Top 10 Best Loan Apps in Nigeria 2022

Top 10 Best Loan Apps in Nigeria 2024

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Instant Online Loan Apps in Nigeria in 2024

We never really expected there would be a time where we get loans online through Loan apps in Nigeria?

Yes, they are not rumors, you can actually get quick online loans in Nigeria in 2024 instantly without being asked for collateral. There are different Mobile loan apps in Nigeria in 2024 and several loan websites that can aid you meet get your business or personal loan when needed.

Peer to peer form of lending is currently in vogue in Nigeria and this is just like online loan companies/platforms (I mean lending companies in Nigeria) are launching and reaching out to help students, employers, employees, and small & medium-sized business owners to get fast cash loans easily.

Yes, student loans, business loan, car loans, credit loan, personal loans, rent loan, emergency loan, all made available in 2024.

People need loans regularly and it is not a bad thing to do because we all have needs to satisfy. People living in big states of Nigeria like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, and southeastern states need loans to pay up bills, secure properties and settle debts, etc.

How Do I Get 24hrs Loan In Nigeria?

So this is how to get instant online loan in Nigeria in just 24 hours?

All you need is a mobile, internet connection, download one of Nigeria’s best quick loan applications, a valid bank account number, and your BVN.

Nigeria’s Loan Apps? Yes, I call it your smartphone’s 24-hour loan package in Nigeria.

While micro-finance banks lend money to people with pressure, you can borrow money online with these 24-hour loan platforms in Nigeria in just 5 minutes after setup!

Make money online: easy way to earn in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya in 2022

Loan companies in Nigeria provide quick online loans without collateral behind these platforms;

  • No paperwork
  • No charges
  • All for free with a friendly schedule for your loan repayment.

Now, let’s get to the real deal of the loan apps for fast loan in Nigeria.

Top 10 Best Loan App In Nigeria 2024

To borrow money or get loans online in Nigeria today is easy-peasy, accessing credit facilities is now less rigorous than it used to be before.

However, I won’t be listing all loan apps in Nigeria but I will get a detailed explanation on the top 10 Best Loan App In Nigeria in 2024 which you could also access their android loan app in Nigeria and I have had smooth and easy experience with.

Still, you have to go through the terms and conditions of each of Nigeria’s loan applications that made it to the list.

Only for the purposes of this list of instant loan service in Nigeria.

Most of these websites for free loans provide unsecured loans. An unsecured loan is a loan that is issued and only supported by the creditworthiness of the borrower, rather than by any kind of collateral.

These are the Top 10 Best Loan App In Nigeria 2024;

  • Branch loan app (10m+ downloads)
  • Fair Money Loans (1m+ downloads)
  • Palm Credit Loans (1m+ downloads)
  • Carbon loan app (1m+ downloads)
  • Soko Loan (1m+ downloads)
  • Aella Credit (500k+ downloads)
  • Kiakia Online Loans
  • QuickCheck Loan (500k+ downloads)
  • Snap Credit
  • CreditVille


 1. Branch loan app:Top 10 Best Loan Apps in Nigeria 2021

This particular loan app in Nigeria has the highest number of user downloads (of over 10 million downloads on google play store). In just over a year of operations, Branch International has issued more than 100,000 loans and disbursed more than 1 billion Naira.

All you need is to is download the app, set up an account, request for a loan that suits your needs, get a loan to your bank account. Interest rate is 20% Do you know what’s curious about it? Creating an account takes up to 60 seconds and you will be presented Immediately with loan amounts for which you qualify as shown in the above image.

It takes up to 1 hour in my experience to get money into your bank account as soon as you pick a loan amount. Loan repayment lasts 4 weeks, with the option of paying those sums each week. For me, I would say the Branch app is the easiest and fastest loan app in Nigeria. For more information on Branch Loan App check their official website.

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 2. Fair money Loan App:Top 10 Best Loan Apps in Nigeria 2021

Talk about minimum student loans, lowest business loans, or personal loans that you need to receive in just 5 minutes, then you definitely need fair money as well. Fair money is one of Nigeria’s reliable loan apps that provides credit and makes funds easily accessible to everyone.

it has an interest rate of between 15% – 30%. All you have to do in order to quickly and easily submit is download the app from your Google Play Store, collect your money (up to 400,000 in your first application without collateral), payback period is between 15 days and 1 month, or directly after your salary date.

For more details, visit Fair Money’s website to install Nigeria’s Fair Money Mobile Loan App, and you’ll have everything you need.

