Most Beautiful female black celebrities, singers, models, actresses of all time

20 Most Beautiful Black Female Celebrities in the World

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This is the most comprehensive list of the Most Beautiful female black celebrities, singers, models, actresses of all time, check now.

It’s great that racial prejudice is a thing of the past, and the first to break those stereotypes was movies. Today we can enjoy the great game of the Top 20 Most Beautiful female black celebrities of all time, as well as enjoy the enchanting voice of singers who have a chocolate skin shade. In addition, they have some natural, natural beauty, special charm and originality. Therefore, let’s present in a small review Top of the most charming and popular in the world dark-skinned female celebrities.

These are the Top 20 Most Beautiful Female Celebrities That are Black;

  • Alicia Keys
  • Zoe saldana
  • Ciara
  • Kerry Washington
  • Katerina “Kat” Graham
  • Christina Milian
  • Gabrielle Union
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw
  • Halle Berry
  • Beyonce Knowles

26. Pam Grier

Pam GrierLet’s start the ranking of the sexiest and most charming actresses from the star of the 70s and 80s of the last century Pam Grieger, continuing occasionally appears on the screens and now. Pam Grier After several minor roles, the real success came after the role in the film “That’s how evil comes.” In one of the surveys, Pam was named among the hundreds of the most charming women on the planet of the 20th century, and became the first black woman to appear on the cover of MS. Magazine.


25. Tenika Davis

Tenika DavisTenika Davis was born in 1985 in Toronto and grew up in the small town of Newmarket in Ontario. At the age of 10, she found a great interest in public speaking and performing arts, in which she began competing in various competitions. It was then that young Tenika began to improve her confidence and charm in front of the audience. She began intensive training in the highly disciplined martial arts taekwondo, almost instantly succeeding, and began to compete nationally, earning many gold medals, trophies and awards for her outstanding ability. Tenika Davis Tenika Davis began her career as one of the finalists of the first season of the famous reality show “The Next Top Model of Canada”. After the show was completed, she signed a contract with the world-famous top modeling agency Ford Models. Tenika’s determination and diligence allowed her to get one of the main roles in the film “The Trial of the Wedding”, after which the whole world knew about her.


24. Michael Michele

Michael MicheleMichael Michele made it to the Most Beautiful female black celebrities of all time list, she was a charming woman has African-American roots on her mother’s side, but her father was white. After moving to New York, Michelle began to star in commercials and music videos. Michael Michele She was spotted by film producers and a charming mulatto was invited to star in television series. She became famous for her roles in the films “Emergency” and “How to get rid of a guy in 10 days.” Today, though rarely, pleases fans of their beauty and talent appearance on the screens.


 23. Whitney Houston

Whitney HoustonThe list of black actresses and singers continues with the talented singer Whitney Houston, who shone not only on the stage, but also in the cinema. The first film “The Bodyguard” where she, in fact, played herself had great rolling success. Whitney Houston And began a career with a tour with his mother in the United States. After one of the performances in a nightclub in New York, a young girl offered a promising project, and Whitney becomes known throughout the country. After releasing his debut album, the whole world learned about the new pop star. Whitney left us in 2012. And then her only daughter died under very strange circumstances.


22. Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi GoldbergIt is difficult to find in the world cinema a more popular and charming comedy actress than Karyn Elaine Johnson (such is the real name and surname of a successful actress). whoopi goldberg Coming to the cinema, she literally blew up stereotypes about the game and the role of black actresses in the cinema. She is still the only one to win four major awards – an Academy Award, a Grammy, an Emmy, and a Tony. On the Walk of Fame in Hollywood shines her star, and the actress continues to shine on the screen.


21. Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong'oLupita Nyong’o is one of the few African actresses who has achieved world recognition, Lupita is a native of Mexico, but spent her childhood in the historical homeland of Kenya. Lupita Nyong’o In parallel with her studies at Yale University, Lupita began performing on the stage, and moonlighted as a technical staff on filmmaking. For her first role in the film “12 Years a Slave” she won an Oscar, and in 2015 the popular magazine “People” put her in the first place of the most beautiful women.


