to as “katanas” are known today as samurai swords which made them popular among Japanese warriors during feudal times.

The final sale price estimate may be deceptive because many other factors go into the pricing such as supply/demand, condition of the item and its history-both on paper or orally passed down through generations-to name a few.

The sword collector Dr. Walter Ames Compton sold 1100 swords in just one day and made a whopping $8 million on the deal! One of his prized pieces was an ancient Kamakura katana from Japan, which he managed to sell for an impressive 418 grand. This makes it not only the most expensive Japanese blade ever sold but also its costliest purchase at any auction overtime period- making this event well worth remembering as one of history’s greatest moments for collectors everywhere who dream about spending their life surrounded by all things beautiful and interesting!

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9. Admiral Lord Nelson’s French Officer SwordMost Expensive Medieval Weapons in the World 2021

This French officer sword was part of Admiral Lord Nelson’s collection and is now on display at the National Maritime Museum in London England. This blade dates back to 1802 when it was used by a French naval officer during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia- with this artifact being among few that survived from that time period. It also has signs of combat damage as well as some interesting engravings including one which reads “Nelson 12 October 1805”.

Admiral Horatio Nelson is one of the most admired leaders in history, and his skills as a flag officer led to several victories during the Napoleonic Wars. He died at Trafalgar in 1805 after leading British forces against Napoleon’s navy.

A trunk containing some of Admiral Horatio Nelson’s personal items was entrusted to Alexander Davison until 2001 when it was revealed for auctioning off by Sotheby’s London with over 2 million pounds raised from its sale including $541,720 dollars worth from just one item – an admiral sword that sold due mostly thanks to how famous he became because of all his significant battles fought throughout this time period

8. 17th Century Indian Talwar BladeMost Expensive Medieval Weapons in the World 2021

The Indian talwar blade is a fearsome weapon of the Mughal empire that ruled in India from 1526-1857 AD. This particular sword was found during excavations at Gujrat and sold for an incredible 460 thousand USD to Robert Erskine Childs III who now lives near Worcester Massachusetts USA. The Talwar has been known as one of the most formidable blades ever used by any warrior in history because it could cut through chain mail armor with ease!

This type of weapon which features two curved broad swords on either side, eventually made its way into Europe via trade routes between East Asia and Central Asia after being originally developed back in Persia (Iran) around 1500 BC.

One amazing exemplary is the bedecked with gold and poppies. It was sold in 2007 at Sotheby’s for not less than $717,800 despite its initial estimation of only 60,000 pounds according to historians. The piece dates from 17th century by a designer whose intent it was for this item to be used by Emperor himself during his reign.

7. Qianlong Imperial Hunting KnifeMost Expensive Medieval Weapons in the World 2021

Emperor Qianlong of the Qing dynasty was one of China’s most famous and powerful rulers, reigning from 1736 to 1796 AD. This particular knife is believed to have been used by this emperor during his hunting expeditions with a final sale price at auction standing at an impressive $1.24 million!

This type of weapon or rather tool has also been known as “jian” in Chinese which means “sword”, but it wasn’t exactly designed for killing people- being instead more like a utility blade that could be used for all sorts of purposes such as gutting animals, cutting meat and so on.

The Imperial Hunting Knife, made for his majesty the Emperor of China Qianlong in 1790 by imperial craftsmen. This knife was a masterpiece that can never be replicated and will forever remain as one of the world’s most important cultural treasures!

The scabbard is adorned with six dragons flying through clouds while its blade has been forged from gold-inlaid turquoise, coral and azure – all materials fit to represent such an emperor (Qianlong) who reigned supreme from 1735 until his death in 1800s.

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6. The Civil War Presentation Sword of Ulysses S. GrantMost Expensive Medieval Weapons in the World 2021

Ulysses S. Grant was a Union officer, and the 18th President of the United States from 1869 to 1877 AD. He presided over American victory in the Civil War (1861-65) and Reconstruction following it until his retirement in 1877 thanks to political corruption charges against him which led to allegations of malfeasance while he was president.

This particular sword is believed by many historians as being one that Ulysses S. Grant would have used during those tense times when America’s fate hung in balance before General Robert E Lee surrendered at Appomattox Court House on April 12 1865 ending what had become known as The Great Rebellion or more simply “The Civil War”

The sword is a symbol of victory and freedom. It was crafted by silversmiths in St. Louis with pure silver, gold, 26 mine-cut diamonds forming the U.S., G monogram for George Washington’s family name; as well as an eagle spreading its wings above it on the grip sculpted into Victory goddess statue.” This blade raised $1 million at auction when time came to sell them off after 200 years worth of gathering dust because they are not just any plain old swords, but symbols!

