POP White Cement in Nigeria 2021 (Best Quality & Price)

POP White Cement in Nigeria 2023 (Best Quality & Price)

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White Cement is popularly known for its use in various construction and repair applications and it is a great finishing product for floors and walls, pre-cast concrete, and other lesser-known applications, both decorative & architectural.

I want to introduce this wonderful & unique white cement to you. The white cement is manufactured by knauf, and goes by the name knauf majestic.  This wonderful white cement has come to stay and make a difference in the building sector.

Knauf majestic is an a1 class non-flammable building material. It has an extended working time, in the aspect that you can mix knauf majestic with water in a bucket, cover it and still use it the following day, and it will still be very much intact. It has high adherence, easy and fast application possibility.

You don’t need to add gum or screeding paint when mixing knauf majestic,  you just add water and stir.

Knauf majestic is cheaper to use and will give you a better result. Let us calculate it so you can understand better.

Price of POP White Cement in Nigeria 2023

  • Knauf Majestic white cement (25kg)N7500 covers 25 SQM

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You purchase a knauf majestic for 7500 naira and mix only water to screed 25 sqm.  It does not produce those waste when mixing unlike others.  Yes, I said that knauf majestic 25kg white covers 25sqm, and no matter what at least 23sqm, and I will send you videos so you can see.

If you purchase other 42kg white cement in the market at same cost of 7500 that you can buy knauf majestic,  you still have to buy a screeding paint of 2000 naira and a gum of 3000. Sum it up it will be 12500 naira to cover 30 sqm. You can see your spending what 50kg of knauf majestic will give you on 50 sqm at just 30 sqm.

Knauf majestic does not allow any form of moisture on the wall when used for screeding.

You can also purchase the best Plasterboard in Nigeria for your building at these rates:

  • 2.5-meter board – N9500
  • 2.7-meter board- N10k
  • 3-meter board – N10500

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