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20. Vanessa Williams

Vanessa WilliamsAs we can see many African-American women have gone down in history as brilliant actresses and talented singers. But charming Vanessa was the first winner of “Miss America”, whose skin color was not white. vanessa williams It happened in 1984, and immediately after that she began a high-profile career as a model and actress, besides she is a great musician. The talented singer has been awarded her own star on the Walk of Fame.


19. Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy DandridgeShe is an actress who at one time also nominated for an Oscar. Dorothy Dandridge is worth imagining and the magnificent Dorothy. She became the first African-American to win an Oscar. Dorothy Dandridge She has been on screen since the late 1930s, but the tragic death ended a woman’s life at the height of her fame. She died of a drug overdose at the age of 42. For services to film, the actress was awarded a star on the Walk of Fame.


18. Jane Kennedy

Jayne Kennedy is the first African-American woman to win a beauty pageant in Ohio in 1970. At the Miss USA pageant, she was one of 15 beauties of America, which at that time was a great achievement for a girl with dark skin. Jayne Kennedy After the victory she began to work as a sports commentator on television, as well as to act in movies. She was recognized as one of the most charming women in America of the 20th century.


17. Joy Bryant

Joy Bryant From the modeling business, where Joy shone on the world catwalks in the fashion shows of leading couturiers, she came to the cinema. After receiving an academic scholarship at Yale University, she did not graduate and went to Paris, where she became a model. Joy Bryant In 2001 she played her first role in the musical, and two years later she received the “Breakthrough of the Year” award, becoming the most promising young actress in Hollywood.


15. Nicole Scherzinger

it seems that not only blood is not mixed in the veins of the American actress, model and dancer with the romantic name Nicole. Her father is Filipino, but her mother has Hawaiian and Ukrainian roots. Nicole Scherzinger After participating in the American analogue “Star Factory” performed in many popular bands, and in 2006 recorded a solo album. In addition to performing on stage and recording songs, Nicole actively starred in television sitcoms, as well as Hollywood directors.


14. Rosario Dawson

Rosario DawsonRosario Dawson won many of the film’s prizes on his father’s line has Irish roots, and on her mother she is a Puerto Rican, which affected the formation of the versatile abilities of a dark-skinned beauty. Rosario Dawson Starting to act in the mid-90s, continues to successfully realize itself in the cinema, and recorded a number of music albums. In the world she is known and as a talented writer.


13. Keke Palmer

keke palmer

Keke Palmer is the real name of this American actress, born in a small town in Illinois, Lauren Keian, but the world viewer knows her as “Keke.” Keke Palmer Since childhood Lauren was in love with music, but at an early age showed and acting talent. She began her career with episodic roles in TV series, but was quickly noticed by directors and began to get the main roles. In addition, she has released three solo albums, which are popular not only in the U.S., but also in other countries.


12. Kenya Moore

Kenya MooreKenya Moore’s mother immediately gave up her daughter, and little Kenya was brought up by her grandmother. The very young future reality TV star began to participate in television projects, and also starred for the covers of popular magazines. Kenya Moore Today, the talented actress, producer and TV presenter continues to successfully act in film projects, as well as television series, among which the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is particularly popular.


11. Rihanna

RihannaAmong the modern successful performers of popular music and R&B Rihanna stands out with a special voice and demeanor on the stage, and her singles do not go off the leading positions of the world charts. Rihanna The first album of the American singer, recorded in 2005, entered the top ten songs of Billboard magazine. Continuing a successful career in the musical field, began to act in movies, which did as talentedly as the performance of songs.


10. Alicia Keys

Alicia KeysAlicia Keys is unimaginable, but the talented pianist, singer, composer, and poet has won a Grammy Award 15 times. She wrote her first works at the age of 14. Alicia Keys When Alisha grew up, she perfectly realized herself in musical styles rhythm and blues, soul and non-soul. Today her compositions are known all over the world, and in 2016 Alisha opened the final of the UEFA Champions League.


9. Zoe saldana

Zoe saldanaZoe Saldana The American actress is fluent in Spanish and English, and has also learned ballet skills in one of the most prestigious dance schools in the Dominican Republic. Zoe Saldana Ballet classes and theatrical performances in Brooklyn allowed Zoe to get her first big film role. It was the film “Avantene” where she perfectly embodied the image of a ballerina. Today, the viewer is looking forward to the release of the second part of “Avatar”, where zoe plays one of the main roles.


