Top 10 Best Aviation Schools in Nigeria (Courses and Fees)

Top 10 Best Aviation Schools in Nigeria (Courses and Fees)

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Best Aviation Schools in Nigeria 2021

On this page, you will get to see the top ten best aviation schools in Nigeria where you can study how to become a pilot easily.

this post has been fine-tuned in such a way that it contains all that is needed by people that are searching different categories like;

if you are a student and would love to study aviation in any State in Nigeria yet you don’t know how to go about it or have no clue about the aviation schools that are in Nigeria and the cost of schooling.

This post is also made For people that are finding it difficult to make decisions about where to study aviation in Nigeria and the kind of schools where they can get the best of education with regards to flying.

if you also want to make the best decision regarding the best aviation school that you are a kid or ward can go through in Nigeria then this post is right for you.

They are not many aviation schools in Nigeria but at least you can count 10 of them which makes it a little difficult for you to select the best out of the top 10 best flight schools in Nigeria but this post will help you narrow down the search especially for prospective students.

one thing you should bear in mind is that aviation is a very technical course of study that requires a well detailed and meticulous routine in order to learn it very professionally and that could only be done with the help of the best aviation schools in Nigeria where prospective pilots can learn how to fly easily.

it is very important that prospective pilot goes through the best of aviation schools in Nigeria and order to prevent future crashes that might result as a fault of the pilot on Deck.

As of the time of writing this article Nigeria has 20 airports and several other regulated heliports and airstrips. In addition to that Nigeria has 1700 cabin personnel 913 licensed engineers 554 license pilots and 23 active domestic airlines.

Peradventure you are searching for the best aviation School where you can easily get trained as a professional air traffic controller or pilot or even any other lucrative aviation profession then you should consider one of the best aviation schools on this list to give you the best that you desire.

Top 10 Best Aviation Schools in Nigeria 

These are the Best Aviation Schools in Nigeria in 2021:

  • Riteway International school of travel and tourism
  • Lagos Aviation Academy
  • Crew training Institute
  • Aeroport College of Aviation and travel management
  • Aeroconsult aviation
  • Landover Aviation Business School
  • Universal School of Aviation
  • Nigeria college of Aviation Technology
  • Dhaewood Aviation Business School
  • International Aviation college


10. Riteway International school of travel and tourism

this particular school of travel and tourism is one of the top-notch pilot and flying schools in Nigeria that was set up in order to give career development focus and acquisition which will be specialized in offering excellent travel training solutions innovations two individuals who seek a career in the airline industry. Riteway is one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria.

Notwithstanding the kind of increase the aviation students who want to be trained to become a pilot has caused there is still a growing need 2 train skilled workers for adaptability who necessarily don’t need a degree but will contribute much to the aviation sector. so basically the kind of courses being offered in the school would enable one to master the skills and his position to manage businesses that are related to travel and tourism in Nigeria.

the school adopts an inventive strategy that is interesting in training and helping participants to associate with subject issues and have more practical knowledge of the program.

9. Lagos Aviation AcademyBest Aviation Schools in Nigeria 2021

This is not just one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria but also the best in Lagos State because Lagos State is well-populated with well-experienced professionals in the aviation industry to study popular Murtala Muhammed airport that is one of the busiest in Nigeria. so this training institute was established with the major aim of giving support and raising the competency bar of the Nigerian aviation industry and at the same time reason upcoming aviation professionals. there is no doubt that the Lagos Aviation Academy is one of the best in Nigeria and this is because it focuses on delivering high calibre and great training which is licensed in order to be part of aviation in home and abroad.

the school has gone into major partnerships with international aviation bodies, local bodies, and scholastic institute which focuses on improving the significance of this training in aviation. It is one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria.

The course is being offered in this school are IATA Dangerous Goods regulation and IATA Cargo Handling.

8. Crew training Institute

Crew training institute is one of the best aviation colleges in Nigeria that provides adequate training to aspiring pilots and this training is encouraged and designed by well-established and experienced cabin crew members who give this career training is direct to aspiring cabin crew members. this aviation school place is more focused on essential information on how to follow a career path in the aviation industry and he also coached students on the secret of going through the hiring process that to eventually get the job as part of the cabin crew. not everyone is destined to be a pilot so if you are aspiring to be a member of the cabin crew then this should be the best college for you because these lecturers have direct experience as cabin crew members and due to their years and the job they have a perfect understanding on how to be professional about their job.

this training institute will give you all you require in order to actualize your dream of becoming part of the cabin crew. It is among the best aviation schools in Nigeria.

The courses offered by this aviation training institute are; becoming a flight attendant, cabin crew certificate course, interview coaching and recruitment fairs, resume and cover letter writing.

7. Aeroport College of Aviation and travel managementBest Aviation Schools in Nigeria 2021

the school is one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria that is trying to raise professionals and others to meet up the needs of the growing aviation industry in Nigeria and the rest of the world.

