Full Costs and how to start Small scale poultry farming business in Nigeria

Full Costs and how to start Small scale poultry farming business in Nigeria

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How to start a poultry farming business in Nigeria

What is poultry Farming?

Poultry farming is known to be the breeding and raising of domesticated birds like turkey, chicken, duck, and geese just for the purpose of personal consumption or commercial purposes (sales).

Poultry farming is known to be one of the most lucrative ventures and businesses that one can start up easily at home in Nigeria. It is a profitable venture especially when you manage it well. the quantity of poultry in Nigeria currently will not be enough to feed the population even up to the year 2030 because Nigeria has over 200 million citizens and is still growing every year. that alone should be one of the most convincing reasons for you to join this business and tap into the source of wealth. People that I know that are poultry farmers have and hundreds of thousands from it monthly just because they know their onions. Entrepreneurs in this line of business make cool cash in a short amount of time. once you start up this business all you need to do is to wait till the chicken gets matured. Thousands of people if not millions consume poultry products every day, I personally consume a lot of eggs in a day and I know you do too and that is why this market is untapped up-to-date. There is crazy demand for eggs in Nigeria to the extent that people buy in crates and still finish it quickly.

This article will point you in the right direction on how to start your poultry farming in Nigeria and make it profitable to your taste. There are lots of people that invest a lot of money in the poultry business and they make it even more than expected. In this post will be directed on the few steps we should take in order to understand the poultry business and see how to make the day-to-day running of this poultry farm to yield more for you.How to start a poultry farming business in Nigeria

Qualification for poultry business in Nigeria

it is a known fact that anyone can venture into poultry farming business in Nigeria and there is no such rule as to what qualification financial or educational background that is needed to run this business. You can always start this business at your own skills and grow as you like. What is more important is that you start up your business on time and give it all the attention it needs.

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so if you’re looking to expand your source of income and make more money for yourself you can always start up your poultry farming no matter how later then keep growing. Poultry farming business in Nigeria does not involve many risks so you don’t really have to worry about many challenges.

One thing that will convince you to give it a trial is that this business of poultry farming is the one in which the profit comes out very quickly because chickens tend to grow very fast, unlike other animal husbandry farming. Take for instance if you want to raise a goat it takes at least 2 to 3 years for it to get matured for sale but a chicken can get matured after 28 weeks of birth. So if you are considering taking a loan to invest in any business poultry farming might be the best option for you because after the investment of your loan you can easily start paying back within 30 to 40 weeks.

Poultry business is a very delicate but lucrative business to venture into. What I mean by this is that the lucrativeness of this business is the consumption of the end products which are the egg and chicken which are very high in demand especially in Nigeria.
especially if you choose to go for the commercial aspect and sell your poultry products you make a lot of money making it very lucrative for you but it is also delicate which means that poultry farmers are very careful to avoid disasters and their farm due to several diseases that can infect and kill a lot of birds. I’m sure you’ve heard of bird flu and some other diseases that kill birds they are very harmful and at times can be transmitted to humans and that’s why this business is also very delicate.

Poultry products have several health benefits too which makes it more in demand because some diseases that are associated with elderly people like high blood pressure, health-related diseases, cholesterol, as a result of red meat consumption and this is an alternative chicken provides.

The profitability of Poultry Farming business in Nigeria

  1. Chicken grows very fast

Just like I earlier mentioned we didn’t just 21 days the eggs of chickens are hatched and 28 weeks later they are all grown for sale. so we didn’t just roughly 34 weeks approving former start getting back his capital with extra profits and by calculations, poultry business doubles the input amount.

2. Chicken reproduce fast

It is said that on average layer chicken lays egg daily or at least four times in a week. There are specific breeds of chickens that lay up to 325 eggs yearly undertake 21 days to hatch them. So we the right calculation it is possible for you to reproduce up to 1200 chicks using just 500 healthy good breed layers in just 40 days.