8. Ciara

CiaraCiara is a girl with gorgeous almond-shaped eyes writes music and lyrics for her songs. In addition, she is a successful producer and talented dancer, actress, model. Ciara The world learned about the new artist in 2004, when her debut album became one of the most popular in the Western Hemisphere and Europe. Now in her piggy bank six solo albums and 4 movies, and her pretty face can be found on the covers of popular magazines in the world.


7. Kerry Washington

Kerry WashingtonKerry Washington is a Beauty with such a famous surname in the U.S. debuted in the movies in 1994, before receiving a wonderful education and winning in the American program to support young talent. Kerry Washington Kerry has successfully appeared in film and television, as well as being an active politician. She was Barack Obama’s media representative in the presidential election, and is actively involved in the national environmental program.


6. Katerina “Kat” Graham

Katerina "Kat" GrahamThe Native American was born in Switzerland when her father worked in Europe as a journalist. As a result of the mixture of Liberian and Russian blood, it turned out to be so beautiful. Kat Graham Katerina starred with outstanding actors in Hollywood, and after the role in the film “The Vampire Diaries”, and she became popular and in demand in the factory dreams. He dances and sings beautifully. There are three “solniks” in her piggy bank, the last of which was released in 2017.


5. Christina Milian

Christina MilianChristina Milian From a young age, the girl, born into a family of immigrants from Cuba, dreamed of the scene. At the age of 13 she moved to Los Angeles with her mother, and at the age of 17 she played her first role. At the same time she voiced cartoons. Christina Milian Fame brought a role in the youth comedy “American Pie.” He continues to be constantly invited to successful projects in film and television, as well as recording music albums. Remarkably, she co-wrote some of Jennifer Lopez’s songs.


4. Gabriel Union

gabriel unionGabrielle Union In her youth, in order to pay for her studies, she had to moonlight as a model. She was willingly taken to work due to pleasant appearance and sports fit figure. Gabrielle Union She later began acting in television series in episodic roles. Over time, her popularity grew and charming dark-skinned beauty began to be invited to shoot in Hollywood movies. At the age of 19, Gabriel was raped. The offender went to the police with a guilty plea, and was sentenced to 33 years. After this case, the girl became actively involved in all sorts of movements against violence.


3. Gugu Mbata-Rowe

Gugu mbatha rawGugu Mbatha-Raw was born in the UK to a British nurse and doctor from South Africa. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, she began a magnificent career as a theatre actress. Gugu Mbatha-Raw In 2007 she began to try herself in television projects, and then came serious roles in movies. Her performance, both in the theater and in the cinema, is highly praised by critics. Russian viewer Gugu is known for her role as a bisexual girl named Kelly in the TV series “Black Mirror”, which was released in 2016.

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2. Hallie Barry

Hallie berryCharming Hallie after graduation worked in a supermarket of children’s goods, and at the beginning of the 80s began to participate in all sorts of beauty contests. In 1986 she won the Miss Ohio pageant and began her career as a model and actress. Halle Berry is the first black actress in history to receive an Academy Award. It is noteworthy that she received the coveted statuette, magnificently embodied on the screen.


1. Beyonce Knowles

Most Beautiful female black celebrities, singers, models, actresses of all timeWe complete the rating of one of the Most Beautiful female black celebrities of all time of the modern world singer and actress Beyonce. As a child, the talented girl participated in numerous competitions and music festivals. Beyonce The real popularity came in the late 90’s, when the talented singer was one of the soloists of the band Destiny’s Child. Then began a solo career, and in 2016, Beyonce became the highest-paid singer. In addition, superbly filmed, successful film producer, talented, incendiary dancer and charming model. As you can see, the most beautiful dark-skinned actresses and singers are quite popular, and their game and talent constantly replenish the world treasure trove of cinema and collection of musical hits. Experts, audiences and film critics affectionately refer to such actresses as “diamonds in chocolate”. They are all different, but they are united by their exotic skin color and enchanting appearance. And yet it is wonderful that the color of the skin does not prevent these girls and women to succeed.


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