This aviation school gives personal training services to make sure people have the skills and information needed in order to succeed in the aviation business.

The curriculum is being used in teaching and growing the prospective pilots innovative and at the same time forward-thinking with the instructors of discourse is known to be receptive proficient and enthusiastic. these instructors are professionally accredited and guaranteed by the international Air Transport association. the graduates of this college would be able to connect the longing of employers and the aviation field with aspirations of the workforce and generously compensated jobs.

What the Aviation college does is that it identifies the needs of the very busy individuals and business class students who can’t leave their positions for additional studies and giving them personal programs and low maintenance courses in travel aviation and tourism.

these are the courses offered by this aviation School; Cargo handling, air ticketing and reservations, basic flight dispatcher, cabin crew ab-initio training, and travel agency management.

To meet up with the requirements of getting admission you have to have a minimum of 4 O level passes and at least four subjects in not more than two sittings.

Candidates with higher qualifications like BSC MSC, hnd and ond qualification from A reputable institution will have added advantage.

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6. Aeroconsult aviation

another best aviation school in Nigeria that we are looking at is aeroconsult aviation training school which is the main specialist in consultancy in terms of aviation. it is a company that offers services in management consulting, engineering, operations, and allied industries.

This aviation school has its license as an approved training organization by the Nigerian civil aviation authority giving it an approval number: ATO/AA/002. It is one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria.

This aviation school was founded in October 1993 after the need to offer a specialized reinforcement and unrivaled development to both the best in class aviation and strongly established partnered firms both overseas and in Nigeria.

Is aviation school has a center of professionals who directly influences the project execution needed in combination with their vast experience aeroconsult is known to be a reference point in terms of aviation training.

Courses offered:

Aeroconsult Aviation Courses School Fees
Airline Technical records & Document Control Systems (ATRDC) N95,000
Airline Management (AM) N95,000
Aviation Stores Management (ASM) N95,000
Helicopters Landing Officers Course (HLO) N100,000
Aircraft Maintenance Planning & Control (AMPC) N95,000
Aircraft Maintenance Management (AMM) N95,000
Quality Management Systems For Airlines (QMS) N95,000
Airworthiness  Course (AWC) N95,000
Flight Dispatcher/Flight Operations Officer Course (Basic) N250,000


5. Landover Aviation Business SchoolBest Aviation Schools in Nigeria 2021

one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria known as Landover aviation Business School its license to operate as an authorized aviation training institute in Nigeria by the Nigerian civil aviation authority and the international air transport association.

LABS for short is not to be one of the best aviation schools that I said I would mention in this post and it has been established to train the students in professionalism and excellence in anything aviation practice. This is definitely one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria.

These are the courses offered by LABS: technical and operations, travel and tourism, and aviation management.

4. Universal School of AviationBest Aviation Schools in Nigeria

one of the top best aviation schools in Nigeria and also in Africa is the institution that was established to become a production line that supplies the needs of the aviation industry in Nigeria. the core aim of this aviation school is to produce qualified staff and having the aim to achieve they already set objective through the required training.
All these objectives are targeted towards making Nigeria’s aviation industry the best.

One thing this aviation college does is that it ensures the staff has been trained in both international and domestic standards which will enable the staff that are being grounded in this cool to be able to work and adjust anywhere in the world.

Ever since the inception of the school the school has recorded an excessive turnover of both qualified employees that have been able to meet up with the demands of the aviation market and work according to standards.

1 secret about this Aviation school is that it offers employment opportunities to the best graduate in the industry or even two students that are already in the school, therefore, helping reduce the unemployment rate in Nigeria.

this aviation school has been licensed to operate by the Nigeria civil aviation authority which is the subdivision of the civil aviation organization in Nigeria. It has been charged with the duties to issue licenses at the end of each study program and also provide training to students.

Courses offered

  • Air Ticketing/Reservation
  • Flight Attendant
  • Travel Agency Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Electronic Booking Tools
  • Hotel Management

Admission requirements

Just like all the aviation schools in Nigeria their requirements are similar and for this particular School, the entry requirement need is a minimum of O level result.

There are also an acceptance for higher qualifications like Bsc., HND, OND holders.

3. Nigeria college of Aviation Technology

Another top aviation school in Nigeria is the Nigerian college of aviation technology. this educational establishment has wide experience and vast in-depth knowledge which is required in enabling human resource development most especially in the aviation industry here in Nigeria. It is one of the top 10 best aviation schools in Nigeria.

This aviation school is currently planning on making its services to enlarge to the extent of becoming the topmost producer of the most educated pilots that are qualified to take over the aviation industry in Nigeria.

