The most religious Russian celebrities of all time

The most religious Russian celebrities of all time

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Let us give you undiscovered stories of the most religious Russian celebrities of all time for whom faith is not an empty sound.

Basta (Vasily Vakulenko)

The reason why we included him in The most religious Russian celebrities of all time is because A year ago, an interesting photo appeared on the Internet: three boys are standing in the church, one guessed Vasily Vakulenko, now known as rapper Basta. It turns out that the musician as a child served as a ponomary in the temple – helped the priest during worship, rang the bells, sang in the church choir. No wonder that Basta is well versed in religious issues, which vividly discussed with the winner of the fourth season of the TV show “The Voice” Hieromonk Photius.

Vakulenko was born into a family of servicemen, and in Soviet times attending services and talking about the church, to put it mildly, were not welcomed. But now Vasya regularly goes to the temple, where she participates in liturgies. Fans of the rapper have long discussed the recent photos of Basta in the robe snout. It turns out that he was invited to serve the divine liturgy in Pavlov Cathedral by a childhood friend, Bishop Mitrophan, who was celebrating his birthday.

Nikolai Valuev

For most of his life, boxer and State Duma deputy Nikolai Valuev regularly visits the temple. Nikolai’s great-grandfather was also engaged in the gilding of church utensils and mock-ups of temples, and the father of the future athlete secretly was baptized in Soviet times. Nikolai himself passed the sacrament after reading a large number of historical books about Russia.

Valuev said.

“It is Orthodoxy that our country should be grateful for its structure and borders, I realized: this is it, the present, everything has long been invented. Perhaps subconsciously my soul searched for the truth and found it. It’s like a sports career: you’re not born a champion, you get skills over the years. It’s the same with faith: it gets stronger as you get to know it.”

Ten years ago Valuev married his wife Galina, and now he is happy to take his children to Sunday school.

Serhiy zverev

The “king of glamour” Sergey zverev is particularly awed by the faith. He is often seen at evening services in the men’s monastery, which is next to the house of the stylist. And recently Sergei even entrusted himself with the mission to restore the ancient church in Buryatia.

“I always try to find time to pray,” admits Mr. Sverev. “And God is helping me. There was such a story. My uncle was seriously ill: he had something onthetis. And every day I went to the temple, prayed for it, ordered a forty-something – it is when 40 days of reading a prayer service. Believe it or not, the prayers helped, because after that the uncle recovered. It’s a miracle! In the Buryat village of Guyiers from a beautiful church, once shining golden domes, there were only walls … But, thank God, even though they survived. Thanks to this, I am sure, we will be able to restore the temple. That’s why he is among the most religious Russian celebrities of all time.

Nikita Mikhalkov

The famous actor and director often emphasizes that he fully agrees with the wise Russian philosopher Vasily Rozanov, who said: “I am not interested in a man without faith at all.”
The master has been restoring temples for many years, helping to publish Orthodox literature. An important point in his program in trips around the country is always a visit to the local temple. But most often Mikhalkov is in the church of Nicholas the Wonderworker in Aksinino, which is just a couple of kilometers from his estate on Nikolina Mountain.

According to parishioners, the director comes to this temple every year for a night Christmas service. And then he leads the celebratory break-up in the parish. The church itself even has a special, Mikhalkov, place where the eminent parishioner stands during the services.

“I strongly believe that anyone trying to understand who he is and where he comes from will inevitably come to faith,” says Nikita Sergeevich. We’re pleased to have him on The most religious Russian celebrities of all time list.


Alexander Mikhailov

the famous actor told the Express newspaper.

“My grandfather, a White Guard officer exiled to the region, raised me until I was six years old, Before he died, he said to me his farewell: Remember, Shurka! Love Russia and, if necessary, give your life for it. Give your heart to people. Soul to God. And i didn’t understand my grandfather’s words, I broke free and ran away. But years passed, and I remembered this commandment. You can’t be human without her. I live according to the Orthodox canons: in my life I have not cut down a single tree, not a single mongrels have been kicked. In general, I love this non-native breed of dogs. You have to be a strong man. Exactly as my friend and spiritual brother Igor Talkov was. I visited his mother, Aunt Olga, very often after his tragic death.”


Alexander Yakovlevich goes to church with his family


Andrey Merzlikin

The path to faith of the boomer star began a decade ago. The actor suddenly felt that he could no longer keep in himself all that he had to go through during the turbulent youth. But he could not pour out his soul to his family and friends – he was afraid of condemnation. The exit was unexpected: one of the acquaintances once told Merzlikin about her spiritual father. The actor decided to go to the temple:

“I went to Trinity-Sergieva laurel. He was shaking in the train, stood in a long queue for confession, and finally approached the monk, – Andrei told about the first church experience. “I started saying something spontaneously. And all of a sudden he interrupts me: “First time in confession?” – “Yes.” With what heat he began to report me, I still remember. I’m standing there, I don’t understand anything, and he literally kicked me out of the temple with a cry.

Patriarch KIRILL greeted the actor in the Church of Christ the Savior at a reception on the occasion of the holiday of Slavic writing and culture (2015).
Offended by the rudeness of the priest, the actor decided that his feet will no longer be in this place. But at Christmas with his mother again found himself in the church. This time it was different:

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“During the service, I saw an elderly priest making a sign to me with his hand: “Come,” Merzlikin recalls. “It turned out that I was invited to a confession. My father was experienced and began to speak for me. I could hardly hold back the tears, and I was relieved to realize that the burden that had been hanging on my soul for so long had suddenly disappeared.

Since then, Andrew began to attend services frequently and participate in church ordinances if possible. The actor found a confessor, who later married him with his wife Anna and christened their four children. Now Merzlikin himself in his spare time serves as an altar boy.