3. Chicken Sells at a good price

The chicken that you bought for like N300 and grow them after 34 weeks will be later sold between N2,000 to N2,500 so this means that if you have up to 12000 chickens after sales you will have at least N24 million.

 4. Eggs are in high demand

chicken is not the only thing that is lucrative in poultry farming. eggs are also very important and are worth a lot of money too. Currently, a crate of eggs in Nigeria is sold at N1000 which is very expensive and this crate of eggs contains about 30 eggs. so this means that if you’re going into the business aspect of the Earth market you make a lot of money – if you own 500 layers which can produce about 12000 eggs every month it means you can make up to 200 thousand to 260 thousand naira monthly.

With all these listed above, it is obvious that the lucrativeness of this business is mouth-watering.

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Branches of Poultry farming business in Nigeria

There are things you should know before you start up a poultry business in Nigeria. These things include knowing the type of business you want to start knowing the kind of birds you want to keep and knowing some terminologies and procedures to follow through in this line of business.

  1. broilers breeding is the branch of poultry business that you can venture into specifically for meat production. The day-old chicks grow rapidly in less than 2 months.
    Layers breeding is done specifically for egg production. This kind of chickens lay continuously for at least an average of 2 years and 5 months before they stop. At this point, they can be sold.
  2. Production of poultry feeds. You can also venture into this area of poultry farming business because it has an available market. There is a high demand for poultry feeds especially from your fellow poultry farmers. This poultry feeds is used in raising day-old chicks.
  3. Production of poultry equipment. What equipment is needed by so many people some of this equipment include:
Feeders  the device for supplying feeds to the birds
Waterers  The device used for supplying water to the birds
Nests  The place chickens lay eggs.
Cages  Boxes made specially for keeping  birds
Coops  a place where the birds are housed.
Incubators  Device to keep eggs warm until they are
Perches  Place of rest for birds
Brooders or heaters  A heated structure for raising young fowl.
Waste/disposal system  For dirts


Now that is clear to you the different aspects in which you can easily venture into in poultry farming business which is very fast let us focus on poultry farming itself and how to run the business effectively in Nigeria.

And this particular one I’ll be focusing on the production and raising of broilers breeding which is for meat production and Layers breeding which is for egg production because that is what is in demand from a lot of people in Nigeria.

Steps on how to start poultry farming business in Nigeria

Here are the steps needed for starting a poultry business in Nigeria:

  1. Take the time to master business tricks
  2. Decide on breeding broilers or chicks, or both, and have your investment ready
  3. Set the location of your farm
  4. Set up a framework for the poultry farm
  5. Procure poultry farm equipment
  6. Workers for the poultry
  7. Buying of chicks
  8. Feeding the chicks
  9. Selling the products
  10. The budget

Let’s analyze some of the steps on how to start a poultry business in Nigeria:

1. Buy poultry farmland

The first thing you should do is get a land which will use for your poultry business. you can buy land or rent one. why some people do start their poultry business at home with the little land or space they have it is a micro or small scale startup but if you want to go big you need to get land for your business and acre of land preferably.

2. Build your poultry pen structure

The poultry pen is very essential and important for chicken rearing because it helps you manage them effectively. the different classification of poultry housing according to their management system and scale. But these are the most common types of poultry houses in Nigeria:

• Deep litter
• Half litter and half slats
• Battery
• Semi-fold

3. Buy Day old chicks

You should purchase healthy day-old chicks from a good hatchery near you. Day-old chicks cost about 200 naira each.

4. Hire Poultry Workers

If you are still in the law school category which has about 150 to 400 chicks you can always do the management yourself. But once it goes beyond the small skill level then you should hire some more cause that would assist you in the daily operations of the Poultry. It is also very important that you watch the funds you have before you try to hire workers.

5. Selling the products

you should also make contacts with the outside retailers of eggs and Poultry products so that you supplied directly to them and make your money without stress. they would also be the one contacting you once they are in need of your products.