Nigerian college of aviation technology courses and duration:

Nigeria College of Aviation Technology Courses Duration
Aviation Language Proficiency Course-Rating/Proficiency Not Specified
AVEL Aviation English for Non-English Speaking Countries 8 Weeks
AVSEC Aviation Security Awareness 1 Week
AVSEC Aviation Security Basic 6 Weeks
ATC Refresher Course ACRF 3 Weeks
AC Standard Air Traffic Control Course 45 Weeks
Area Airway Non-Radar 12 Weeks
Terminal/Area Radar Course 12 Weeks
Area Control Course Refresher 6 Weeks
Govt. Aviation Operations 10 Weeks
Apron Control Course 20 Weeks
Aeronautical Operations Officer Course 44 Weeks
Terminal Radar (Refresher) 2 Weeks
Radio Telephony Operations (RTO) 8 Weeks
Airport Telephone Operations and Billing Not Specified


Admission requirements

Here are the admission requirements that are needed to get into the Nigerian college of aviation technology:

The minimum score in jamb for polytechnics is 180 and the application is open for a candidate who got above the stipulated jamb score but didn’t choose NCAT as their choice.

A minimum of 5 credits in English, mathematics, chemistry and physics is required in the WASSCE, NECO, GCE, SSCE NTC or other O-level examinations.

2. Dhaewood Aviation Business SchoolBest Aviation Schools in Nigeria

Dhaewood Aviation Business School popularly known as DABS is a professional private training institution for pilots.

the goal of this business goal is to advance the value training in terms of travel aviation and improvement of the tourism industry.

Since the inception of this business school back in 2005 it has achieved great targets and has accomplished heavily in several dimensions.

what this professional institute does is it provides for the needs of prospective pilots after graduation by giving them the best quality training that is phenomenal and useful and terms of becoming a pilot.

this training is given to these individuals who make them highly employable in terms of travel or aviation or even a tourism industry in Nigeria or abroad. It is one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria.

This aviation business school is known to be one of the best flying schools in Nigeria that has top-notch service quality. However, this business school helps meet the needs of the business class student and working-class who are tight or heavily scheduled individuals that cannot make out time for additional studies due to the important positions. How they do this is that they set up and give self-study learn-yourself programs and full-time low-maintenance courses in transport aviation and tourism.

There is no doubt about the professionalism in this Aviation college because the lecturers are instructors present in the school and professionally accredited and guaranteed by the international air transport association (IATA).

They also make sure their students easily access the IATA other diploma examinations which is globally recognized.

DABS has also established a very cordial training relationship with several universities aviation schools and colleges that are abroad in Europe, Asia, South America, North America, Australia, Africa, and Oceania. The sole aim of this relationship is to strengthen the institute and give the best quality in terms of tourism travels and aviation training in Nigeria.

Dhaewood Aviation courses

These are the courses offered by DHABS Aviation:

  • Cabin Crew
  • Aviation Travel,Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Travel Visa Processing & Management
  • Forex trading course
  • Ticketing/Reservation/
  • R.S/GDS
  • General Cargo Handling & Operation
  • Tourism Mgt
  • Travel Agency management
  • Airline Operation Management
  • Transport Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Airline Ground Operation Management
  • Airline Security & Safety
  • Airport Security & Safety
  • Aviation Security Safety
  • Airline Baggage Handling management

1. International Aviation collegeBest Aviation Schools in Nigeria

One of the best aviation schools that are in Nigeria is the international aviation college that is located in Ilorin.

International aviation college is there an aviation school that was set up by the Kwara state government in 2011 and this was achieved by having a private partnership with an aviation consult.

International Christian college has graduated over 110 pilots since it was established. This aviation school is located along with airport Street Ilorin Kwara state and it’s like a stone throw from Ilorin international airport.

According to testimony is from former students at the aviation college they claim that they make use of diamond aircraft in order to train prospective pilots in practice.

Subject requirements to become a pilot from the international aviation college include five credits needed for geography, English, maths, physics, and any other subjects in WAEC or NECO examination.

also one of the admission requirements in this university is that applicants should be at least 17 years of age and the course length for this school is about a year and a half.

International Aviation college school fees

It is also very important that you note that the cost of tuition in this college is very expensive with the tuition fee at N7 million depending on the course.


It is very important that you understand as a prospective aviation student the desire and need to choose the best training school in Nigeria and this is why there is a critical need to gain knowledge from this article in order to know which school fits your dream the best.

Airports in Nigeria are getting overcrowded and getting very busy with a high increase in air travel there would be a shortage of pilots and also this would affect the non-flight personnel and aircraft that is why it is very important to groom as much as the best-qualified pilots who would travel safely in the air and do our country proud. there has been also a great development that some universities in Nigeria is currently working to partner with some of these big aviation industry partners in order to fast-track the training of graduate into some of these government agencies and companies. this news is a very good one because when implemented the cost of becoming a pilot will become cheaper than it is today due to limited aviation schools in Nigeria.

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