Top ten richest South African celebrities

Top ten richest South African celebrities in 2023 – Full List

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South Africa is widely recognized as part of the most developing countries in the African continent. This development can be material or non-material but it very much accompanied by lots of opportunities. These opportunities can be found in different sectors of the Nation’s economy. it also brings riches and wealth to the country. Speaking of riches, let’s talk about the Top ten richest South African celebrities in 2023 but narrowing them down to the top ten will be easier for your comprehension.

These are South Africa’s Richest Celebrities in 2023

  • Charlize Theron:   net worth R1.6billion
  • Sharlto Copley:     net worth R210million
  • Trevor Noah:        net worth R192.3million
  • Sello Maake:         net worth R183.5million
  • Jamie Bartlett:       net worth R155million
  • Moshidi Motshegwa: net worth R110million
  • Jessica Marais:      net worth R84. million
  • Lesley Brandt :      net worth R27.5million
  • Shashi Naidoo:     net worth R23.3million
  • Joelene Martin:     net worth R17.8million


10. Joelene Martin

 Top ten richest South African celebrities in 2021
Jolene Martin

She is the number ten on our South African richest celebrity list of 2023, she is a popular Television personality, a master of ceremony, an anchor, a show host and a businesswoman. she is widely known as the former host for a popular game show known as the Powerball. At seventeen years of age, she started her career as a presenter in Cape and have afterward anchored many events in Ethiopia, Singapore, and other countries. Her net worth is estimated to be R17.8million which is about the US $1.3million.

9. Shashi Naidoo

Shashi Naidoo is known for quite a lot of things, she is known as a model, an actress, TV presenter, fashion blogger and an entrepreneur. Shashi Naidooshe is popularly known as ETV magazine show host. She has also been the host for the nationwide MTV VJ. Shashi Naidoo’s net worth is estimated around R23.3million which is approximately US $1.7million.

8. Lesley Brandt

Lesley Brandt made it to the top ten on the richest south African celebrities in 2023 list. She was born and grew up in South Africa but she currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand. Her career as an actress is going really good. Top ten richest South African celebrities in 2021She has starred in a lot of New Zealand’s Television series and sitcoms. She has also played the role of Naaevia who was a slave girl in “Spartacus: Blood and sand”. Lesley has also made appearances in Fox’s television series known as Lucifer where she played the role of Maze. Her net worth is estimated to be around R27.5million which is about US $2 million.

7. Jessica Marais

Jessica is of South African – Australian origin. She loves acting and she is doing well as an actress. She starred in the Television series “Packed to the rafter” where she played the role of Racheal Rafter. Jessica MaraisShe also got featured on the television series widely known as “Magic city”. She is worth up to R84. million which is over $6 million.


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6. Moshidi Motshegwa

Moshidi is a famous South African television and movie actress, she has been very active in SA’s entertainment industry for more than 15 years. She has made appearances in both South African and international movies.

Moshidi Motshegwa

Her net worth is estimated to be around R110million which is approximately US $8million.


5. Jamie Bartlett

Jamie is a popular actor and on-screen character that is widely recognized for his role in Rhythm – an ETV cleanser show. He has also starred in several American movies including American Ninja sequel. Jamie Bartlett’s net worth is estimated to be R155million which is around US $11million.


4. Sello Maake

Sello Maake Ka-Ncube is one of the most recognized South African performers that has had TV, theater and movie performances in USA, Canada, Britain and over Europe. Sello MaakeHe is one of the most esteemed voice and movie actors in South Africa. He was born in Orlando West, Soweto of South Africa. Sello Maake net worth is R183.5million which is about US $13million


3. Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah is a popular South African writer, comedian, political commentator, producer, television host, and actor. He is the Daily Show host, a US satirical news show on Comedy Central. Trevor was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. In 2002, He started his career in South Africa as a comedian, actor, and presenter.

Top ten richest South African celebrities in 2021
Top ten richest South African celebrities in 2023

Trevor Noah’s net worth is estimated to be around R192.3million which is about US $14million.


2. Sharlto Copley

Top ten richest South African celebrities in 2021
Sharlto Copley

Sharlto Copley is a South African actor. He has played Wikus van der Merwe in the Oscar-nominated science fiction film District 9, Howling Mad Murdock in the 2010 adaptation of The A-Team, Agent C.M. Sharlto Copley’s net worth is estimated to be around R210million which is approximately US $15million.


1. Charlize Theron

Top ten richest South African celebrities in 2021
Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron South African-American producer and actress. She is an amazing recipient of many accolades such as a Golden Globe Award, Academy Award, and the award for Best Actress at the Silver Bear.

Charlize Theron’s net worth is estimated to be around R1.6billion which is about US $110million.


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