5. The Gem of the Orient KnifeMost Expensive Medieval Weapons in the World 2021

The Gem of the Orient is an authentic Japanese samurai sword that dates back to 18th century AD. It was forged by a certain Kanenaga and had been in possession of his family for generations till it came into the hands of auctioneers who sold it off.

The Gem of the Orient knife is one of a kind. Created by Buster Warenski in 1966 and designed to be his masterpiece, it took 10 years for him to complete it with 153 emeralds, 9 diamonds, and plenty gold – weighing at 2 pounds! With its value topping $2 million dollars this amazing blade has earned itself title as the most expensive knife on earth. It’s fame even helped make Mr.Warenski into one of history’s best-known knife-makers making people all over admire his craftsmanship from miles away.

4. The Dagger of Shah JahanMost Expensive Medieval Weapons in the World 2021

The Dagger of Shah Jahan is a wonderful example of the Mughal Empire’s finest work and art. It dates back to 17th century AD, from Safavid era in Persia (modern-day Iran). This particular weapon was made for Emperor Aurangzeb’s son – Muhammad Muazzam Jahandar Shah, also known as Shah Jahan.

The Dagger of Shah Jahan is a weapon that tells the story of this empire’s history and glory as it was designed with so much care to detail – not just made for killing enemies but also to be used in ceremonial occasions.

Shah Jahan, the 5th Mughal Emperor of India between 1628 and 1658, was famous for his impressive architectural projects that took form during his reign. One such project is more well-known than any other: The Taj Mahal which he commissioned to be built as a mausoleum in memory of his late wife Mumtaz Ma’hal Shah had inscribed on it an inscription with “Shah” at its top followed by title and place name below it along with the emblem representing heaven’s dome. Jacques Desenfans sold one dagger belonging to this emperor after having purchased it from Bonhams Indian/Islamic sale 2008 London for $3 million whereupon he donated 1% back to charity (to help combat poverty).

3. 15th Century Ear-Dagger from the Nasrid PeriodMost Expensive Medieval Weapons in the World 2021

The 15th Century Ear-Dagger from the Nasrid Period is a beautifully designed weapon made out of pure gold. It was crafted in 1272 AD by order of King Abū al-Muzaffar Muḥammad III (aka Muhammad VI).

The Ear daggers are believed to have been first used in North Africa, and their name comes from the hilt pommel with two flattened discs. They were popular throughout Europe during the 15th-16th century period, but unfortunately, we know next to nothing about this one because it features hunting scenes on both sides of its double-sided blade that is bedecked in gold kufic inscriptions engraved by a horn grip handle.

2. The Gold-Encrusted Saber of Napoleon BonaparteMost Expensive Medieval Weapons in the World 2021

The Gold-Encrusted Saber of Napoleon Bonaparte is a beautiful example of swordsmanship. It was crafted by famous French goldsmith and jeweler Roettiers in 1812, for the then ruler of France – Emperor Napoléon I who had it designed with symbols.

The saber was passed from Napoleon to his descendants after the battle of Marengo in 1800. The blade features gold decorations and an ebony handle, creatively designed by Nicolas Noel Boutet. A descendant sold it for $6 million dollars in 2007 to a relative who had been waiting since 1815 when Napoleon died without leaving any instructions on what should happen with the sword.

1. 18th Century Bao Teng SaberMost Expensive Medieval Weapons in the World 2021

The 18th Century Bao Teng Saber is a beautiful weapon made out of pure gold and silver with two ivory handles. It was created in 1788 for Emperor Qianlong – the last emperor during China’s Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) whose reign lasted from 1736 to 1795 AD.

The Bao Teng Saber was crafted in the Palace Workshops of the Imperial Household Department during the Qing Dynasty and represents well its aesthetic. It has a steel blade decorated with gold, silver, copper, and a white jade handle adorned with leaves. The first time it was sold at an auction in 2006 for $5.9 million USD which made it one of most expensive medieval weapons ever sold; just two years later its value upped to an astonishing $7.7million making it second only to swords belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte valued at €1billion ($1 billion).