3. Palm Credit Loans:Top 10 Best Loan Apps in Nigeria 2021

This is one of Nigeria’s latest loan apps that delivers fast, collateral-free loans. It’s easy to get a mobile loan with PalmCredit. You can apply in minutes for your credit limit, after which you can take several instant loans you need without further steps of approval. It’s a revolution in credit!

Your credit score will be revised as soon as you payback. Repay on time and watch your cap rise to N100,000. Palmcredit makes access to a loan easy for people anywhere, anytime.

Palmcredit is currently owned by Transsnet Financial, based in Nigeria, and is planning to expand to other African countries.

Users may apply for a 7-day/14-day short-tenor cash loan using their own credit limit in the first step of the package, which can be used for cash withdrawal or refill.

4. Carbon loan app (formerly Paylater):Top 10 Best Loan Apps in Nigeria 2021

You will have to download on Playstore the Paylater Loan app, install, start registration. This will include including your names, birth date, age, residence form, address, education, income source, employment status, bank details, and bvn.

You can now apply for a loan once you’re done. When you apply for a loan, you will have to submit your Atm card details.

That’s sensitive information you’d say, so Paylater took all the precautions available and protected their platform with world-class authentication and protection software to ensure your safety thru Secure Socket Layer SSL.

That’s exactly what I did, and my first loan was disbursed to my account in a total of 5 minutes.

Did you know that by investing money with PayVest – one of Paylater’s applications, you can make extra income. The interest will return up to 15.5 percent annually.

You can also send cash to friends and family, reclaim airtime on your mobile phone, and pay for utility bills like DSTV, GoTV, Bet9ja,  LCC, or set payments to take place in the future.

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5. Soko Loan app:Top 10 Best Loan Apps in Nigeria 2022

Sokoloan is contributing to the top list of Nigeria’s best online loan applications in 2024. SokoLoan is an easy-to-use, easy online lending platform in Nigeria which provides short-term loans. It is a Chinese Internet Marketing / Lending company based in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State, whose aim is to provide quick loans to individuals to help subsidize unexpected expenses or emergency cash needs.

We also provide loans to small and medium-sized companies with Internet Marketing and market research. Go to the Google Play Store, download the app, install and follow the instructions on how to secure a collateral-free loan to use the soko loan service.

6. Aella Credit:online loan in Nigeria 2021

Aella Credit is another Nigerian mobile loan that is accessible on phone. Their loan page and app provide access to finance for Africans. Aella credit targets workers and their empowerment lending system to provide individuals with affordable loans without collateral is aligned with credit office agencies.

Go to GooglePlay Store and Download Aella Credit loan app to get started.

7. Kiakia Online Loans:quick loan in Nigeria 2021

Just on the list of the best loan companies in Nigeria is called Kiakia loans. It is another forum for businesses in Nigeria to lend emergency loans for money. Do you have hot business ideas and want the company to be run by a fast loan? Loans from Kiakia have your back.

Kiakia is a language of Yorubas which means “fast fast.” The Kiakia loan app is designed to make it easy for individuals and small medium-sized businesses to disburse funds without needing any credit information.

Contact Mr K at Kiakia loans if you’re looking for a quick loan in Lagos. What about the rate of interest? It varies from 0.4% to 0.8% per day just as shown in the above image.

For further information, check the Kiakia official website.

8. QuickCheck Loan:quick loan apps in Nigeria 2022

QuickCheck is a Fintech Startup from Nigeria that aims to provide the under-served with banking services.

Borrowing money online in Nigeria— QuickCheck App According to this online lending page, lenders can collect instant 30,000 Naira funds without any collateral exchange. Ironically, it is either 15 days or 30 days for their repayment.

In Nigeria, the QuickCheck money loan app uses machine learning to predict user behavior and evaluate applications for loans.

9. Snap Credit Loanquick loan apps in Nigeria 2022

Snap credit is Nigeria’s other money loan app. If you’re thinking of getting a loan online in Nigeria, you should check out Snap Credit – Lagos-based controlled direct moneylender.

This is how it works; apply online either using your PC or mobile, get your money sent to your bank account and when it gets to reimbursement, it’s handled by the employer in the sort of monthly employee’s salary deductions.

10. CreditVille Loan:quick loan apps in Nigeria 2022

CreditVille is yet another loan platform for quick money and faster loan processing. So, they’ve also made it to our list of online loan apps in Nigeria when it comes to fast loans in Nigeria.

Loans from Creditville are incredibly low. Price from as little as 5 percent to 6.5 percent. You can connect three groups of loans with CreditVille: cab loan (car loan by higher purchase with installment payments), business loans and payday loan (a loan for wage earners).

This mobile loan platform provides a maximum amount of # 250,000 online loans over a 12-month loan period. Visit the website of CreditVille for further information.


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